Get it or forget it – Kevin Fisher, Johnny Tucker, Barren Womb, Viv and the Revival, Thrillchaser

Happy Hump Day!  It’s beautiful here in Montana, although a little cold, but that is not keeping the crowds away from the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.  We are having a blast presenting these documentaries, and can hardly believe that the Festival is almost over.  At least we have some more indie artists to review, so here we go with five more.

Artist NameKevin Fisher

Album Name Beer Me

Label:  37 Records

Genre:  Country

Track Listing:  1.  Beer; 2.  Beer Me; 3.  Dog Beers; 4.  I Wish you  Were Beer; 5.  Better Beer; 6.  To Beer or not to Beer; 7.  I Like Beer; 8.  Beer in the Fridge; 9.  Beerly Beloved; 10.  Beer Thirty; 11.  Beer Blue Sky; 12.  Last Call

Publicist:  McJames Music

ReviewBeer Me was released last October.  Since then, Kevin Fisher has released a couple of singles.  His current single, “Beer Thirty,” is currently sitting at #1 on the Hot Disk UK charts for the third week in a row.  The album contains a 12-pack of songs about beer with titles that are tongue in cheek, and feature co-writes on seven of the tunes.   Fisher has that perfect voice for country music, and the songs are truly radio ready gems for die-hard country fans that love their beer.  Our favorite cuts are the title track, “Dog Beers,” “Better Beer,” “Beer in the Fridge,” “Beer Thirty,” and “Last Call.”

Recommendation:  If you love country music, or beer in general, you will get a kick out of this CD.  Get it before “Last Call.”

Artist NameJohnny Tucker

Album Name Seven Day Blues

Label:  Highjohn Records

Genre:  Blues

Track Listing:  1,  Talkin’ About you Baby; 2.  Tired of Doing Nothing; 3.  Why do you let me Down so Hard; 4.  Love and Appreciation (to Georgia); 5.  Seven Day Blues; 6.  Come on Home With Me; 7.  Tell you All; 8.  Something I Want to Tell You; 9.  Gonna Give you one More Chance; 10.  I Wanna do It; 11.  Do Right Man; 12.  One of These Days; 13.  I Can’t Wait; 14.  Listen Everybody; 15.  You can Leave my House

Publicist:  Blind Raccoon

Review:  Johnny Tucker broke into the business back in 1964, hooking up with Phillip Walker and singing James Brown.  He later became the drummer for Walker’s band and began touring the world for the next 34 years.  This is his second album since returning to music in 2006, and he has not lost a step.  This time around, he collaborates with such monumental blues players as Big Jon Atkinson, Bob Corritore and Kid Ramos in creating this perfect 15-song disc that celebrates the beauty of traditional blues.  His voice brings back memories of some of his peers, like Muddy Waters, BB King and Fats Domino.  This is an album to relish and savor.  Just put it on, sit back, and reminisce about the return of the glory days of the blues.

Recommendation:  If you are a music historian, or simply love the blues, you simply must Get this one.  It is a national treasure.

Artist NameBarren Womb

Album NameOld Money / New Lows

Label:  Spartan Records

Genre:  Metal

Track Listing:  1.  Crook Look; 2.  Mystery Meat; 3.  Theory of Anything; 4.  Slumlord Millionaire; 5.  Cave Dweller; 6.  Drive-Thru Liquor Store; 7.  Mad 187 Skills; 8.  Russian Hankerchief

Publicist:  Earshot Media

Review:  Norwegian rockers Barren Womb have returned with a new album, nearly three years after the last project, and are planning an extensive tour of Europe and Scandinavia to promote their music.  They call their music “Noise Rock,” and the description is apt.  It is a cross between metal and Beastie Boys, with the lyrics more spoken than sung, and a heavy metal/rock musical score.  This music is not for everyone, but true metal-heads will dig it, especially the current single, “Mystery Meat.”

Recommendation:  If you are a lover of metal and/or hard rock, then you should definitely check out Barren Womb.   If not, then you should probably forget it.

Artist NameViv and the Revival

Album NamePerfect High

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Pop/Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Perfect High; 2.  Stop my Heart; 3.  Lost in the Fire; 4.  Cannonball; 5.  Nikki

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  Viv and the Revival have a perfect radio sound that is missing from current programming.  From the amazing title track through the final notes of “Nikki,” this band gives us incredible music, with an indie rock sound that is perfect for Top 40, as well as serious consideration by music supervisors looking for hot tunes to incorporate into television and film projects.  We really love the rocking “Stop my Heart,” with its killer guitar riffs, but all five songs are hot.  We can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

Recommendation:  This one is a keeper.  Get it now.

Artist NameThrillchaser

Album NameA Lot Like Love

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Pop/Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Emptiness; 2.  Out of our Minds; 3.  A Lot Like Love; 4.  Like That; 5.  Wildflower; 6.  Hold on to the Night; 7.  fivetwentyfive; 8.  Invisible; 9.  Still got a Hold on Me; 10.  Juliet

Publicist:  Right Angle PR

Review:  Thrillchaser, formerly known as American Wolves, have returned to bring us incredible pop/rock tunes.  As American Wolves, they had a hit single with “Part of Me,” which went viral on YouTube and Spotify, and their new tunes as Thrillchaser will surely exceed that high bar they set.  Thrillchaser has released a lyric video for their first single, “Wildflower,” which has gained them 10.1K Facebook fans in only three weeks.  Clearly this band is on to something, and radio programmers and music supervisors need to stand up and take notice of their music.  This is pop music that appeals to all ages, and is just what our stale Top 40 stations need to perk up their listeners.  “Hold on to the Night” is already being featured on idobi radio.  Don’t be surprised to see this one on the list of Grammy nominees next year.  If the Academy overlooks this band, they are doing everyone a disservice.

Recommendation:  If you love music, then this band MUST be on  your radar.  Drop everything and Get it now.


Get it or forget it – Susan Williams and the Wright Groove, Sly and Robbie meet Dubmatix, Ann, Cvltvre, The Reverend Shawn Amos

Greeting from the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival!  We are actively engaged in the Festival, but taking time to bring you review of five new artists.  We hope you enjoy them.

