Ten most anticipated shows at 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival

We have been covering the Hollywood Fringe Festival since its inception in 2010, with the exception of 2015 when work prevented us from being there.  During that time, we have seen a boatload of shows, most of them good, with some great and some not so great ones thrown in.  We look forward to the schedule being announced on May 1, so that we have time to comb through the offerings and formulate our schedule to best view as many of the shows as we can.   We truly love the new Scheduler feature on the Fringe website which has made creating this year’s schedule much easier.

This year are also privileged to be able to present our first award, the Larry Cornwall Award for Musical Excellence, which will honor a non-musical fringe show that best incorporates music into the show.

Based on our experience with certain companies and actors, we seek them out because they have traditionally given some of the best performances, and this year is no different.  Here are our Top Ten most anticipated shows at this year’s festival.  We are including the venue name in our description.

10.  Hot Dates (3 Clubs).  We picked this show because of the title, and because we absolutely love Deana Barone.  We know that Barone always brings out the best in her clients, and this show just sounds like a lot of fun.

9.  Chemo Barbie (Studio C).   Like the previous show, we picked this show in part based on our previous relationship with the director, Jessica Lynn Johnson, who has directed some of the best theater we have seen at the Fringe.  We do love solo shows, and Johnson’s clients have some of the most compelling stories.

8.  Nosferatu (Studio/Stage).   Who doesn’t like a classic horror story?  We are intrigued by the twists in this particular production, such as a female in the lead role, but we have total faith that Michelle Holmes will deliver a stunning performance.  This should be a great show.

7.  Lovesick (Sacred Fools).   This is another Jessica Lynn Johnson show, and it truly has us pumped for the Fringe.  Although we are not familiar with the work of Gabriela Demarco, she has demonstrated in her marketing that she has great potential.  We look forward to another great show here.

6.  Under the Jello Mold (Ruby Theatre).   Director/producer Tom Cavanaugh is another Fringe veteran that has consistently brought great shows to the Fringe, and we have no doubt that this will be another hit.   This is also one of the shows being considered for the Cornwall Award.

5.  The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign (Lounge).  The fact that this show has won awards at other fringes was a compelling reason to add it to our list.  We also love the Golden Age of Hollywood, and look forward to their interpretation of that time.  Last but not least, this show is also up for the Cornwall Award.

4.  Nothing Bad:  A Werewolf Rock Musical (Studio/Stage).   What would Fringe be like without a horror-themed rock musical?  Michael Shaw Fisher and his company are not doing one this year, so we had to find another one to take its place,  This one looked good for a number of reasons, and we are truly looking forward to being “rocked.”

3.  Three Can Keep a Secret (Studio/Stage).   Theatre Unleashed has consistently delivered great shows, so this one was a no-brainer.  We love Greg Crafts and look forward to seeing one of his own plays.  We are also looking forward to the remount of his previous show, The Spidey Project, which will give TU another opportunity to do what they do best – sing.

2.  Turbulence (Sacred Fools).   We fell in love with Robot Teammate last year when they delivered one of the best shows in Thug Tunnel.  We are confident that they will do it again with this show.

  1. Shakeslesque (3 Clubs).   Our most anticipated show this year is another no-brainer.  Cherry Poppins delivered a mega-hit last year with their show, and have consistently offered LA some of its best entertainment value over the past year, with consistent sold-out shows.  Not to mention the fact that the infamous Mr. Fisher is in the cast of this show, and the incredible talents of the Cherry Poppins ladies, especially Alli Miller and Sarah Haworth Hodges, this show is a can’t miss opportunity to see how the stories of Mr. Shakespeare translate into burlesque.

See you at the Fringe!

Monday mashup 2017: Vol 21

Back home in Montana after a wonderful week spending time with my dad and sister-in-law in Oklahoma.  I drove 3100 miles through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma, and enjoyed the trip.  Also got to stop in Denver and catch a performance of one of my best friends, Nina Storey, at The Soiled Dove Underground.

