Get it or forget it – Julian Borrego, Cara Frew, fos, Sundara Karma

Still trying to catch up on the multitude of submissions we have recently had from indie musicians.  Still have about 15 to do to bring us up to last Friday, and another three being released this Friday.  We will do our best to be caught up by then.  Here are today’s four reviews.

Artist Name:  Julian Borrego

Album Name:  Ouroboros

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Psychedelic Funk/Electronica

Track Listing:  1.  Small Talk; 2.  Weekdaze; 3.  Xeriscape; 4.  Sound Is; 5.  1 2 3; 6.  Mbuti/Devotion to the Rainforest; 7.  OutroThanks4ListeningAdios

Publicist:  Mora May Agency

Review:  Eerie, psychedelic, electronic, dreamy, synthy and funky – all of these words describe the music of Julian Borrego, which combines so many individual types of sounds to create a rainbow of music – think OEM meets Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix.  Borrego is fast becoming an force both inside and outside the indie music community.  His single “Xeriscape” is introducing people to the power of his songs, and propelling Borrego into the spotlight.  Judging from this eclectic collection of music, that spotlight is well deserved.  We really love “Weekdaze,” “Xeriscape,” and “123.”

Recommendation:  This album can send you on an acid trip without the drugs.  We recommend you Get it and give it a spin.

Artist Name:  Cara Frew

Album Name:  Dance

Label:  Sony Music Entertainment

Genre:  Pop/Dance

Track Listing:  1.  Only High With You; 2.  You Got Me (SNBRN & Blu J ft. Cara Frew); 3.  Dance; 4.  You Got Me POP Mix

Publicist:  The Blossom Agency

Review:  Cara Frew is an artist who splits her time between her native South Africa and London.  Her music is a mix of both her cultures, infusing pop lyrics over African beats to create music that makes your toes tap and your body want to get up and dance.  All four songs are fun and serve as a perfect tease of Frew’s potential.  We especially like her collaboration with SNBRN & Blu J on “You Got Me” as well as the title track.

Recommendation:  If you love to dance, then this is the perfect EP for you.  Get it and dance!

Artist Name:  fos

Album Name:  Captain Free

Label:  Near the Exit Music

Genre:  Electronic Folk

Track Listing:  1.  Captain Free; 2.  Aeras Fissa; 3. Better no Map; 4.  Adamos; 5.  Captain Free II; 6.  Captain Free III; 7.  Sailing out of the Storm; 8.  Wild on Blue; 9.  Captain Free IV

Publicist:  Vision Music Promotions

Review:  London based Greek artist Katerina Koutouzi is the force behind fos.  She takes traditional Greek folk music and gives it an electronica feel.  The title track is presented in four different styles, each of which show just a portion of the immense talent of this artist.  Although this is not the type of album that is radio friendly (except for maybe NPR), it is perfect for those with eclectic tastes who crave something different.   Her music does have that eerie ethereal feel of Enya, which makes the album perfect as background music.  Best tracks include “Aeras Fissa,” “Better no Map,” “Adamos,” and “Wild on Blue.”

Recommendation:  This one is not for everyone, but if you have eclectic taste, it should be a perfect fit.  We still recommend you Get it.


Artist Name:  Sundara Karma

Album Name:  Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect

Label:  Chess Club/RCA Victor

Genre:  Alternative

Track Listing:  1.  A Young Understanding; 2.  Loveblood; 3.  Explore; 4.  Olympia; 5.  Lakhey; 6.  Happy Family; 7.  Flame; 8.  She Said; 9.  Lose the Feeling; 10.  Vivienne; 11.  Be Nobody; 12.  Deep Relief; 13.  Watching From Great Heights; 14.  The Night; 15.  Another Word for Beautiful

Publicist:  Stache Media

Review:  UK natives Sundara Karma are back with an extended version of their latest album, which was released digitally earlier this year.  The extended version adds three songs, including their latest single “Explore.”  Their previous single, “She Said,” reached #31 on the Alternative Songs chart while “Explore” has already reached #18 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart and is still climbing. The band has charted on three additional charts:  Next Big Sound, Rock Airplay and Spotify Viral 50 with a total of four different songs.  Needless to say, this band seems to be just what the indie world needs right now.  Even with just a casual listen to the album, it quickly becomes apparent why this band is having so much success.  The music is upbeat with great rock vocals that play well on the radio.  The lyrics are great without being so deep that the listener gets lost in them, instead of the steady alternative rock beat lurking underneath.   There is not a weak song on this 15-song treasure chest.  Have fun exploring this emerging giant of music.

Recommendation:  You simply must Get this album.  It is that good!