Artist Name Susan Williams & The Wright Groove

Album NameIt’s About Time

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Blues

Track Listing:  1.  Tell me you Love Me; 2.  Love What U Do; 3.  Loving U From a Distance; 4.  Shame on You; 5.  I’m Sorry; 6.  Meet me in the Middle; 7.  Another Thing Coming; 8.  One Way Street; 9.  Please Come Back to Me; 10.  Keep Moving On; 11.  Too Little Too Late

Publicist:  ABIK Radio Promotions

Review:  Susan Williams is an iconic Chicago-based blues bassist who, along with her band The Wright Groove, is releasing their debut album.  They also competed in this year’s International Blues Challenge.  The album is chock full of amazing blues riffs, dynamic keys and kick-ass progressive and traditional blues featuring the soulful voice of Williams, who penned nine of the album’s eleven tracks.  They have definitely set the bar high for their next project, and we fully believe that they will continue to excel.  Our favorites include “Tell me you Love Me,” “Love What U Do,” “Love U From a Distance,” “I’m Sorry,” “Another Thing Coming,” “One Way Street,” “Please Come Back to Me,” and “Keep Moving On” – practically the entire album.

Recommendation:  Don’t even hesitate, just Get this one.

Artist NameSly & Robbie meet Dubmatix

Album NameOverdubbed

Label:  Echo Beach

Genre:  Dubstep, Triphop/Electronic, Reggae

Track Listing:  1.  Dictionary; 2.  Smoothie (ft. Prince Alla, Screechy Dan, Megative); 3.  Riding East; 4.  Great Escape; 5.  Great Wall

Publicist:  RDX Promo

Review:  Jamaican’s Sly Dunbar (drummer) and Robbie Shakespeare (bassist) have combined with Canadian Dubmatix to produce this interesting dance mix.  The tracks range from dubstep to reggae to breakbeat, triphot, Afro-Brazilian and electronic, but all of them are fun to listen and dance to.  We are still amazed at the level of talent in the international indie community, and are so happy to be part of spreading this music to America.  This album should be of interest to every dance DJ out there looking for great mixes.

Recommendation:  If you are a DJ, we strongly encourage you to check out this collaboration.  If you just love reggae music, then this is the one for you.

Artist NameAnn

Album Name Let Go

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  R&B/Soul

Track Listing:  1.  Try (ft. Will Gittens); 2.  Todd’s Song; 3.  So Familiar; 4.  Let Go

Publicist:  Camp Entertainment Worldwide

Review:  Ann was born in Nairobi, Kenya but now calls Worcester, Massachusetts her home.  She has competed on such shows as X-Factor and American Idol, and has interestingly enough decided to release her four track EP as a series of audio only tracks on YouTube.   She has also chosen to forego Facebook and instead base her social media through Instagram and Twitter.  Please be advised that these songs are rated Mature (language).  The first track is a duet with Will Gittens that is slow, sexy and steamy.    The second is a slam at a former boyfriend.

Recommendation:  This one deserves to be checked out simply because of its uniqueness.  We think the voice will grab you and keep you.

Artist NameCvltvre

Album NameAll Life Is // Act 1:  An Act of Letting Go

Label:  Standby Records

Genre:   Alt Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Blame; 2.  Birthday Song; 3.  Progression; 4.  Drown; 5.  Pour These Words

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  Cvltvre is an Inland Empire (California) based rock band releasing their second EP, the first of a four-part series dealing with self-purpose and identity.  “Drown,” the fourth track is the first single off the EP,  They have also released a music video for the second track, “Birthday Song,” a rocking ballad.  In fact, the musical diversity of this EP is what sets it apart from its peers, and make Cvltvre a band worthy of industry attention.

Recommendation:  If you love rock, definitely check this one out.

Artist NameThe Reverend Shawn Amos

Album Name The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks it Down

Label:  Put Together Records

Genre:  Blues/Gospel

Track Listing:  1,  Moved; 2.  2017; 3.  Hold Hands; 4.  The Jean Genie; 5.   Freedom Suite – Uncle Tom’s Prayer; 6.  Freedom Suite – Does my Life Matter; 7.  Freedom Suite – (We’ve got to) Come Together; 8.  Ain’t Gonna Name Names; 9.  (What’s so Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding

Publicist:  Blind Raccoon

Review:  This is an interesting effort, delivering a message of freedom and the search for civil rights in the form of the blues, including a three-song “Freedom Suite” that includes an acapella reading of Uncle Tom’s Prayer before expounding on the words of Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King.  The album plays like a passion play, and needs to be listened to in its entirety without skipping around.  All we can say is “Preach it.”

Recommendation:  If you are at all concerned about civil rights, then this one is a must for you.  Hopefully it will empower change in this world.



Monday mashup 2018: vol. 7

Mother Nature has made it clear these past few days that she’s not ready for spring yet here in Montana, as we have been bombarded with snow, high winds and sub-zero temperatures.  Regardless of the weather, the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival kicked off last Friday night with a sold-out screening of the film Dark Money, attended by our very own Governor.  Attendance at other screenings on Saturday, Sunday and today have been high, including quite a few sell-outs, including Forever B, the one I attended tonight about kidnap victim Jan Broberg, a child kidnap victim and author of Loss of Innocence.

We have a bit of news for you today, as well as four new singles and three new music videos, so let’s get to it.


Referred to as the “The Six-String Siren,” LA Music Critic Award winner Diana Rein has announced the launch of a crowd-funding campaign for her upcoming album, Queen Of My Castle. The follow-up to her critically-lauded 2016 release Long Road, Queen Of My Castle is being co-produced by Michael Leasure (drummer extraordinaire with the Walter Trout Band).

“The new album is a collection of 15 songs, with one of those songs being a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan,” says Rein, just back from representing Guitar Girl Magazine at the 2018 NAMM Conference.  Rein is the featured artist for the month of April in their 2018 Calendar.  “There’s a lot of traditional blues, as well as high energy, upbeat, and blues-rock songs that I know you guys will love. This album will be lucky #3 for me and my first full-band album.  I loved making my last record on my own, but I am really looking forward to challenging myself this time around and collaborating with the pros.”