Speaking of the show, her opening act, Ian Mahan, was amazing.  The night was sheer perfection.  Loved the entire vibe of new songs, old songs, Beatles songs and the wit and wisdom of her brilliant on stage banter.  We have been friends for many years (won’t tell you how many but it’s more than 10), and this was the best show I have ever witnessed.  Be on the lookout for new material, as well as a new project that she shared with us.  If you loved her before, you will love her even more now.  If you haven’t discovered the magic that is Nina Storey, then now is the perfect time to come onboard.


The Eighth annual Hollywood Fringe Festival opens for previews on Thursday, followed by the Opening Party on June 7.  We will be arriving on June 15, and will provide daily coverage through the awards show on June 25.  We are so excited to present our first award this year, the Larry Cornwall Award for Musical Excellence, in honor of our fallen friend, Larry Cornwall aka Alice in Cooperland.  Stay tuned for our list of the 10 most anticipated shows, which will be published later this week.


The LA Music Critic Awards are celebrating five years of recognizing the indie music community with a showcase at the famed Hotel Café on June 20.  We will be honoring a special songwriter with the 2017 Icon Award, and will have performances by Wendy Sweetlove, Elyse Haren, Jon Mullane, Janey Street, Jerad Finck, Katie Costello, Lovers & Poets, The Spider Accomplice and Papermoon Gypsys.  Advance tickets are available on the Hotel Café website and are only $10 in advance and $12 at the door.  Come help us celebrate and support live indie music.


Emily Clibourn has been a force in indie music for several years.  We are proud to announce the screening of her new rock-umentary, As the Wind Blows, the story of her recent cross-country tour.  The screening of the five part documentary will be on Saturday, June 3 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at 1340 E 6th Street, Suite 402, Los Angeles.  Doors open at 7:30 p.m., with live music playing from 8:30 until 10 p.m.  The screening will follow.  Afterwards, attendees are invited to the Villains Tavern for the after party.  The event is BYOB, and it is recommended that you also bring a pillow for your own seating.

Please click here to RSVP and here for more details.


Speaking of Jerad Finck, he has recently released his new single, on the heels of the success of “Criminal.”  His tune is called “New Kids,” and we think you’ll love it.  Check it out.


Check out this interesting video from Brooklyn based Onesie of their tune, “This Minstrel.”  Please let us know your thoughts.

We haven’t forgotten about you hip-hop fans.  Check out the recent music video from Australian band 27 seconds of their song, “Forever Learning.”

Last  but not least this week is the debut video of an amazing new band fronted by our friend, Justin Foutz.  Check out “American Sweetheart” by the Rye Brothers.




Frank Shiner returns with a new smoothness

Frank Shiner, a performer from New York, is the latest addition to the roster of amazing “blue-eyed soul” singers.  His silky smooth vocals and his ability to uncover the magic in old standards would make even ‘ole blue eyes’ smile.  In his own words:  “I don’t do ‘covers,’ I reinterpret songs.  If I can’t put my own spin on something, I won’t do it.”

Without question, Shiner, already a winner of two LA Music Critic Awards, clearly demonstrates his finely-honed ability to put his own unique stamp on songs previously recorded by others.  On his sophomore album, Lonely Town, Lonely Street, he turns in otherworldly performances on songs previously made famous by such artists as The Young Rascals, Brook Benton, Sam & Dave, Elton John, Bill Withers and Donny Hathaway with an amazing collection of 12 songs written by such legendary songwriters as Randy Newman, Doc Pomus, Isaac Hayes & David Porter and Tony Joe White, among others. 

 “I decided to do ‘blue-eyed soul’ for my second album,” explains the New York resident, using a term that was first coined by renowned black radio personality Georgie Woods in the mid-‘60s when referencing The Righteous Brothers.  “I’ve always been intrigued by and loved the genre which has really morphed into including artists like my heroes Hall & Oates, Amy Winehouse and others.”

