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Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 39

And we’re on tour.  Spent the night with our client Jerad Finck in his amazing hilltop home overlooking Spokane.  His first show is tonight at Darrell’s Tavern in the Shoreline area of Seattle.  He is sharing the stage with another LA Music Critic Award winner, Polly O’Keary & the Rhythm Method.  This is gonna be fun.  As such, we will be posting sporadically here for the next two weeks.  We will be posting a daily tour blog on Finck’s Facebook page every day, including our thoughts about the entire tour process.  In the meantime, here’s our Monday Mashup to get  your new week off to a great musical start.


Liz Kennedy released her latest album, Hike Up Your Socks,  featuring legendary bluesman Taj Mahal on harmonica on “Love Gave Me Away” as well as vocals and banjo on “Everyone Knows How It Goes” on September 15.  Watch for our review soon.


Our first new single this week comes from Matt Zambon.  Check out “Blue & Yellow” and let us know what you think.

Just had to share this amazing electronic pop single from the band Elektrisk Gønner for their single “Money.”  Love the beat and especially the soaring vocals.  Let us know what you think.

Our last new single comes from Sara Diamond.  She has a voice like Beyonce’ and great songwriting to boot.  Check out “Stay a Little.”


Our first video today is from John Hickman, who has released a fun animated video for his song “Cascade.”  This should get your new week off to a fun start.

Next up is a new video from Lexie Rose, who we featured back in July.  We think  you’ll love her video for “Wrong,” which we feel is just right.

Last but not least this week is some old fashioned bluegrass, courtesy of Bernie Faulkner with his rousing song, “Potbelly Stove.  This one sure brings back memories of my childhood.  We think you’ll like it too.

Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 38

Happy Native American Day fka Columbus Day.  Just got back last night from an incredible three days in Denver for the Durango Songwriters Expo.  What a wonderful time of reconnecting with old friends like Warren Sellers, Steve Garvan, Bobby Rymer, Richard Harris, Jim Attebery, Vince West, Jill Sobule and Scott Krippayne and meeting wonderful new friends like Elise Wunder, hit songwriter Chris Lindsley, budding superstars and twins Carly and Martina, Chloe Tang and others.  Got to  be a part of Steve’s DIY panel, as well as attend some amazing showcases, listening sessions and panels.  Watch for my review this week.


Congratulations to Tim Moyer and the Temecula Valley Music Awards for another successful year.  We also congratulate all the winners which were announced over the weekend.  Here is a list of the winners:

Best Blues Out of Town – Sarah Rogo
Best Country – America’s Kountry
Best Cover Band – Endeavor
Best Jazz – David Maldonado 
Best Pop OOT – Dree Mon
Best R&B/Soul – Shea
Best Rock – Midnight Satellites
Best Rock OOT – The Crooked Stones
Best Singer/Songwriter OOT – Savannah Philyaw
Best Singer/Songwriter- Dulaney and Company
Best Youth Cover – Makayla Phillips
Best Youth Original – Minor Strut
People’s Choice – Minor Strut
Artist of The Year – Ben Allen


We wanted to spotlight some new singles from performers we saw at Durango this weekend.  First up is Marion, who has an amazing new EDM single, “Electric Gold.”  If this one doesn’t get you up and dancing, then you need to wake up.

Next up is Gracie Day, whose new single is already getting rave reviews.  Check out “I Don’t Want Whiskey.”  The song starts at about 1:35.

Our third single is “Home” from Rachel Price.  She is an amazing singer songwriter that definitely has a huge future in music.  Check out this live recording from her performance at The Mint in Los Angeles.


First up today is a favorite of this blog, and many of you in addition.  Katie Costello is becoming the queen of DIY and is an extremely gifted artist.  Check out her video for her latest “Hearts on Fire.”

Next up is a lyric video from amazing UK artist Hannah Trigwell.  She has joined up with Captive on her song, “I Could be the One.”  This is another one that will make you want to get up and dance.

Last but not least this week is a live video from another of this blog’s favorite acts, Calico the Band.  Check out “The Leaving Kind.”


Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 37

Took a couple of days off from writing to spend some time with my family.  Went with Dad and my brother up to the OKC suburb of Midwest City to visit my sister-in-law, her folks, and my niece and nephew.  Ate way too much food and needed Sunday to recuperate.  Ready for a new week that will be special with the Durango Songwriters Expo in Wellington, Colorado this weekend after my final three days of enjoyment with my family.