The Hollywood Fringe Festival is getting ready for their ninth run June 7-24, and is looking for interns and volunteers, specifically in the areas of Fringe Central Set Design, Events, Volunteer Coordinator and Cabaret.  Interning with the Fringe is the best way to get hands on experience behind the scenes of the largest performing arts festival in the west.  Interns work directly with Fringe staff to help run various aspects of the festival.  Click the link for position details.  If you are interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to  Please specify which position you are interested in.  The deadline to apply is April 1.


Here’s the first single from the forthcoming album People Person by Everett Bird.  The single is entitled “Bucket of Dark Meat,” and we think you’ll like it.  It is different from many of the songs featured here, so get ready to try something new.

Next up is “The Monster” from LA based garage rock band Bird Concerns.  This one truly rocks.

Our third single today is from folk singer songwriter Brown Kid.  It is definitely a step down energy wise from the previous song, but it is different enough to pass on to you.  The song is entiled “Sunrise” and we want to hear your feedback.

Our final single today is from another LA Music Critic Award winner, Sleep Machine.  They are releasing their newest album one song at a time.  Here is “Mother.”


Our favorite Italian rock band is back with another hot video.  Check out “Never Obey” from Black Mamba.  We guarantee this one will rock your sock.

Our next video is the latest from Allison Iraheta and Mathew Hager, aka Halo Circus.  It is a video for their single “Narcissist,” which we debuted two weeks ago.  Please let us know what you think.

Blue Élan Records continues to bring back classic bands, and the latest to return is Fanny Walked the Earth.  Here is the video for “Lured Away,” their first single in 34 years.


Get it or forget it – Jeremy Romeo, Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra, The Crowleys, Earwig, Kyler England

We made it to Friday and the weekend.  It’s gonna be a busy one for us with opening night of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival tonight.  The opening night movie is Dark Money, the story of how Montana stopped the influx of corporate money in state and local political campaigns.  Governor Bullock will be among the dignitaries attending tonight’s screening, so it should be an interesting evening.  In the meantime, we have five more artists to review, including a couple of our favorites.  Let’s get started.

Artist NameJeremy Romeo

Album NameAll You’re Meant to Be

Label:  A&R Records

Genre:  Pop/Rock/Country

Track Listing:  1.  This is Home; 2.  Lights of Boston; 3.  Here With You; 4.  Said and Done; 5.  All You’re Meant to Be; 6.  See you Soon

Publicist:  The A&R Department

Review:  Aussie Jeremy Romeo is a rising star in his own country and ready to expand his musical reach to America.  He has a sound similar to Keith Urban meets the Plain White T’s, a mixture of pop, rock and country.  His songs are well crafted and his unique soaring voice is perfectly suited to this type of music.  All six songs are great and deserve attention for American radio station managers.  Don’t be surprised to see Romeo become the latest Aussie musician to make it in America.

Recommendation:  We highly recommend you check out this rising star before he becomes too big and  Get his EP.

Artist NameMarty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra

Album NameStereoscope

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Roots

Track Listing:  1.  Firmament; 2.  Southern Road; 3.  Ghost; 4.  Fish in a Rut; 5.  Come and go Heartbeat; 6.  Hard Time Killing Floor Blues; 7.  Stereoscope; 8.  Off and on Again; 9.  Let the Wind In; 10.  Battlefields; 11.  Spacehorse

Publicist:  Big Picture Media

Review:  Just when you think you’ve heard everything possible within the roots/Americana genre, a group like Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra reinvent the genre.  Mixing elements of blues, swing, country and traditional Americana into their own unique style is what makes this group a driving force in the Americana community, and this album a preview of what is yet to come to one of the most interesting and diverse genres in American music.  With raspy vocals, often discordant strings, a driving rhythm section, songs that tell a story and the accompanying soundtrack to vividly paint the picture, we are impressed with the quality and foresight of this album.  We love this album, but our favorites are “Southern Road,” “Ghost,” “Fish in a Rut,” “Off and on Again,” “Battlefields,” and “Spacehorse.”

Recommendation:  This album is great for those music lovers that like to be on the cutting edge.  We recommend you Get this one.

Artist NameThe Crowleys

Album NameColours Change Their Tones

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Pink Rainbows; 2.  Midnight Blue; 3.  Stargazer; 4.  Girl What; 5.  L.A. Sunset; 6.  Pansy Party Extravaganza

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:   The Crowleys bring us cosmic electronic pop, with airy sounds that soar above the music, creating an audio and visual picture that is all too vivid.  We only wish there were more than six songs to enjoy.  These songs would be excellent placement material for television and movies, and music supervisors would be wise to check out their entire catalog of musical treasures.  For music lovers, the uniqueness of their sound will make a welcome addition to your personal music library.

Recommendation:  Definitely Get this one.  It will grow on you.

Artist NameEarwig

Album NameGibson Under Mountain

Label:  Lizard Family Music

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Trees; 2.  Star Cross’d; 3.  Not About You; 4.  Her Heart; 5.  Lovesong Cockroach; 6.  Sleepyhead; 7.  Next Christmas; 8.  Glorious & Gloom; 9.  Wicked; 10.  Shiny Morning; 11.  Rumplestiltskin

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  This album was originally released back in 2011, but the band has decided to remix it and release it again this month, in anticipation of a brand new album to be released later this year.  It was originally mixed and produced by Mike Landolt, who has also done great work with Maroon 5 and the Spin Doctors, and contains several tracks that are radio-ready, reminiscent of the Gin Blossoms and the Spin Doctors.  Earwig has always been an underground favorite, and maybe the attention that is sure to come will help elevate them to a more recognizable and household band.  The band’s high intensity rock is evident from the beginning of the first track, “Trees,” and continues throughout this album.  Our favorites include “Star Cross’d,” “Not About You,” “Sleepyhead,” “Next Christmas,” “Wicked,” and “Shiny Morning.”

Recommendation:  This is the indie rock band of the future, available now.  Don’t miss this opportunity to Get one of their best offerings.