Shiner kicks off the record with a truly heartbreaking rendition of “How Can I Be Sure,” the Young Rascals’ smash 1967 hit, which has drawn praise from Gene Cornish, the Rascals’ guitarist. In fact, Cornish was so impressed that he joined Shiner on stage during a sold out show at New York’s Cutting Room.  Shiner follows that tune with an Al Green-worthy interpretation of the R&B classic, “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know,” written by Al Kooper of Blood, Sweat & Tears and most famously recorded by Donny Hathaway.  Shiner channels his inner-Van Morrison in his version of the songwriter’s “I Will be There,” complete with a jazz score that will knock your socks off, before returning to the classic sounds of Hall & Oates with a haunting performance of “She’s Gone.” 

Track 5 is a soulful and passionate take on Randy Newman’s “Guilty,” (previously recorded by Bonnie Raitt), which Shiner knocks out of the park, before Track 6 gives us the instant classic “Rainy Night in Georgia.”  The title track follows, a Bill Withers’ written, lesser known tune that was included on the same album that gave us “Ain’t No Sunshine.” 

Rounding out the second set of four aka track 8 is “When Something is Wrong With My Baby,” originally recorded back in 1967 by Sam and Dave, and written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter.  “I did it as a duet with (award-winning vocalist) Leslie Mendelson – which has been done before by Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt.  Like everything else on the album, it was done live in the studio – and literally, Leslie and I sang looking at each other, picking up on each other’s tones, mirroring each other’s riffs. It was wonderful.”  Shiner’s version is one of our favorite moments on the album, and we think should be released as the next single. 

Shiner brings it all home with his final four songs, an electic lot including  Amy Winehouse’s “Love is a Losing Game,” Justin Timberlake’s “Drink You Away,” Elton John’s “Shine on Through,” and Harry Connick, Jr.’s “There is Always One More Time,” written by Ken Hirsch and Doc Promus.

The album is produced by 12-time Grammy winning producer Jay Newland, who also handpicked some of the best musicians possible for the album.  Those musicians include keyboardist and arranger Glenn Patscha (Roger Waters, Marc Cohn, Bettye Lavette, Sheryl Crow & Willie Nelson), guitarist Sherrod Barnes (Roberta Flack & Whitney Houston), drummer Dan Rieser (Marcy Playground, Rosanne Cash, Norah Jones), saxophonist Andy Snitzer (Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones) and bassist Zev Katz (Jeff Beck, Carole King, Lady Gaga & James Taylor).   

Shiner sums up the album with these words:  “I’m loving every second of what I’m doing now.  I just want to do more of this . . . performing and recording, and if this album goes somewhere, well, that’s the cherry on top of the sundae . . . but I’ve already got the sundae!  The greatest compliment I get when I perform is when audience members tell me they can see the total bliss and total joy I have onstage and how I made it fun for them too.  The minute I lose that, it’s time to stop.”  

We don’t see that happening anytime soon.  This album is a definite “Get It” and we strongly recommend you grab it by any means necessary.  In addition, we strongly encourage you to experience Shiner live, if he plays anywhere within driving distance of you.

Special thanks to Jen Lyneis and David Nathan for the incredible press release and background information.

Monday Mashup 2017: Vol. 20

As we head into the third week of May, so much is happening in our indie music world.  Here are some of the biggest stories.


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Connie Lim aka MILCK, who came to the world’s attention when her song “Quiet” was performed during the Women’s March back in January, has signed with Atlantic Records.  They are planning to record her anthemic ballad, as well as new music on her first album for them.  Congratulations for keeping the indie spirit alive in the majors.  We wish you well MILCK.


Stop Motion Poetry, a Modesto, California based band of brothers, has launched their Kickstarter campaign to help with the expenses of recording their next album, an EP named Dead Rose.  Click on the Kickstarter link to find out more.