Two weeks ago we debuted the new music video by Kelly McGrath.  This past Thursday, that video debuted on CMT, which McGrath celebrated with a screening and concert at The Family Wash in Nashville, where she was joined by her entire management team.  Congratulations to McGrath on this special occasion.  We hope to see her at #1 in no time on CMT.


Take a listen to “This Could Mean the End,” the latest from Australian Lachlan Vines.  It has a smooth vibe that makes the poignant lyrics a little easier to take.  Please let us know what you think.

Our next single also comes from Australia.  Please welcome Bluebird to North America, with stunning song, “Invincible.”  We are very impressed with these guys, especially the lead vocals.   We think this band will take flight soon, so check them out now and get on board before they become a household name.

Our last single for today is another dynamic female named Priest, who has released her first single, “White Wing Dove” from her forthcoming EP.  Her sound is very reminiscent of Mandi Perkins and of Verona, and we are very excited to share her with you.  Enjoy this morsel.


Because it’s the first Monday in October, we are giving you a double-feature for our first new music video.  Check out the lyric video and official video for “Butterflies” by Beckett.  The song features the vocals of Claire Ridgley.  The song truly makes us feel upbeat and happy for the new week, and definitely puts us in the proper frame of mind.  Let us know what you think.

Moving over to the other side, here’s a new video from Lyod that has a very soothing and smooth male vocal to balance out your day.  Check out “Run Away” and let us know what you think.

Last but not least this week, here’s the latest from The Voice alum Jacquie Lee.  Her soaring vocals and stunning visuals should get your week off to a fine start.  We’ll be back soon with more Get it or Forget it and a stunning interview with the one and only Robert Earl Keen.

Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 36

Happy Monday.  Looking forward to my trip to Oklahoma tomorrow to visit with family.  I will have my laptop with me, so I’ll still be writing articles while I’m there.  Still have about 13 more albums to review for the month of September, so prepare to be wowed by these impressive indie artists.


We first learned about Rachel Arianna when she was nine years old, and released a song that truly touched our heart, “Walking Away With Your Heart.”  Well, four years have passed and Arianna, now 13, has released her new video for “Imperfect” which was spotlighted in the Huffington Post on Friday.  We are so proud of the stand this young lady is making, and we believe she will be making music for a long time to come.  This video brought us to tears.


Long-time booker Jay Tinsky, like so many of us, was impacted by the tragic events of Hurricane Harvey.  He reached out to some of the myriad of artists that have played his venues, and set up several benefit shows at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles and Dante’s in Portland.  He still has one show left on September 26, if  you missed the first one on September 17.  Multiple LA Music Critic Award winner Shannon Hurley was one of the artists who played that first show.  Not only did she donate her talents to the benefit, she also wrote a song and made a lyric video of the song, “Love Wins.”  Thank you to all who performed and especially to Tinsky for organizing the events.


If you’re like us, you need something dreamy to get your week off to a good start.  If that’s the case, check out the new single from Nightshifts, “All Along.”  We think it might give you the chill needed to get through your Monday.

Now that you’ve been chilled, here’s something upbeat and electronic to jump start your day.  We really love the sound of this single, and hope you will too.  Here’s “Drive” by Lael.

Our final single today should guarantee a good musical day, with its upbeat groove, impeccable vocals and overall musical excellence.  Check out “Ayo” by Isac Elliot.


Our first video today comes from one of our favorite publicists, Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR.  It is from the group Pet Fangs, and is their first video,  “Gold Coast Dreaming.”  We think it’s another winner for the reining queen of indie promo.

Next up is the new single from Emma Cairo which we reviewed last week.  Here is her video for “L.A.,” one of the best songs on her new album.  We think you’re gonna love it as well.

Last but not least this week is the latest from indie pop icon and multiple LA Music Critic Award winner Katie Costello, who has consistently delivered some of the best videos in the world.  Here’s her song, “Hearts on Fire,” from her current album, New World.  Turn this one up!





Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 35

Well, we survived a fire in the apartment two doors down yesterday that totally destroyed it and caused damage to two other apartments.  Mucho thanks to the Fire Department for getting it out and limiting the damage.