Artist NameKyler England

Album NameThe Wilderness

Label:  Gypsy Rock Records

Genre:  Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Best is yet to Come; 2.  Little Light; 3.  Holding up the Sky; 4.  Never Gonna get Over You; 5.  Give up the Ghost

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  Kyler England has been a successful singer-songwriter in Los Angeles long  before she joined up with two of her friends, Gabriel Mann and Adrienne Gonzales to form The Rescues.  The release of this new EP about heartbreak and healing comes on the one year anniversary of finding out she was going to have a baby.  She transparently discusses her infertility and pregnancy loss on the way to having her son.   All five songs are incredible, as we have come to expect from England.  The songs would also easily translate into the three-part harmonies of The Rescues.  As England so aptly says in the first track, “The Best is Yet to Come.”  We can hardly wait for her next inspired tracks.

Recommendation:  Don’t think twice.  Get this one now!


Get it or Forget it – Ruby Boots, Laurie Morvan, Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys, Flood County, Pink Tea

We hope you survived Valentine’s Day and are ready for President’s Day weekend.  Here in Missoula, the annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival kicks off tomorrow, so that will be taking a lot of our time for the next 10 days.  In the meantime, we have five more reviews for your today, so let’s get started.

Artist NameRuby Boots

Album NameDon’t Talk About It

Label:  Bloodshot Records

Genre:  Country/Rock/Blues

Track Listing:  1.  It’s so Cruel; 2.  Believe in Heaven; 3.  Don’t Talk About It; 4.  Easy way Out; 5.  Break my Heart Twice; 6.  I’ll Make it Through; 7.  Somebody Else; 8.  I am a Woman; 9.  Infatuation; 10.  Don’t Give a Damn

Publicist:  Bloodshot Records

Review:  Donny & Marie used to joke about her being a little bit country and him being a little bit rock and roll.  Even a casual listen to Ruby Boots, and you can say that she is definitely both, with a little blues thrown in for good measure.  Like Keith Urban, she is Australian born and Nashville based, and appears to be ready to make her mark with this debut album.  The Texas Gentlemen provide the musical backing, which perfect suits the vocal abilities of Boots, and allow her to expand outside of the traditional country sound.   We really love the slow country goodness of the title track and “Don’t Give a Damn,” as well as “Easy Way Out,” “Break my Heart Twice,” “I’ll Make it Through,” and “Infatuation.”

Recommendation:  If you like your country with a little bit of grit, rock and blues, then this is the perfect combination for you.  We highly recommend you Get this one into your musical library.

Artist NameLaurie Morvan

Album NameGravity

Label:  Screaming Lizard Records

Genre:  Blues

Track Listing:  1.  My Moderation; 2.  Twice the Trouble; 3.  Stay With Me; 4.  Money Talks; 5.  The Extra Mile; 6.  Gravity; 7.  Dance in the Rain; 8.  Gotta Dig Deep; 9.  The Man who Left Me; 10.  Shake Your Tailfeathers; 11.  I Want Answers; 12.  Too Dumb to Quit

Publicist:  Blind Raccoon

Review:  We first heard of Laurie Morvan quite a few years back when we caught her act at a little bar in Huntington Beach called Martini Blues.  She has obviously spent the time between then and now refining her craft and becoming one of the premier blues bands in Southern California.  Morvan brings the traditional blues to life with amazing vocals and well-crafted lyrics, set on a bed of rocking blues.  All the songs are her original compositions.  Listening to Morvan, it quickly becomes clear that the future of the blues is safe as long as artists like her continue to be a part of this great genre.  Her songs would also fit comfortably on many radio stations, including NPR, as this is just great music.  The keys, especially on the first two tracks, “My Moderation” and “Twice the Trouble,” are second to none, and set this music apart from many of her blues peers.  There isn’t a bad track on the album, so just sit back and enjoy it from start to finish.

Recommendation:  If you love the blues, then this album belongs at the top of your musical library.  Get it now.

Artist NameReverend Raven & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys

Album NameMy Life

Label:  Nevermore Records

Genre:  Blues

Track Listing:  1.  Handyman; 2.  Bee Hive Baby; 3.  Creature of Habit; 4.  Bad Little Girls; 5.  I Want to Love You; 6.  Once the Women Start Talking; 7.  My Life; 8.  Here Comes my Baby; 9.  Praying for a Princess; 10.  Big Bee; 11.  Looking for Love; 12.  Slow Burn; 13.  Someday When I’m Dead and Gone; 14.  I can do you Right; 15.  She’s Moving On; 16.  I’m Your Honeyboy

Publicist:  Blind Raccoon

Review:  Milwaukee-based Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys have been playing Chicago-style blues for the past 20 years, and their new album is a tribute to that career.  It contains remixes of some of their greatest hits.  With a mixture of blues, swing, rhumba, roadhouse, delta and jump blues, their sound is as unique as their line-up, featuring the smooth baritone voice of Reverend Raven as well as the musicianship of Cadillac Pete Rahn, Madison Slim, Benny Rickun, Big Al Groth, Mickey Larson, Danny Moore and Westside Andy.  You can’t go wrong with this amazing collection of original songs.  Like Morvan, simply put this album on and groove.

Recommendation:  This amazing collection belongs in your library, regardless of your musical tastes.  Get it before it’s gone.

Artist NameFlood County

Album NameWe’ll be Fine

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Country

Track Listing:  1.  Tumbling Down; 2.  Most of the Time; 3.  Easter Monday; 4.  Start Swinging; 5.  World Come Undone; 6.  That Old Famous Smile; 7.  Easier That Way; 8.  Kris & Rita; 9.  We’ll be Fine; 10.  The Road

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  This dynamic duo create traditional country music with a Tejano edge, perfect harmonies and toe-tapping musical background.  The fiddle and pedal steel are smoking, and those vocals will have you drooling in no time.  Add to that the horns and guitar and you have the makings of some of the finest country music you have ever heard, perfect for two-stepping and waltzing around the dance floor.  Our favorite tracks include “Tumbling Down,” Most of the Time,” “Start Swinging,” “That Old Famous Smile,” “Kris & Rita,” and “The Road.”

Recommendation:  If you love your country traditional, then you simply must Get this one.