Check out this amazing tune, “The Smoke and the Stars,” from new artist Jason Hawk Harris.  We think he’s definitely got the talent to take it to the limit, and we look forward to whatever he sends to us next.


We are proud to share some of the latest music videos with your from these amazing artists:

“Fill me Up” is one of our favorite cuts from Amilia K Spicer’s new album Wow and Flutter.  We hope you like it as much as we do.

Here’s the latest single from Frank Shiner’s new album, Lonely Town Lonely Street, which we will review tomorrow.  Is this not the perfect chill song for after work relaxation?  This song has been covered by some of the legends in music, and we would be remiss not to include Shiner’s cover in that mix.

If the previous song provided chill relief, then the latest video from LA Music Critic Award winner Rod Melancon will provoke you in a visceral way.  From his forthcoming Southern Gothic album soon to be released by Blue Élan Records, “Different Man” is a powerful visual aid to the story of the man who came home from the war a different man.


Get it or forget it: Amilia K. Spicer, Janiva Magness, Scout Durwood

After taking a week off to organize all the album review requests, we are back with three more Get it or Forget it reviews.  Check out the latest from Amilia K. Spicer, Grammy-nominated artist Janiva Magness and Scout Durwood, the latter two both being on the amazing Blue Élan Records.

Artist NameAmilia K Spicer

Album NameWow and Flutter

Label:  Free Range Records

Genre:  Americana Folk

Track Listing:  1.  Fill me Up; 2.  Harlan; 3.  This Town; 4.  Shotgun; 5.  Lightning; 6.  Train Wreck; 7.  Shake it Off; 8.  Windchill; 9.  Down to the Bone; 10.  Wild Horses; 11.  What I’m Saying; 12.  Shine 

Publicist:  Miles High Productions

Review:  Amilia K Spicer is the consummate Americana artist.  Her music is folky and soothing while her earthy vocals perfectly tell the stories in her songs.  What an amazing collection of songs she has gathered, seamlessly written to tell those stories in the down-home tradition of great folk music.  Spicer kicks the album off with the wonderful track “Fill me Up,” and then proceeds to take the listener on a journey of sound that could soothe even the most colicky baby.  From gem to gem she takes us on that journey, until all too soon it is over.  But never fear, you can simply restart the journey at any time.  This is definitely the kind of album you want to hear again and again.  It is hard to pick the best songs on this album, but we really like “Harlan,” “This Town,” “Lightning,” “Down to the Bone,” and “Wild Horses.”

RecommendationWow and Flutter was released on April 28, and is a sure-fire hit for Spicer.  We highly recommend you Get it as soon as you can.  You won’t be sorry.

Artist NameJaniva Magness

Album NameBlue Again

Label:  Blue Élan Records/Fathead Records

Genre:  Blues

Track Listing:  1.  I Can Tell; 2.  I Love you More Than You’ll Ever Know; 3.  If I Can’t Have You; 4.  Tired of Walking; 5.  Buck; 6.  Pack it Up 

Publicist:  Conqueroo

Review:  Janiva Magness has the perfect voice for blues – deep, soulful and full of passion.  Her musical accompaniment is also first rate, with appearances by such legends as Kid Ramos, Sugaray Rayford and T.J. Norton.  It is easy to understand why her last album was nominated for a Grammy, and why we think there are more Grammy nominations and wins in her future.  Blue Again is a true blues album, and firmly places Magness among the greats in blues, like BB King, Etta James, Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin.   To prove my point, check out the incredible second track, “I Love you More Than You’ll Ever Know.”  This is the album for the consummate blues fan, who will love every track.  We just wish there were more than six tracks.  For the ultimate reminder of blues perfection, check out the duet on track three with Rayford.

RecommendationBlues Again was released on May 12 and is a requirement for every blues-loving music aficionado.  Get it today.

