Get it or Forget it: Debbie Hennessey, No Nets, Rae Fitzgerald

Welcome back for our third installment of the Get it or Forget it series.  This week we will feature two more artists courtesy of Noisy Ghost PR and one artist who does it all herself.  So sit back, settle in and check us out as we help you decide where to spend your hard-earned entertainment dollars.


Artist NameDebbie Hennessey

Album NameNo Longer Broken

Label:  none

Genre:  Country Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Every Song is You; 2.  Whiskey Charm; 3.  No Longer Broken; 4.  Sugar and Rain; 5.  You Can’t Unpull a Trigger; 6.  Let me Go; 7.  Right for Right Now; 8.  I’m Leaving the Fairytale Behind; 9.  Woman

 Publicist:  none

Review:  Debbie Hennessey has been a force in indie music DIY circles for many years.  On her latest offering, she co-writes with such other notable indie writers as Courtney Leigh Heines and Athena Marie, crafting an intensely listenable album of country tinged rock.  The album is perfectly produced and mixed by Jeffery Marshall, who also co-writes six of the tunes.  But what truly sets these songs apart from the majority of country music today is the voice of Hennessey, entirely different from any other female voice you will hear.  It is this difference that provides Hennessey’s signature and makes her music unique.

As far as the songs, the lyrics are definitely relatable and should connect with listeners who are struggling with the same issues as the songwriters.  Best tracks on the album are “Every Song is You,” the title track, “Sugar and Rain” and “Right for Right Now.”  The other stand out song is the one tune not written by Hennessey, the brilliant duet with singer songwriter Lexie Hofer, “Woman.”

Recommendation:  This one is a no-brainer.  Between the lyrical content and the musical accompaniment, and a voice that stands out from the pack, No Longer Broken is a definite Get It for lovers of great music.


Artist Name No Nets

Album NameBright Light

Label:  none

Genre:  90’s Punk-tinged Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Dark Matter;  2.  Heavily On My Side;  3.  Black Diamond; 4.  Holes; 5.  Morning; 6.  Bright Light; 7.  Lucky One; 8.  Gettin’ Despondent; 9.  Gilded Cage.

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  With a sound reminiscent of the 90’s band The Cure, No Nets springs forth from the Brooklyn stomping grounds with an intriguing mix that is set for release on October 21.  Even though the album has not yet been released, the band has been busy with launching its first single “Dark Matter,” as well as a lyric video for “Heavily on my Side.”

The vocals are not pretty, but you wouldn’t expect that from a punk band.  What stands out on this album is the frentic energy that permeates each track with a sound that grabs hold of your earbuds and demands your attention.  This is an album that will get your body moving to the beat while the subtle message permeates your brain.  For that reason alone, Bright Light achieves its mission to stand out from the rest of the indie rock pack.  Best tracks include “Dark Matter,” “Holes,”  the title track and “Lucky One.”

Recommendation:  If you like the pretty voices of singer-songwriters, this is not the CD for you.  But if you enjoy indie rock and are more interested in the musicality of good punk-tinged rock, then you should definitely Get It.


Artist NameRae Fitzgerald

Album NamePopular Songs for Wholesome Families

Label:  none

Genre:  Indie blues-tinged rock

Track Listing:  1.  Earth, Everything; 2.  Jackal ii; 3.  Copper & Genesis; 4.  Your Side of the Mountain; 5.  False Moon; 6.  Dark Man; 7.  Lost in Ukrainian Village; 8.  Magic Town; 9.  Medicine Cart; 10.  Tower; 11.  Jackal 

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  Deep in the heart of Alabama is a special place called Muscle Shoals, which has been producing its own sound for many years.  Out of that sound comes the heartfelt lyrics and voice of Rae Fitzgerald, who grabs your attention from the first notes of her latest offering, Popular Songs for Wholesome Families.  Don’t let the album name fool you – this collection of thought-provoking songs is just plain good music.  Fitzgerald’s voice soothes your soul while her lyrics make their way into your brain, giving you true musical food for thought.  Strongest tracks include “Copper & Genesis,” “Your Side of the Mountain,” “False Moon,” “Dark Man,” and “Medicine Cart.”

Recommendation:  If you like your music with meat, then Fitzgerald is definitely an artist you will like.  Her thought-provoking lyrics and the personal reflections they contain earn Popular Songs for Wholesome Families a definite Get It rating.