Artist NamePink Tea

Album Name Pink Tea

Label:  A&R Records

Genre:  Alt/Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Smoko; 2.  Atlantis (Sick City); 3.  Old Vines Don’t Make the Best Wine; 4.  Tea Party Nadine; 5.  Social Graces & Melted Faces

Publicist:  The A&R Department

Review:  Indie rock comes in many forms, and this latest from Aussie Tom Murphy aka Pink Tea is some of the best we’ve heard.  These songs should do very well on American radio, and deserve the attention of every college and major rock station.  The album is all about growing up into a mature adult while realizing you little you still know.  The album shares his personal story while presenting the problems along with the positive solutions he has discovered.  We just wish there were more than five tracks, cause we could listen to his voice all day long, very reminiscent of Tom Petty.

Recommendation:  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this artist to your musical collection.  Get it today and spread the Aussie love.


Get it or forget it – Bonsai Universe, New Row, Adrian Underhill, Steven Casper and Cowboy Angst, Fernando Perdomo

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We are proud to share the love of great indie music, and have five more reviews for you today.  We have previously reviewed releases by Adrian Underhill, Steven Casper and Cowboy Angst and Fernando Perdomo, but the other two are new to us.  We hope you enjoy checking them out as much as we have.

Artist NameBonsai Universe

Album NameMoonstream

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Electric Folk

Track Listing:  1.  Moonstream; 2.  Am I Good Enough; 3.  Walking with my Eyes Closed; 4.  Summertime; 5.  Why are my Dreams?; 6.  Sweet Exaggeration; 7.  Should I Believe you; 8.  A lot of Nerve; 9.  Once Upon a Dream; 10.  Too Real; 11.  Everything; 12.  Astrotonic; 13.  Starstream

Publicist:  KG Music Press

Review:  Bonsai Universe is the brainchild and creation of multi-talented musician Woody Aplanalp.  Prior to the creation of his new project, Apanalp spent his time as a recording and touring guitarist with such notable acts as Grammy-winning artist Lauryn Hill, Boby Womak, Aloe Blacc, Trilok Gurtu and Thomas Mapfumo, as well as collaborations with Nels Cline, Banyan with Stephen Perkins and Old Californio.  He had help on this new album from Anthony Logerfo (Neil Young), Paul Lacques (I See Hawks in LA, Jason Chesney and Justin Smith from Old Californio and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, among others.  This is our first time reviewing electric folk, and we are impressed.  This album seems to take the folk music of the 60’s and infuse it with electric instrumentation, such that it becomes folk music for a new and more sophisticated age.  We think Aplanalp has hit upon a novel idea that should help him find a new niche in today’s indie music marketplace,

Recommendation:  We like the unique sound of Bonsai Universe and are proud to highly recommend this one.  We suggest you go out and get it.

Artist NameNew Row

Album NameWaging War

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Alternative Rock/Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Binary; 2.  Belong; 3.  The Day that Never Ends; 4.  Waging War; 5.  Male Order; 6.  Home; 7.  Sandslide; 8.  Our Song; 9.  Dreamtime; 10.  Falling Forward; 11.  Halflife; 12.  Let Go; 13.  X File 1; 14.  In a Perfect Circle; 15.  The Things you Say; 16.  Stars

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  Toronto, Canada-based alternative rock-pop band New Row have brought us something different.  The message is hook laden with a pop mentality, but with a hard rock edge.  Each song brings a new dynamic to this unique vision, and we can’t stop listening.  These songs are so good, they deserve serious radio airplay.  We think they are heading for the top of the charts, and encourage station managers in the alt rock genre to reach out and add them ASAP.  Sure-fire hits include “The Day that Never Ends,” the title track, “Our Song,” “Dreamtime,” “In a Perfect Circle,” “The Things you Say” and “Stars.”

Recommendation:  Welcome these lads from up north to America.  We believe they are coming to take the country by storm and encourage you to be one of the first to Get their new album and help them in their mission.

Artist Name Adrian Underhill

Album Name C U Again

Label:  Indica Records

Genre:  Electronic Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Not Good Enough; 2.  C U Again; 3.  Holding Out; 4.  Cruel; 5.  I Want it All; 6.  Weather; 7.  As I Think of Something Different; 8.  How to Make a Life Count; 9.  I Could; 10.  Carry On

Publicist:  Auteur Research

Review:  Canadian native Adrian Underhill is no stranger to readers of this blog, as we shared two of his songs with you last year via our Monday Mashup column.  He has finally completed his debut album, and we are proud for the privilege of reviewing it.  His music is smooth, soulful and laden with pop hooks, just the thing for American radio.  From the first song, “Not Good Enough,” to the last one, “Carry On,” Underhill brings us a fresh new sound that is ripe and ready for American ears.  We also love his songs “C U Again,” “Cruel,” “I Want it All,” “As I Think of Something Different,” and “How to Make a Life Count.”

Recommendation:  This one belongs in your music library.  Get it.

Artist Name Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst

Album Name Sometimes Jesse James

Label:  Silent City Records

Genre:  Country/Americana

Track Listing:  1.  Down; 2.  The Best Day of Our Lives; 3.  My Wrecking Ball; 4.  They Call it Love; 5.  Born to Lose Blues; 6.  Mi Sueno, Mi Dolor

Publicist:  KG Music Press

Review:  Since the last time we reviewed Steven Casper and his band, they have gotten tighter with their musicianship and vocal harmonies.  On Sometimes Jesse James, they kick off the six-song EP with some rocking country that will get your toes tapping and compel you out to the dance floor.  We really love the Hammond B3 on the first track, especially because it is not your typical country band instrument.  The second track is a lovely and haunting ballad that features the amazing pedal steel of John McDuffie, who also contributes electric and classical guitar and lap steel.  The band shows their creative prowess on their cover of Ryan Adams’ “My Wrecking Ball,” which also features a couple of other instruments not normally associated with a country band – dulcimer and cittern.   On “They Call it Love” and “Born to Lose Blues,” the band tries their hand at the blues, with amazing results.  They close the EP with an instrumental number, a Casper tradition.  This one has a Spanish flair and feature McDuffie on a nylon string Spanish guitar.

Recommendation:  You simply must add this EP to  your collection.