Artist NameScout Durwood

Album NameTake One Thing Off

Label:  Blue Élan Records

Genre:  Comedy/Spoken Word

Track Listing:  1.  Intro; 2.  Sex Positive; 3.  Take one Thing Off; 4.  Drinking; 5.  All the Pretty Bottles; 6.  Baseball Game; 7.  Fallin’ in Love; 8.  Men in LA; 9.  Brooklyn Ca. 2009; 10.  The NFL; 11.  The Wedding Song; 12.  I’m Cool, Right?; 13.  My Funny Valentine; 14.  Strip Club; 15.  Go Go; 16.  Anxiety Lions; 17.  Taxi Take me Home; 18.  Hate Crime; 19.  Here we Are 

Publicist:  The Syndicate

Review:  We were not prepared for this awesome album, with its tongue-in-cheek sexiness.  Scout Durwood is a comedic force to be reckoned with, and the female version of Weird Al.  Whether delivering a comedic monologue or singing the title track, Durwood delivers sexy, adult-themed comedy for real adults.  This album is definitely not for kids and is NSFW.  Her songs are fun and hilarious, while her stand-up routine keeps you in stitches.  Our favorite songs include the title track, “Fallin’ in Love,” Brooklyn Ca. 2009,”  “I’m Cool, Right?” and “Go Go.”  The album includes live comedy routines from her show at The Pack Theater in Los Angeles, and entices the listener to get out and see her live.  If you live in LA, you can see her at The Hotel Café on May 20 at 9 p.m.  We wish we could be there.  Grab your tickets today.

RecommendationTake one Thing Off is scheduled to be released on May 19.  We strongly suggest you Get it and see her live on May 20.


The Real Hooks’ latest single ‘Damn You’ is a musical treat

There have been no shortage of bands composed of family members, but in the case of The Real Hooks, the band’s chemistry and talent are obvious even without the familial connection.  Led by their charismatic brother Kyle, who provides lead vocals and guitar, the Real Hooks also feature his brother Nick on vocals, his sisters Maggie on keys and vocals and Raleigh on drums and vocals, with Dad Nicky rounding out the lineup on bass.

Hailing from Pensacola, the band began back in 2009 with Dad and Kyle writing all of the group’s material.  since then, they have begun branching out and co-writing with other artists, including Peter Zizzo (Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez), Dream Theatre drummer Mike Mangini, Rob McCurdy and Chris Petrosino from the production house Noise Club, and Max Wagner.  They also collaborated with Jo Jo Gator (New Kids on the Block), Jared Cotter (Jay Sean and Kyle Kelso (Parachute).

For their latest single, “Damn You,” which debuted last Friday, they hooked up with hit songwriter Mark Spiro, whose total sales on tracks with the likes of Cheap Trick, John Waite, Heart, Luis Miguel, Lila McCann, REO Speedwagon, Lita Ford, Anne Murray and others have topped 100 million units.

“Damn You” is an upbeat, radio-friendly tune that is the perfect song for summer fun.  It has a sound like The Lumineers hooked up with Mumford & Sons on a pop song, and will have you singing the chorus in no time flat.  It gets the blood flowing and makes your feet want to dance across the floor, kinda like the feeling when the streaming morning sunlight hits your eyelids and wakes you up from a beautiful dream.  This song belongs on the radio and should be an easy placement in a myriad of television shows and movies.  Thanks to odandiee for the amazing artwork.

Kyle attributes The Real Hooks’ incredible success at winning over crowds of all ages to the unique personalities each member of the band brings to the moment.  “I’m the quiet one who simply enjoys seeing girls happy and instilling a sense of confidence in them – but that’s just the start,” he says.  “Nick’s the wild man, Raleigh is the brainiac and Maggie’s got her own offbeat style.  We think of her as the soul of the group.  Even though I’m the lead singer, my favorite moment during our shows is seeing the crowd react when Maggie and Raleigh sing their spotlight song ‘So Long Sammy.’   It almost brings me to tears every time.  Something special happens when we get onstage.  We give it all we’ve got, sing songs that lift people up and make everyone feel at home.”