Planning on heading down to Oklahoma next week to see my brother who just returned from a year in Iraq.  Looking forward to the beautiful trip through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas on my way to Lawton, Oklahoma.  When I get back I’ll be heading out on tour with Jerad Finck for three weeks.  Our first show is October 16 in Shoreline, Washington, where we will share the stage with Polly O’Keary & the Rhythm Method, winners of the Best Blues Band from the LA Music Critic Awards for the first half of 2017.  We currently have shows scheduled in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Murrieta, San Diego and Missoula, and hope to add a few more along the way.


Fresh off the release of her new video for “All That I Want,” Nashville’s own Kelly McGrath has signed with U Management and will be embarking on a tour of UK and Europe during October and November.  For more details, subscribe to her email list by visiting her Facebook page to sign up.  She’s doing a music video release/farewell show in Nashville on September 28 at The Family Wash.  Don’t miss your chance to see her before she leaves on tour.


Here’s the latest single, “Secret Crush,” from Bay Area electropop band PARENTZ.  It has a great vibe that’s perfect for your Monday morning.  Please let us know what you think.

Speaking of great vibes, check out “Right Now,” the stunning new single from Becca Richardson.  We simply love her voice and this single, and can’t wait until she releases her album.  We’ll be reviewing it for sure.

For something totally different, check out “Final Step” from Jason Crosby.  It has a very strong Grateful Dead vibe that should strike a chord with those who love classic rock ballads.


Our first new video this week continues in the mellow vein of the preceding artist.  Brandon  Bonine brings us a simple request:  “Remember my Name.”  We love the guitar and the sentiment.  This is his debut single – please let us know what you think.

Mellow seems to be the mood of the day.  Please check out the deep bass vocals of The New Faith in their video for “Fritter Away.”  The musical accompaniment is amazing and the videography is superb.  What do you think?

We close out this week with the first official video from Boomerang, the new album from Blue Élan artist Chelsea Williams.  This one is guaranteed to get your Monday off to a great start.  Please enjoy “Lonely Girl,” an Americana instant classic!


Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 34

Good morning, world.  As we reach the 16th anniversary of 9/11, may we all stop to reflect on how our world has changed since that fateful day.  I was preparing to spend the day with my friends from SHeDAISY at a concert they were having in California when I was told by my ex-wife to turn on the TV.  Just as the picture came into focus, I watched in horror as the second plane hit the towers, and then was glued to my set like most of us the remainder of the day.  Alan Jackson summed it up best when he sang, “Where were you when the world stopped turning?”

It was music that helped us recover, and it is music that keeps us going forward.  That is why this blog exists, and why we scour the world to find music that speaks to us.  Make sure you thank those that bring us hope and peace through their music.


Australian American Gayle “Giraffe” Davidson has announced the formation of a new service for indie musicians.  Zoo Music Services provides “the basics of a manager, a booking agent, a publicist, and an assistant.  In a music world that no longer requires a label, artist services are more important than ever.   From the simple to the heavy lifting, Zoo Music is your most efficient and cost effective solution,” explains Davidson.  She has offices in Nashville, London and Los Angeles.  Check out her new service here.


The Festival, which highlights the artists currently working with Wixen Music Publishing, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24 from 4 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. each day in the Smothers Theatre on the campus of Pepperdine University in Malibu.  Tickets are $50 each day and can be obtained by calling (310) 506-4522 or visiting

Saturday features an Alternative Voices-focused line-up of alternative rock band Wildling, International Folk Music Awards Artist of the Year Parker Millsap, influential acoustic guitarist Jonathan Richman, and multi-instrumentalist and whistler Andrew Bird.
Sunday features an Americana Voices-focused line-up of wicked country lyricist Mike Stinson, the genre-bending dark folk storyteller The White Buffalo, Nashville country music outlaw Elizabeth Cook, and singular Grammy-winning songwriter Lucinda Williams.
First up today is a new duo called Freedom Baby, which combine elements of orchestral music with electronica and the sweet voice of Brianna to bring us “melancholy tunes to soothe your souls.”  Let us know what you think.


NONA brings us “Father’s Day,” and we like it.  It has a great beat and heartfelt lyrics.  Let us know what you think.


Our final single today comes to us from one of our favorite bands of this year, FlecHaus.  Check out their fourth single, “Lie to Me,” from their upcoming album.  This should definitely put a skip in your step today.


We think you will simply love this innovative video from The Flatliners for their single “Indoors.”  And the song’s not bad either 🙂

For those of you who love the more soulful sounds, check out Matt Allen‘s “Last Time.”  It has a great groove that is much better than the video.

