Get it or forget it – Carrie Lane, Echo Underground, Breaking Grass

We discovered a few more June releases that were submitted recently, so we thought we’d get them reviewed before we announced the LA Music Critic Award nominations for the first half of 2017 on Tuesday.  We think you’ll like this eclectic group of indie musicians.

Artist NameCarrie Lane

Album NameCalifornia Freaks

Label:  FACTION Entertainment

Genre:  Indie Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Florida Keys; 2.  Drowning; 3.  If I Can’t be with You; 4.  Think About It 

Publicist:  Total Assault

Review:  We discovered Carrie Lane when she was featured by Balcony TV, and we instantly took a liking to this young indie artist.  Now that her latest EP has been released, we have even more to love.  She has a sweet sound and a voice that rises above the music to connect with our auditory senses.  The four-song EP is simply too short, and we can’t wait until she releases a full length album.  This is the kind of music that deserves to be on the radio instead of the usual drivel.  Her songs are thoughtful while at the same time fun to listen and dance to.  We think that she’s gonna be on the music scene for quite a while.  Our favorite track is the one we heard on Balcony TV, “If I Can’t be with You.”

Recommendation:  We highly recommend you grab this one while you still can.  Stream it on Spotify and then purchase it from iTunes.

Artist NameEcho Underground

Album NameVows

Label:  Self released

Genre:  Indie Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Have a Little Faith in Love; 2.  Let it Linger; 3.  Fell for You; 4.  Vows; 5.  Find you Again 

Publicist:  None

Review:  Echo Underground is a side project of one of LA’s best rock bands, Sleep Machine.  Composed of vocalist Alisha Zalkin and guitarist/bassist Dan Kalisher, the project is named after Kalisher’s recording studio.  The EP is an acoustic throwback to the music that brought them together, and led to their recent marriage.  It is smartly written, with amazing guitar riffs and perfect harmonies between Zalkin and Kalisher.  It is the ultimate tribute to the power of love, and we adore them for sharing it with us.  Zalkin shines on the first track, while Kalisher shows his stuff on the third track.  It is a wonderful EP to listen to on repeat.

Recommendation: Get it now!  This one is a true keeper and will become one of your most treasured musical memories.

Artist NameBreaking Grass

Album NameWarning Signs

Label:  Mountain Fever Records

Genre:  Bluegrass

Track Listing:  1.  Cold Rain; 2.  Stay; 3.  Nobody Knows; 4.  Sweet Ava; 5.  Warning Signs; 6.  House of Cards; 7.  The One She Adored; 8.  Short Shorts; 9.  Annie; 10.  Taking and Giving; 11.  Waking up with You; 12.  Faith Moved a Mountain 

Publicist:  East Public Relations

Review:  Not since Nickel Creek have we been this excited about a harmony singing bluegrass band.  The young men who make up Breaking Grass include Cody Farrar on guitar and vocals; Britt Sheffield on bass and vocals; Jody Elmore on banjo and vocals; Zach Wooten on mandolin and Tyler White on fiddle.  They are making bluegrass music cool again.  I grew up in Southern Virginia, where I was surrounded by some of the bluegrass greats like Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, The Osborne Brothers and Roy Clark, and Breaking Grass belongs in the same class as these legends.  Their music is an homage to the grand history of bluegrass with a modern twist, and deserve all the accolades that will surely be given their music and talents.  The harmonies are pitch perfect, and the soothing sounds of the fiddle, banjo and mandolin create the perfect musical background for life.  Favorite tracks include “Nobody Knows,” “Sweet Ava,” the title track, “House of Cards,” “The One She Adored,” and “Annie.”

Recommendation:  If you love great music, then this is a no brainer – Definitely Get It!