We think you’ll be delighted to add The Real Hooks to your summer (or even year-round) musical playlist.  Check out their website for more info, or follow them on Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 19

Welcome to a new week.  Next month at this time we will be in Los Angeles for the final two weeks of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  We are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring our first award this year, in honor of our friend Larry Cornwall, who passed away in March from brain cancer.  The Larry Cornwall Award for Musical Excellence will be given to a play that best incorporates music within its context.  We are also happy to announce that the uber-talented Alli Miller and Michael Shaw Fisher will be assisting us in determining the winner of the award.  Both of them are multi-winners at Fringe, and integral parts of their companies, Cherry Poppins Productions and Sacred Fools.  Come join us at the Fringe!


Shannon Hurley has launched a pre-sale for her new album, New Day, which will be released on June 30.  We will have a review of the album posted shortly.  In the meantime, check out her website and pre-order the album.  Based on what she has done in the past, we are sure this new album will be equally wonderful.


Our only new video this week comes from the Big Apple.  The New ResistANTS released their video for “Onny Swar” on May 11.  We kinda like this grunge-punk sound and think you will too.


Toronto-based High Signs has released the first single, “A Much Larger Ocean,” from their forthcoming album If So, Then What?  This hard-driving rock song contains some powerful truth.  Let us know what you think.

For all you electronica fans, here’s the latest from Adrian Underhill.  He has asked Toronto-based producer Harrison to remix the song, and we like the results.  Let us know what you think.

Last, but not least, we present 19-year old Kylie Odetta with the first single, “Stress,” from her new EP, Undertow, set to be released on May 19.  We think her vocals are dreamy and look forward to hearing more from this up and coming artist.

Interview with Kris Angelis about her new EP ‘Heartbreak is Contagious’

One of our favorite things to do is to interview indie artists, and Kris Angelis is one of our favorites.  We got the chance to preview a portion of her new EP about a year ago, and can hardly wait for the completed EP to be released on June 2.  Click on the presale link here.  The first ‘draft’ already won the “Best EP (female)” LA Music Critic Award for the first half of 2016.  Consequently we had to sit down with Angelis and find out the details.  Hope you enjoy our talk – we definitely enjoyed it.  

IVB:  Why did you wait so long to release Heartbreak is Contagious to digital platforms?

KA:  I had the album done a while ago and I was waiting before releasing t.  I was trying to see if I could get a placement on a TV show to get the album known.  I did get the Optimus placement and put the title track up on iTunes as a single.  I was also working on the “Kevin Bacon” song and trying to get him into a music video.  I talked to him at Sundance and asked him to be in my video in a cameo role.  There are still so many things being done to get this EP ready for placement.  I’m hoping that this will be an exciting new thing for everyone with the new song I recorded for the EP.

IVB:  What have you been doing since Heartbreak is Contagious was first released last year?

KA:  I’ve been working on getting representation for licensing, getting co-writes, and advertising.  Made a music video for the title track, which was released as a single.  The song also won first place in the International Acoustic Music Awards, and “Built this House” is a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.  I’ve reach the top 15 in voting.  I’ve done some limited touring at events like NAMM Winter show in Anaheim and several festivals including Mondo, as well as in NY and along the east coast.  I also did the Mesa Music Festival in Arizona.  I’ve also started setting up house concert tours that enable me to garner new fans that are unfamiliar with my music.

IVB:  Do you prefer acting or singing?

KA:  I really enjoy both because they are similar but different.  I truly love the interaction with the audience when I’m singing.  With acting, I get to embody someone different, but I get to be myself with music, which makes me enjoy it a bit more.  There is nothing wrong with escaping but for me there is more freedom when I’m writing or recording a song.  Film also requires more resources to get your content out and do what I want as opposed to just writing and recording a song.  I do love acting and some things have come up that I can’t talk about yet.