Last but not least today is the latest video from our friend and one of country music’s rising stars, Kelly McGrath.  Her last video met with much success, grabbing the #1 slot on CMT, and we have no reason to doubt that this new video will do just as well.  Here’s Kelly with “All That I Want,” courtesy of Vevo.


Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 33

Happy Labor Day – may the Fourth be with you!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday weekend and are ready for some new music and videos from the indie music community.


Most of you who are familiar with the indie music community either know of or personally know Shannon Hurley.  Not only is she an amazing solo artist, but she is half of the award-winning duo Lovers & Poets, as well as a DIY wizard.  She has collaborated with countless DJs who have turned her songs into dance hits, and is a budding actress.  What you probably don’t know is that with her numerous hours of downtown while on set, she has recently begun “doodling,” creating some amazing art.  We strongly encourage you to check out her new art page on Facebook and support this amazing multi-talented indie artist.


If you happen to be in Los Angeles, we recommend you check out Robbery Inc.‘s performance at The Viper Room on September 14.  Here’s their latest single, “Honebee,” to whet your appetite.  The band is fronted by former Trapt guitarist Robb Torres.


We love sharing new music with our readers, and we have a few great new singles to share today.  Artists and publicists – please make sure you let us know when you have new music out – we’d be happy to share!

Here’s the latest single, “Go Home,” from David Garfield.  It has such a sweet sound featuring strong saxophone and guitar, great upbeat rhythm, awesome background vocals near the end and a catchy melody throughout.  Please let us know what you think.  We have always loved jazz and simply adore this song.  Thanks to Doug Deutsch Publicity Services for sharing it with us.

Here’s the title track from the forthcoming album Anthropocene from genre-defying artist Peter Oren.  Please let us know what  you think.

Like your music a little rockier?  Check out “Way Too Much” from Smash Boom Pow.


We love this creative video from newcomers The Phase for their single “Can’t Get It.”  If you love the beach, this one just might make you miss it a little.  Definitely check these guys out.

If horses and beautiful cinematography are your thing, you will probably love this video by Erin Durant for her single “Old Soul.”

Last but not least today is the video for “Midnight Flight” by Canyon City, the new single from their forthcoming release, Constellation, which we will be reviewing in the not too distant future.  Thanks to Red Boot PR for bringing us another outstanding indie artist.


Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 32

Welcome to another week of indie music.  As we mentioned on Saturday, we attended the River City Roots Festival in Missoula.  Saturday’s line-up was impressive, and featured the guilty pleasure of The Whizpops, followed by the soulful roots of songwriter Malcolm Holcombe, the impressive showmanship of The Ghost of Paul Revere, the roots rock tunes of The Band of Heathens and the awesomeness of one of blues finest guitarists, Anders Osborne, as headliner.  We also got to see more blues with Mudslide Charley at the Top Hat following the close of the Festival.  Watch for the reviews coming soon.


Lots of great music coming down the pike from indie artists, including Jerad Finck, the winner of the 2016 grand prize in the USA Songwriting Competition, who will be heading out for a west coast tour next month.  He is planning to visit Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Montana before closing out the tour in his native Spokane.  Watch his official Facebook page for more tour info.  Other artists touring in those areas include several from the Roots Fest: The Ghost of Paul Revere, The Band of Heathens and Anders Osborne, who will also be playing with Bonnie Raitt.


Earshot Media has announced that 100% of the proceeds from tickets sold on August 31 will be donated the Oxfam America, a charity that seeks to end poverty.  You can purchase your tickets here.

Music Tastes Good passes start at $75 per day, passes for the new “Taste Tent” experience start at $150, and VIP passes start at $225. The event, to be headlined by Ween and Sleater-Kinney, with appearances by RIDE, Charles Bradley and his Extraordinares, ALVVAYS, Bomba Estereo, Los Lobos, of Montreal and many more, is scheduled to take place September 30 and October 1 at Marina Green Park in downtown Long Beach, California.


Some impressive new singles are being released, including these three we want to feature today:

If you like your music rocky, check out the latest single, “Get up and Go” from Love and a .38.  The full song is available on iTunes.  Just click the link to preview and purchase.

Get up and Go

If ballads are more your thing,  you will love the latest single, “Dragonflies,” from Sweden’s Elin K.  She will be performing at the Youbloom Festival in Los Angeles on September 21.

Last but not least, here’s the new single, “Rio,” from surf-punk rockers, Knifey.  It’s got the energy most of us need to kick-start our new week.  We think you’ll love it.


