Get it or forget it – diVA, Amyjo Doh and the Spangles, The Cravens, Camp Hope, The Cabin Fever

Well, we’re getting closer to the weekend, and we’re almost caught up with reviews.  We’ve already done 57 reviews this year and should be caught up by next Friday.  That will give us 87 reviews in 2018.  Wow – so much great music.  Here are today’s five artists for your consideration.

Artist NamediVA

Album Name Sol

Label:  Division Records

Genre:  Trip-hop

Track Listing:  1.  Mercure; 2.  Venue; 3.  Terre, 4.  Lune; 5.  Mars

Publicist:  Viral Propaganda PR

Review:  Swiss trip-hop trio diVA, composed of guitarist Pierre-Emmanuel Collin, vocalist Lisa-Marie Boux and Marc Sturniolo, have released Sol, the first half of a two part project dedicated to the planets.  What is most unique about this album is that absent the eerie and discordant trip-hop soundtrack, there lies underneath a beautiful song featuring the voice of Boux, with lyrics specifically written about the planet in the title of the song.  The lyrics are full of beautiful metaphors, sometimes dark but always rich, that make the songs interesting.  This is not music for casual listening or to provide background.  This music requires active listening to grasp what the creators have envisioned in their project.  Make sure you listen to this one when you can dedicate your ears and mind to the content.

Recommendation:  Strange but inviting, give this one a chance.

Artist NameAmyjo Doh and the Spangles

Album NameCalle de the Spangles

Label:  Sweepland Records

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:   1.  Paranoid Sun; 2.  You Wouldn’t; 3.  Two Night Stand; 4.  Gin de Semana; 5.  Pirates; 6.  I Love You; 7.  Shake It!; 8.  Who, What, When, Where, Why; 9.  Sorry; 10.  Rainbow Chord; 11.  Coracao

Publicist:  Sweepland Records

Review:  This Madrid-based band could give lessons to some American bands on how to be a genre-bending band that impresses in every one.  The album starts off like a good old fashioned rock album, morphs into Americana/Rockabilly on the third track, and then back to rock and roll on the fourth track.  On “Pirates,” they again change gears to Celtic punk with a song that could as easily have come from the likes of Flogging Molly.  “I Love You” is a sweet folky love song.  “Shake It” is a rocking tune in the style of the B-52’s, while “Who, What, When, Where, Why” is like a throwback to the 60’s beach tune melodies like Dick Dale and would have fit perfectly in the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction.   They continue in that vein on “Sorry.”  They slow things down to an indie rock rhythm on “Rainbow Chord” before closing out with the rocky punk Spanglish sound of “Coracao.”

Recommendation:  Definitely Get this one.  It’s an amazing debut.

Artist NameThe Cravens

Album NameOn the Line

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Highway; 2.  Road to Reason; 3.  Stay Standing; 4.  Endless Heart; 5.  Hard Times; 6.  Blood Flows; 7.  Message; 8.  What Would you Say?

Publicist:  Self-promoted

Review:  The Cravens are our new favorite Indie Rock band.  They have a radio ready sound that deserves airplay, as well as serious consideration by Music Supervisors everywhere for placement in television and film.  “Highway” gets the party started with awesome guitar riffs and a smart sound with intelligent lyrics.  That incredible groove continues with “Road to Reason,” before shifting to a slower ballad style on “Endless Heart.”  “Hard Times” has a distinct southern rock edge and is definitely one of our favorite tracks.  “Blood Flows” is an old fashioned blues rocker, while “Message” is an acoustic gem that brings back memories of the Allman Brothers Band.  They close out the album with another ballad that leaves the listener with a powerful question – “What Would You Say?”

Recommendation:  This one definitely deserves a place in your musical library.  Get it and you’ll see.

Artist NameCamp Hope

Album NameMichael

Label:  InVogue Records

Genre:   Hip-hop

Track Listing:  1.  Exist (Freestyle); 2.  Ready to Fall; 3.  Home to Myself; 4.  Your Love is Musical; 5.  Forever Stay; 6.  Lover’s Death; 7.  Ordinary Home; 8.  Feed my Soul; 9.  Take you There; 10.  Outrage Freestyle; 11.  Te Casarias Conmigo; 12.  Don’t Crash Yet

Publicist:  Earshot Media

Review:  The album starts off with a freestyle rap about existing in the world today, very reminiscent of Toby Mac.  In fact, DC Talk is listed as one of the songwriter’s influences, and the influence is strong in this album.  These are songs with a purpose, and this band has something to say, so listen up, yo.  Cam Smith of Hotel Books, Jonathan Sherer and Nick Ingram combine to create not just a wonderful musical album, but also a social statement that needs to be heard.  These songs belong on the radio, not just because they are great music but because the world needs to hear these words.  Every song is powerful – put this one on repeat because you’re going to want to hear this positive message over and over.

Recommendation:  Don’t waste another moment – Get this one today!

Artist NameThe Cabin Fever

Album Name Exercise the Demon

Label:  self-released

Genre:  Alternative

Track Listing:  1.  B-L-S-H; 2.  Simon Says; 3.  Trucrime; 4.  His People; 5.  Exercise the Demon; 6.  Tony’s Song (bonus track)

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  This one was a surprise.  Considering this band dresses in animal heads for their live performances, we were unprepared for the incredible indie rock sound of their music.  They have been compared to groups like Jesus and Mary Chain and Sonic Youth, and we think those comparisons are spot on.  These songs would sound great on alternative radio, and would make good placement choices for television and film.  We especially love the strings on “B-L-S-H.” which by the way is the shortcut for “Buy Low, Sell High.”  Every song delivers, and we think this band has a strong and successful future ahead.

Recommendation:  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Get this one now.



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