Artist Name Fernando Perdomo

Album NameOut to Sea

Label:  Forward Motion Records

Genre:  Instrumental Prog Rock

Track Listing:  1.  The Architect (tribute to Peter Banks; 2.  Out to Sea; 3.  De Boerderij (tribute to Focus); 4.  Roses Spread all Over the World; 5.  The Future According to Royce (tribute to Roye Albrighton); 6.  The Dream; 7.  Sonja (tribute to Sonja Kristina and Curved Air); 8.  Dreaming in Stereo Suite

Publicist:  ACR Management

Review:  We were so impressed with Perdomo’s last album, The Golden Hour, that we couldn’t wait for his next project.  His excellent work earned him a nomination for an LA Music Critic Award, as well as our respect.  On Out to Sea, he takes an entirely different musical approach, turning in an impeccable instrumental album in the Prog Rock style.  Perdomo played all the instruments on the album, with the exception of the drum track on “The Dream.”  That alone merits Perdomo respect, as well as the fact that this album simply rocks from start to finish.  It is perfect for a musical background for your end of day chill or your Friday night party.  If you enjoy the beauty and simplicity of great music, then this album is definitely for you.

Recommendation:  Don’t wait or hesitate – Get this album while you can.  It is a must for every serious audiophile.



Dan Rodriguez’ album 25 Years celebrates love and friendship

Music industry pro Michael Bland had this to say about Minneapolis-based indie artist Dan Rodriguez:

“I’ve been in this business a long time.  I recognize when somebody has something real.  Dan is a true talent, and seems to be ushering in a new wave of singer/songwriters around the Twin Cities.  I can honestly say I’m excited for the world to hear what he’s got to offer.” 

Fans of the Budweiser commercials have already heard one of his songs, “When You Come Home,” which was used in the very successful 2014 “Friends are Waiting” campaign.  Rodriguez included the single on his 2015 album Come on Home, which was his fourth career recording, which also launched the singles,  “Rum River” and “California.”  That led to successful tours with such indie stalwarts as The Civil Wars, Andy Grammer, Eric Hutchinson, NeedtoBreathe, Tyrone Wells, Haley Reinhart, John McLaughlin and Will Hoge, to name a few.

So, just who is this Dan Rodriguez?  He grew up in Detroit and moved to Minneapolis when he was 18 to pursue and study music.  He liked it so much he stayed because of the fans he was gathering, and the cold weather.  Along the way he got married, had a son, and helps in the family garden and the chicken coop when not touring, writing or recording.  He loves whiskey and beer (who doesn’t), fishing and hunting, motocycle riding and good food.

His latest effort, 25 Years, which was produced by the amazing John Fields, was just released last Friday.  Here’s what we think of the album.

The first thing that hits you is this amazingly smooth voice, so warm and comforting that you immediately accept everything he says at face value.  He has a style similar to that of Andy Grammer meets X Ambassadors, and a similar love story to Grammer’s that comes through the lyrics of the title track, which also leads off this musical journey.  It is the perfect anthem for Valentine’s Day and every other day.

He continues this wonderful romantic journey with the second track, “You Feel Like Home,” before the rock kicks in on the third track, “Fire.”  That song would do well on the radio, as well as make a great candidate for placement in film, television and commercials.  He returns to the truly romantic ballad with “You’re Not Anybody,” the fourth impressive track on the EP.

Track five, “Hero,” is breathtakingly beautiful, with unlimited possibilities for placement and highly deserving of radio airplay.  Rodriguez closes out this all-too-short EP with the instant classic, “Until the End,” which leaves us wanting more of this multi-talented indie artist.  The song has that same impact as Kenny Loggins’ hit, “Whenever I Call You Friend.”

If you want to know more, check out his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to his YouTube and Spotify channels.

Get it or forget it – I Think Like Midnight, Angel Forrest, Ashley Cleveland, Adan Jodorowsky, Ebb & Flow

Happy Tuesday – hope you’re all having a great day.  We’re back with another edition of Get it or Forget it, and another five artists for you to check out.  Let’s get started.

Artist Name I Think Like Midnight

Album NameThis Land is Your Mind

Label:  Quadrapuss Records

Genre:  Instrumental Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Daychord; 2.  Next Door Everywhere; 3.  Lozenge; 4.  Acolyte; 5.  Fierce Majesty; 6.  Tuned Mass Dumper; 7.  Shelter in Place; 8.  Riverwards; 9.  Postdrome; 10.  Miner Pocket Draft Gear

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  Finding a rock band that just plays instrumental music is very rare today, but could be very lucrative for the band.  Instrumental music is so much easier to place in television, film and commercial applications because it can be used anywhere without having to worry about lyrics getting in the way of the story or commercial message.  The quality of the music being created by I Think Like Midnight is first rate, making their music even that more desirable by music supervisors and advertising firms.  Besides the placement opportunities, their music is just plain great for background music for chilling, partying, and relaxation.  For that reason alone, we are very impressed with This Land is Your Mind and proud to add it to our musical library.

Recommendation:  This one is a must-have.  Get it now.

Artist NameAngel Forrest

Album NameElectric Love (Live)

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Blues

Track ListingDisc 1:  1.  All the Way; 2.  Spoil me Up; 3.  Piece of my Heart; 4.  Walkin’ Blues; 5.  House of the Rising Sun; 6.  How you Do; 7.  Move On; Disc 2:  1.  Goodbye; 2.  Roll on Down; 3.  Hold on Tight, Mr. I’m Alright; 4.  Crucify; 5.  Mother Tongue Blues; 6.  Turtle Blues; 7.  Me and Bobby McGee; 8.  Mama – Whole Lotta Love

Publicist:  ABIK Radio Promotions

Review:  We don’t know how you feel about live albums, but we love them, especially for artists we may be unable to check out in person.  This amazing live double album makes us feel like we’re sitting in a huge blues venue and catching the show of our lives.  Angel Forrest has a voice like Janis Joplin and is not afraid to wail.  Her band is dynamic, especially that blues guitar, and provides the perfect musical backdrop to that voice.   And we are not the only ones to think that, as this Canadian singer has won the “Female Vocalist of the Year” category of the Maple Blues Awards for the past five years.  Nowhere does it become more evident than on her cover of “Piece of my Heart.”  You can almost picture Ms. Joplin looking down and smiling that her mantle has been passed to another generation.  Forrest is also amazing on her other cover songs, especially
“House of the Rising Sun” and “Me and Bobby McGee,” as well as on her originals.  You cannot go wrong with this one.