We are happy to welcome back Straw to our Monday Mashup with their latest single, “1965.”  This family keeps the blues alive with their impressive sound, well written songs and spectacular videos.  Hurry up and come tour America.

Here’s a very interesting lyric video from Superet for their new single “Who is This Guy.”  We think it’s the perfect song for your Manic Monday.

We have long been fans of the Americana duo honeyhoney.  Recently, Suzanne Santo released her first solo album and single, which we reviewed last week.  We think you will also love the music video for “Ghost in my Bed.”


Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 31

Happy Eclipse Day!  We hope you have a safe viewing and enjoy this historical day across the country.  We have spent the past three days enjoying music across Montana, with the Redhead Express at the Music Ranch Montana in Livingston, and the Flathead Lake Blues Festival in Polson.  Watch for the reviews coming shortly.


We are getting down to the end of Festival season.  Here in Missoula, we close out with the 12th Annual River City Roots Festival this weekend, August 25-26.  This year’s show will feature local artists The Whizpops and Rotgun Whines, as well as national acts Taj Weekes & Adowa, Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band, Malcolm Holcombe, The Ghost of Paul Revere, The Band of Heathens and Anders Osborne.  The Festival kicks off at noon both days with family friendly music before moving to the adult fare at 2:30 p.m. each day.  The event is free and sponsored by the Missoula Downtown Association as a welcome back to the students of the University of Montana.  Go Griz!


The Khourys, composed of sisters Guila and Jahnna, recently returned from Los Angeles and are set to release their debut EP, Good Stuff, with a sold-out concert at their Massachusetts hometown venue, Narrows Center for the Arts.  We can hardly wait to review this EP.


It’s been another busy week in indie music.  Among the singles recently released are these promising tunes:

For more info, check her out here.

For more info, check them out here.

For more info, check them out here.


Lynn is an amazing young artist.  Her latest music video was remixed by Yoad Nevo, who has made a name working with mainstream artists like Sia and Moby.  We think you’ll love this video as we say goodbye to summer.  Pop it on whenever you really need a good dose of summer’s warmth.

Rosi Golan has been making waves on the indie music scene lately with the release of her EP, Collecting Bullets, which we recently reviewed.  Check out the BalconyTV video of her live performance in Nashville for her single, “Underneath.”  Can’t wait to check her out live.

Jacqui, an alum of The Voice, recently released her music video for “Am I the Only One.”  She has returned to her indie roots, and we are so proud of her.  We simply love this song, and the video is hot.  Let us know what you think.

Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 30

Happy Monday.  We survived the Western Montana Fair, and enjoyed some nice performances from Seattle’s Miller Campbell and other local bands.  This week we’re headed to Livingston to see our friends Redhead Express  at Music Ranch Montana, as well as to Polson for the Women of the Blues salute at the Flathead Lake Blues Festival featuring LA Music Critic Award winner for Best Blues Band, Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method.  Should be a great week.


Seems like you can teach an old dog new tricks, at least in the case of veteran performer Frank Shiner.  A recent convert to Spotify, Shiner’s music has been blowing up lately, with nearly 25,000 streams of his latest single “Drink You Away” in just the past two weeks.  Shiner is averaging more than 22,000 streams a month.  Check him out on Spotify.

Nashville’s Risa Binder is another indie artist who is blowing up on the charts.  She recently reached #77 on the Music Row Chart with her current single “You Haul.”  Check out the video for the song.


Check out this new single, “Money on it” by together PANGEA, from their new album Bulls and Roosters which will be released on August 25 on Nettwerk Records.  We think you’ll like it.

Like the haunting sounds of artists like Tori Amos and Enya?  Check out the latest single from Hannah Park, “Not Like You.”  Please let us know what you think.


We mentioned we were going to see Redhead Express this week.  They have recently released a new music video as an entry into Ryan Seacrest’s “Best Cover Ever” contest.  It is a cover of “I Got You” by pop artist Bebe Rexha, and we think you will love it.

Blue Élan artist Chelsea Williams has released a live studio video of her new single, “Anything Worth Saving,” from her recently released album Boomerang.  Please let us know what you think.

Last but not least this week is the first Christian music video from Spokane native Chris Chilton, co-written and produced by another Spokane indie legend, Jerad Finck.  Please check out the lyric video for “Adonai,” an amazing song of worship for today.