Get it or Forget it: Husky, Warriors of the Dystotheque, Tara Dente, Jared Tyler

We’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After today’s four reviews, we’ll only have 16 more to do to get through all the LA Music Critic Award submissions.  Speaking of that, if you live in the LA area, have you purchased your tickets yet for our winners showcase on June 20th on the Second Stage at the Hotel Café?  We truly expect it to sell out, so don’t delay.  You can buy tickets in advance on the venues website for only $10 or pay $12 at the door.

Artist NameHusky

Album Name Punchbuzz

Label:  Liberation Music/Embassy of Music/Nevado Music

Genre:  Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Ghost; 2.  Shark Fin; 3.  Punchbuzz; 4.  Late Night Store; 5.  Cut the Air; 6.  Splinters in the Fire; 7.  Walking in Your Sleep; 8.  Cracks in the Pavement; 9.  Flower Drums; 10.  Spaces Between Heartbeats 

Publicist:  Guerilla Music Promotion

Review:  Australian duo Husky have reinvented their sound on their third album Punchbuzz and are set to embark on a tour encompassing their native Australia, as well as Europe and the UK.  Their sound is tight and radio ready, while their lyrics are thought-provoking and worthy of consideration.  Their first two singles, “Ghost” and “Late Night Store” are already garnering extensive streams on an album that was just released last Friday.   Particularly impressive are the band’s more than two million streams on Spotify.  This band deserves an American audience as well, and we are super pleased that they reached out to us to review their album.   Besides the aforementioned two singles, we also dig “Splinters in the Fire,” “Walking in Your Sleep,” and the dreamy “Cracks in the Pavement.”

Recommendation:  Obviously the rest of the world already knows about this awesome band, and we think America should definitely jump on the bandwagon.  Get this album as soon as possible.

Artist NameWarriors of the Dystotheque (W.O.T.D.)

Album NameWe’re Taking Control

Label:  Fly Beat Music

Genre:  Indie Dance

Track Listing:  1.  We’re Taking Control (feat. Pop Will Eat Itself); 2.  Thou Shalt not Follow; 3.  We’re Taking Control remix (Justin Robertson); 4.  We’re Taking Control remix (Kalahara); 5.  We’re Taking Control (dub) 

Publicist:  Vision Music Promotion

Review:  This five song EP includes three remixes of the title track, a heavy, beat driven song that begs your body to get up and dance.  Although definitely low on lyrical substance, the band definitely knows their audience, and provides them with songs that are worthy of dance clubs everywhere.  Obviously, there are a lot of DJs that want to do remixes of their music, and the ones selected seem to be talented in their own right.  We think Justin Robertson’s is the best of those remixes.  This is music at its core, fun to listen and dance to, without any lyrical challenges to dampen the mood.

Recommendation:  This one is strictly for lovers of dance music.  If you want answers or crave knowledge from your music, this is not for you.  However, if you love to dance, then definitely go Get it.

Artist NameTara Dente

Album Name The Gleaner

Label:  Travianna Records

Genre:  Folk, Americana

Track Listing:  1.  Blind Pilot; 2.  Sleep Well; 3.  The Moon; 4.  Screens; 5.  Who Will Save my Soul; 6.  Could I be Wrong; 7.  Who are You; 8.  Never Going Home; 9.  Road; 10.  Never Going Home (acoustic); 11.  Sleep Well (acoustic) 

Publicist:  From the Top Communications

Review:  Haunting lyrics and powerful vocals with just the right amount of musical accompaniment highlight this album.  After the first note of the first song, it is obvious that the listener is in for a treat.  Tara Dente’s voice is unique and soars like a bird, reminiscent of the great Enya, while the music simply surrounds everything in a beautiful shell that captures the listener’s best memories of life.  We could easily just put this album on repeat and listen to it all day, over and over – it’s that good.  Our favorite tracks include “Blind Pilot,” “Sleep Well,” “Who Will Save my Soul,” “Could I be Wrong,” and “Never Going Home.”  We also love the acoustic versions she has included of “Sleep Well” and “Never Going Home.”

Recommendation:  Definitely a no-brainer – Get It while you can.  This young lady is destined to become a superstar, and we are so proud of  be a part of spreading her music to you.

Artist Name Jared Tyler

Album NameDirt on Your Hands

Label:  Blue Alleluia Music

Genre:  Americana

Track Listing:  1.  Death of Me; 2.  Dressed in White; 3.  Dirt on Your Hands; 4.  Heart Open Wide; 5.  Waltzing Around with my Shadow; 6.  Gwendolyn; 7.  Lucky I Am; 8.  Fort Gibson Lake; 9.  A Little Tonight; 10.  The Door (feat. Malcolm Holcombe); 11.  Norway; 12.  Love of You 

Publicist:  KG Music Press

Review:  Shades of the roaring 20’s.  Jared Tyler’s music brings back memories of the Soggy Bottom Boys from the Coen Brothers’ classic film Oh Brother, Where are Thou?   His voice is perfect for this type of music, which evokes a feeling of better days gone by.  It is the perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer day, sitting on the front porch with an ice-cold lemonade, enjoying the cool of the evening after a long hard day of work.  Words cannot suffice to describe this incredible musical treat.  You simply must listen for yourself.  Our favorite songs include the title track, “Heart Open Wide,” “Gwendolyn,” “Lucky I Am,” “A Little Tonight,” and “The Door.”

Recommendation:  Run, don’t walk, and Get it.  We couldn’t think of a better way to support indie music than to add Jared Tyler to your catalog of musical greats.