Recommendation:  Don’t even think about it.  You simply MUST Get this one!

Artist NameAshley Cleveland

Album NameOne More Song

Label:  Koch/204 Records

Genre:  Blues/Americana/Gospel

Track Listing:  1.  Way out of no Way; 2.  Down by the Riverside; 3.  Crooked Heart; 4.  Lily Grown Wild; 5.  Take me to the Water; 6.  Cool Down by the Banks of Jordan; 7.  Halfway Down; 8.  To be Good; 9.  Ezekial 2; 10.  One More Song; 11.  Walk in Jerusalem; 12.  Born to Preach the Gospel

Publicist:  Modern Management/All the Buzz

Review:  Ashley Cleveland has been nominated for four Grammy awards and has taken home the prize three times.  Her gospel message is contained in multiple genres, and this time comes couched in a bluesy Americana style that highlights her voice, reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt.  This collection of original and public domain songs arranged by Cleveland is a worthy reflection of her career and makes this tenth career album very special.  She also adds a cover of Jim Lauderdale’s “Halfway Down,” and definitely knows how to pick the perfect musical accompaniment for her song, allowing her to  shine on each and every one.  We especially like “Way out of no Way,” “Lily Grown Wild,” “Cool Down by the Banks of Jordan,” “Halfway Down,” “Ezekial 2” (which she co-wrote with legendary guitarist Phil Keaggy, and “Walk in Jerusalem.”

Recommendation:  This one definitely deserves a place in your musical library.  Get it today!

Artist NameAdam Jodorowsky

Album NameEsencia Solar

Label:  Cosmica Records

Genre:  Alternative Latino

Track Listing:  1.  Mi Fe; 2.  Vivir con Valor (ft. Natalia LaFourcade); 3.  Color Cafe; 4.  Amor de da y Noche; 5.  Hasta la Aurora; 6.  Alion; 7.  Vagabondos de Otro Mundo (ft. Leon Larregui (Zoé)); 8.  Solo Falta lo Mejor; 9.  Todo lo mas Bello; 10.  Que Bello es Envejecor; 11.  El Cantor;; 12.  Noche del Alma; 13.  Abre tus Corozones; 14.  Yemanju

Publicist:  Locamotive

Review:  Chilean Adan Jodorowsky (Adanowsky) has released a new album and is currently touring the United States with his brand of alternative Latino music.  He has previously received critical acclaim from American radio, including NPR, and this new album should add to his appeal.  In addition, he has joined up with Natalia LaFourcade and Leon Larregui (Zoé) to further add to his legacy.  Although the music is sung in another language, the music is universal and can be felt in any language.  The feel of the music reminds us of the Gipsy Kings, another band that has a huge American following even though they do not sing in English.  In fact, this album is different enough to warrant a place in your musical library.  The smooth acoustical soundtrack and the amazing Latin percussion, along with Jodorowsky’s extraordinarily smooth voice should make this one an instant classic.  We especially love the Latin jazz feel of “Amor de da y Noche.”

Recommendation:  Give this one a chance.  We highly recommend you Get it and give it a special place in your musical library.

Artist NameEbb & Flow

Album NameEdge of the World

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Soul/Electro-Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Polaroids; 2.  +1; 3.  Dancing (on the Grave of my Dreams); 4.  Touchstone; 5.  Behind Enemy Lines; 6.  Silver Tongue; 7.  Fury; 8.  One Track Mind; 9.  Edge of the World

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  Ebb & Flow is an LA-based band, although its three members arrived from different corners of Europe.  Our first impression of the band was Pentatonix with musical accompaniment.  The harmonies are heavenly, and the musical backing brings out both distinct voices like a blue velvet backing highlights the Hope Diamond.  It is no surprise that this band was included in the recent Music Connection Magazine‘s annual list of the “Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists and Bands.”  DJs need to check out these tunes because they would make great dance tracks.  We love every song.  Ebb & Flow is easily becoming one of our brightest discoveries this year.  Don’t be surprised to see them do well in the next round of the LA Music Critic Awards.

Recommendation:  Drop whatever you’re doing and Get this one NOW!



Monday mashup 2018: vol. 6

Greeting from the frigid cold of Montana.  Our wonderful spring-like weather evaporated and a cold front set in, with some severe wind chill.  Good thing the music scene is hot.  Here’s the latest.


Author Heather Jacks, one of our panel members on the LA Music Critic Awards committee, is about to release her new memoir, My Headdress is on Fire.  She has previously released a couple of tabletop books, The Noise Beneath the Apple, and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  This one is about her time growing up on Indian land, and is a series of essays.  If you would like to be part of her Indiegogo pre-release campaign, just click here.


We had the privilege of reviewing the latest from Tracy Bonham, and were impressed.  She has recently signed with the ECR Music Group and they’re throwing a party in New York City on February 23.  We highly recommend you attend if you’re in the area.


We love to promote shows for indie artists, so make sure you send the press releases to us for inclusion in this weekly column.  Here’s what we have for this week.

San Diego native Sarah Rogo, who we reviewed back in November, is coming to Los Angeles tomorrow night and playing at Bar Lubitsch at 9 p.m.  If you’re in LA, you should definitely check her out.  She’s been nominated for the latest round of the San Diego Music Awards.

Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen from Alexandria, Virginia are heading west for a gig at Boulevard Music in Culver City, California on February 24 at 8 p.m.  Tickets are $20 and available online at the venue.


First up is the latest from LA Music Critic Award winner Kris Angelis, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  We simply love her new single, “A Billion Hearts,” and think you will too.  Let us know what you think.

Next up is a remake of the old Poco song, “Rose of Cimarron.”  This time is features former lead singer Rusty Young along with LA Music Critic Award winner Chelsea Williams, both artists on Blue Élan Records.  We love it – how about you?