IVB:  How can your fans get involved with the success of your new release?

KA:  The current plan is to sell 1000 copies of the EP between May 12 and June 2.  The importance is that it will automatically put us on the iTunes charts upon release ,which will put it in front of more industry people. In particular I am trying to get on the Billboard Heatseeker chart.  So I’m asking my fans to purchase my EP, either for themselves or to give to someone else, and share the link to the presale with their friends.  I would like them to reach out and encourage their friends to get involved.  Please post about the presale on social media, including their own personal touch.  I believe that truly makes a huge difference.  They can also follow me on Spotify, stream the songs and add them to their playlists.

What makes this EP so unique is that tit tells a cohesive personal story.  It tells my story of hurt, sorrow, hope and joy.  It is for anyone who has ever been in love, to encourage them in their struggle.  During our launch party on May 12, I’m going to play the songs, tell stories about them and encourage my fans to not give up.  I want them to know that they should just let go cause it’s not their fault, but allow their hearts to be open and available for whatever may come in the future.

If they join the mailing list at my website, they will get a link to the launch party at 7 p.m. PDT tonight (May 12).  They can also get involved by becoming one of my supporters on Patreon.

IVB:  What are your future plans?

KA:  Hoping to make a music video for “Kevin Bacon” as well as other songs.  I would love Kevin Bacon to be a part of it, but I’m doing the video either way.  I want to do more house concerts and touring, as well as put together my management, licensing and PR team, which will help to further my career.  I would also love to go on tour with a national act that will expand my fan base.

IVB:  What social media do you use?

KA:  I primarily use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, but have recently begun branching out with Busker, Periscope, live streaming, and Spotify.

Monday mashup 2017: Vol 18

Happy Monday!  Ready for another week of indie music while I seek out gainful employment.  This should be a great week since it starts out by hosting a musician friend who is out and about and passing through Montana.  Looking forward to a couple of days with my friend Eric Schwartz and exploring my local community.  In the meantime, let’s catch up on indie news and share some new videos.


Los Angeles singer-songwriter and actress Kris Angelis released her three-song EP last year.  Since then, she has written a fourth song and is launching a drive to presale 1000 copies of the new improved EP and put it onto all the digital platforms to share this amazing effort.  We told you about it last year, but I’m proud to say that the new song really makes it better.  Take a listen to the title track on SoundCloud and then check out our interview on Friday as she starts the presale campaign.

Here’s the scoop in her own words:

My new EP “Heartbreak Is Contagious” is a cohesive album that tells a love story from HURT to SORROW to HOPE to JOY and you can hear the story behind it, hear previews of the songs, watch me perform and do a Q&A on the special Live Launch Broadcast happening May 12th! Join my mailing list at krisangelis.com to get the link to the broadcast!


We love discovering new talent.  We recently came across Carrie Lane when she performed on Balcony TV, and immediately fell in love with her husky voice and sexy tunes.  Check out the official video for “If I Can’t be With You.”  We think you’ll love her like we do.

Back to Kris Angelis, she has released an official music video for the title track to Heartbreak is Contagious.  Check it out if you still need convincing that she is one of the crown jewels of indie music.

We were recently introduced to an English alternative pop act named Febueder, which is on the verge of releasing a new EP on Friday.  Here’s a taste of their music with the release of their official music video for “Shapeshifter.”  Please let us know what you think.

Closing us out today is another new artist, Calais, who has released a video for his song “Seeing it All.”  We think you’ll dig it as much as we do.

