Get it or forget it: Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine, 9 Mile Roots, Midnight Vesta

Here’s another batch of indie music for your Saturday, with still more to come over the next two weeks.  Enjoy this batch of reviews and chime in with your opinion as well.  Have a wonderful day!

Artist NameDan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine

Album Name:  Self-titled

Label:  Humphry Records

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Haunted Houses of the Hollywood Hills; 2.  Problems Inherent within Global Capitalism; 3.  Rosaline wins; 4.  England’s so Ugly; 5.  Anhedonia; 6.  Your Facebook Feed is not the World; 7.  Broken by Love; 8.  Light in Your Darkness; 9.  The Nazarene Rifle Association; 10.  Why I Don’t do Covers; 11.  Death Rattles; 12.  Easterly

Publicist:  Neon Tetra

Review:  Woody Guthrie marked the back of his guitar with the words, “This machine kills fascists.”  In the same manner, Dan O’Farrell and his band are using their music to make social commentary.   Just a glance at the song titles, and you can see that the album covers a gamut of social issues, including Hollywood and media, capitalism, Facebook and the NRA.  Using a myriad of musical styles, and O’Farrell’s wit and humor, the album brings attention to some of the issues facing our daily life without being heavy-handed and overly critical.  It is an album that requires you to pay attention to the lyrics and message, couched in exquisite musical accompaniment that, like a spoonful of sugar, “makes the medicine go down.”

Recommendation:  If you believe in the power of music to make change in our world, then you should definitely check out this collection.

Artist Name9 Mile Roots

Album NameReEvolve

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Suburban Roots Reggae

Track Listing:     1.  Feel; 2.  Drifting; 3.  Bad Blood; 4.  On the Floor; 5.  The Battle; 6.  On the Wire; 7.  Premonition; 8.  Paper; 9.  Sun; 10.  Stand; 11.  Hands Back Up; 12.  Volcano

Publicist:  Montauk Music

Review:  This band mixes hip-hop, rock and reggae to form their own genre, which they have dubbed “suburban roots reggae,” and it’s HOT!  Their horns contribute a dynamic that sets them apart, while the groove will definitely get your attention.  This is a party record that would go well with a gathering of your favorite friends and some liquid refreshment.  From the first notes of “Feel,” the listener can immediately sense that they are in for a treat, and 9 Mile Roots does not disappoint.  Just a casual listen and it becomes immediately clear why this band is receiving rave reviews of their music – they simply rock!  We can’t say enough about the quality of every song on this album, but truly connected with “Feel,” “Drifting,” “On the Floor,” “The Battle,” “Premonition,” and “Stand.”

Recommendation:  This album makes you feel like every day is 4-20.  It’s great vibe and overall musical groove make it a must have, so go Get it.

Artist NameMidnight Vesta

Album NameSecond Chances

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Southern Folk Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Someone to Call my Own; 2.  Take me Back; 3.  Old Boy; 4.  Moving Day; 5.  Second Chances; 6.  Annie; 7.  On the Water; 8.  Cut From the Cloth; 9.  The Only Other Person in the Room 

Publicist:  Auteur Research

Review:  Toronto-based Midnight Vesta breathe new life into the tired folk rock scene with their second album, “Second Chances.”  While the music contains some of the typical folk sound, it also has a driving southern rock groove that provides the perfect foundation for incredible harmonies and storytelling lyrics that make this the type of album you can listen to over and over again.  The album starts off strong with “Someone to Call my Own” and never lets up, with each track even more appealing than the previous one.  These guys deserve serious American radio airplay and a coast to coast headlining tour.  Give them a listen and we think you’ll be hooked as well.

Recommendation:  Oh Canada – thank you for the bountiful gift you have given the world in Midnight Vesta.  This album is a must-have for every true lover of music.  Get it while you still can.