Our final new single today is from Canyon City,  a LA Music Critic Awards nominee.  Check out “Shadows.”


First up today is the latest from rockers Harker for their single, “Plague Your Heart.”  This one should get your heart pumping.

Next up is the debut music video from Susie Q for her single, “Home.”  This one has a powerful message of peace.  Please check it out and share it with your friends.

Our final video today is a lyric video by Michele Vreeland for her single, “Wild Horse.”  We love this song and its message.  Please let us know what you think.

See you tomorrow with a new set of Get it or Forget it reviews.



Get it or forget it – diVA, Amyjo Doh and the Spangles, The Cravens, Camp Hope, The Cabin Fever

Well, we’re getting closer to the weekend, and we’re almost caught up with reviews.  We’ve already done 57 reviews this year and should be caught up by next Friday.  That will give us 87 reviews in 2018.  Wow – so much great music.  Here are today’s five artists for your consideration.

Artist NamediVA

Album Name Sol

Label:  Division Records

Genre:  Trip-hop

Track Listing:  1.  Mercure; 2.  Venue; 3.  Terre, 4.  Lune; 5.  Mars

Publicist:  Viral Propaganda PR

Review:  Swiss trip-hop trio diVA, composed of guitarist Pierre-Emmanuel Collin, vocalist Lisa-Marie Boux and Marc Sturniolo, have released Sol, the first half of a two part project dedicated to the planets.  What is most unique about this album is that absent the eerie and discordant trip-hop soundtrack, there lies underneath a beautiful song featuring the voice of Boux, with lyrics specifically written about the planet in the title of the song.  The lyrics are full of beautiful metaphors, sometimes dark but always rich, that make the songs interesting.  This is not music for casual listening or to provide background.  This music requires active listening to grasp what the creators have envisioned in their project.  Make sure you listen to this one when you can dedicate your ears and mind to the content.

Recommendation:  Strange but inviting, give this one a chance.

Artist NameAmyjo Doh and the Spangles

Album NameCalle de the Spangles

Label:  Sweepland Records

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:   1.  Paranoid Sun; 2.  You Wouldn’t; 3.  Two Night Stand; 4.  Gin de Semana; 5.  Pirates; 6.  I Love You; 7.  Shake It!; 8.  Who, What, When, Where, Why; 9.  Sorry; 10.  Rainbow Chord; 11.  Coracao

Publicist:  Sweepland Records

Review:  This Madrid-based band could give lessons to some American bands on how to be a genre-bending band that impresses in every one.  The album starts off like a good old fashioned rock album, morphs into Americana/Rockabilly on the third track, and then back to rock and roll on the fourth track.  On “Pirates,” they again change gears to Celtic punk with a song that could as easily have come from the likes of Flogging Molly.  “I Love You” is a sweet folky love song.  “Shake It” is a rocking tune in the style of the B-52’s, while “Who, What, When, Where, Why” is like a throwback to the 60’s beach tune melodies like Dick Dale and would have fit perfectly in the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction.   They continue in that vein on “Sorry.”  They slow things down to an indie rock rhythm on “Rainbow Chord” before closing out with the rocky punk Spanglish sound of “Coracao.”

Recommendation:  Definitely Get this one.  It’s an amazing debut.

Artist NameThe Cravens

Album NameOn the Line

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Highway; 2.  Road to Reason; 3.  Stay Standing; 4.  Endless Heart; 5.  Hard Times; 6.  Blood Flows; 7.  Message; 8.  What Would you Say?

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  The Cravens are our new favorite Indie Rock band.  They have a radio ready sound that deserves airplay, as well as serious consideration by Music Supervisors everywhere for placement in television and film.  “Highway” gets the party started with awesome guitar riffs and a smart sound with intelligent lyrics.  That incredible groove continues with “Road to Reason,” before shifting to a slower ballad style on “Endless Heart.”  “Hard Times” has a distinct southern rock edge and is definitely one of our favorite tracks.  “Blood Flows” is an old fashioned blues rocker, while “Message” is an acoustic gem that brings back memories of the Allman Brothers Band.  They close out the album with another ballad that leaves the listener with a powerful question – “What Would You Say?”

Recommendation:  This one definitely deserves a place in your musical library.  Get it and you’ll see.

Artist NameCamp Hope

Album NameMichael

Label:  InVogue Records

Genre:   Hip-hop

Track Listing:  1.  Exist (Freestyle); 2.  Ready to Fall; 3.  Home to Myself; 4.  Your Love is Musical; 5.  Forever Stay; 6.  Lover’s Death; 7.  Ordinary Home; 8.  Feed my Soul; 9.  Take you There; 10.  Outrage Freestyle; 11.  Te Casarias Conmigo; 12.  Don’t Crash Yet

Publicist:  Earshot Media

Review:  The album starts off with a freestyle rap about existing in the world today, very reminiscent of Toby Mac.  In fact, DC Talk is listed as one of the songwriter’s influences, and the influence is strong in this album.  These are songs with a purpose, and this band has something to say, so listen up, yo.  Cam Smith of Hotel Books, Jonathan Sherer and Nick Ingram combine to create not just a wonderful musical album, but also a social statement that needs to be heard.  These songs belong on the radio, not just because they are great music but because the world needs to hear these words.  Every song is powerful – put this one on repeat because you’re going to want to hear this positive message over and over.

Recommendation:  Don’t waste another moment – Get this one today!

Artist NameThe Cabin Fever

Album Name Exercise the Demon

Label:  self-released

Genre:  Alternative

Track Listing:  1.  B-L-S-H; 2.  Simon Says; 3.  Trucrime; 4.  His People; 5.  Exercise the Demon; 6.  Tony’s Song (bonus track)

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  This one was a surprise.  Considering this band dresses in animal heads for their live performances, we were unprepared for the incredible indie rock sound of their music.  They have been compared to groups like Jesus and Mary Chain and Sonic Youth, and we think those comparisons are spot on.  These songs would sound great on alternative radio, and would make good placement choices for television and film.  We especially love the strings on “B-L-S-H.” which by the way is the shortcut for “Buy Low, Sell High.”  Every song delivers, and we think this band has a strong and successful future ahead.

Recommendation:  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Get this one now.