Get it or forget it – Abby and the Myth, Ray Goren, Lighthouse Sweden

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Just finishing my fourth week of unemployment, and decided it was the perfect time for sharing new music.  It is our pleasure to present an old favorite as well as introduce you to a couple of new artists.  We think they will provide the perfect soundtrack for your weekend.  Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Artist NameAbby and the Myth

Album NameWhen you dig a Well

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Folk/Americana

Track Listing:  1.  Delicate Parade; 2.  Butterflies; 3.  Grey Halls; 4.  Not Afraid; 5.  Who Have I Become; 6.  Last Hours; 7.  Shelter; 8.  Oh December; 9.  Darker Side; 10.  Roadman; 11.  Morning Sonnet; 12.  The Path

Publicist:  None

Review:  They have been compared to the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, but Abby and the Myth are so much more.  With the unmistakable vocals of Abby Posner, the band sounds more like a country version of Raining Jane than those other bands, but still manages to create their own unique identity in the ever-growing Americana landscape.  We have been fans of Posner for many years, and we believe this manifestation is the best yet.  We believe that Abby and the Myth will soon become a household name for lovers of folk and Americana music.   This album flows so naturally from song to song that you can put the whole album on repeat and enjoy every song over and over again.  It is impossible to pick the best songs because they are all incredible.  Give it a listen and we think you’ll agree.

Recommendation:  You owe it to your self to Get It now.  This album would be Number 1 on our list of desert isle music.  Don’t wait another minute – grab your copy today.

Artist NameRay Goren

Album NameFree

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  R&B/Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Back to Me; 2.  Don’t Know Better; 3.  Emergency; 4.  Free; 5.  Love Gone Wrong; 6.  Manners 

Publicist:  Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

Review:  Blue-eyed soul has a new voice in Ray Goren.  His vocals are crystal clear, soaring above the music to take the listener to new heights, reminiscent of Shawn Stockman.  His lyrical content belies his chronological age, and makes his songs insightful and delicious, a definite fresh voice in today’s indie music market.  They are radio ready, and deserve air time on commercial stations.  This six-song EP whets our appetite and makes us want much more.  We love the entire package, and plan to keep this one on repeat, especially the upbeat “Emergency” and the rocking title cut.  We also love the duet between Goren and Hewan on “Love Gone Wrong.”  You cannot lose listening to this music, and if you’re lucky enough to be in Los Angeles on May 12, we strongly recommend you get down to Genghis Cohen to hear Goren live.

Recommendation:  No thought required on this one – Get it and enjoy the sweet sounds of indie music greatness.   Ray Goren is destined for greatness.

Artist NameLighthouse Sweden

Album NameSilence in the City

Label:  Moody Maraccas

Genre:  Rock/Americana

Track Listing:  1.  Love can Seriously Damage Your Heart; 2.  Neon Signs; 3.  Everybody’s Been a Fool; 4.  Easier to Lie; 5.  Hole in my Soul; 6.  Silver & Gold; 7.  Silent City; 8.  We Used to be Lovers; 9.  Can’t Find my Way; 10.  Window to the Sky; 11.  Angels 

Publicist:  Frank Roszak Promotions

Review:  Swedish-born Mats & Linda Brandemark burst onto the scene with a musical style that marries indie rock with Americana, creating their own unique offering to indie music today.  Like that other Swedish pop band of husbands and wives, Lighthouse Sweden gives us music filled with soaring vocals, music that makes you move, and more goodies than you can list, like the intriguing “Neon Signs.”  “Everybody’s Been a Fool” brings on the full Americana experience as Mats provides those down-home vocals, coupled with great harmonica, that immediately give rise to comparisons to Bob Dylan.  We especially love how the band takes turns at lead vocals, with each song giving us a different piece of this incredible cake.  We are truly impressed with the way they have captured the essence of a true American musical genre, and made it their own.  Check out the guitar riffs on “Hole in my Soul.”

Recommendation:  Three cheers to Lighthouse Sweden for giving their fans a true taste of American music.  Silence in the City is a must-have for every true audiophile and a worthy addition to your Americana collection.  You should definitely Get it.