Get it or forget it – Wieuca, Daley, Mike Younger

Happy Friday.  Hope your week has been as awesome as ours.  Indie music rules, and we are happy to get your weekend off to a good start with these three artist.  Please let us know what you think.

Artist NameWieuca

Album Name Guilt Complex

Label:  Land of the Freak

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Snitches get Stiches; 2.  Slow War; 3.  Atrium; 4.  Enamel; 5.  Building a Shrine; 6.  Broke; 7.  Gas Giant; 8.  Canadian Tuxedo; 9.  Cold Beach; 10.  No G*d; 11.  Polyp 

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  This band wastes no time in letting the listener know that they have come to rock, with the first track (and current single), “Snitches get Stitches,” hitting on all cylinders in a style reminiscent of The Clash.  The second track, “Slow War,” which was the first single, reminds you of early Genesis.  Both of these tracks lay the foundation for what is to come, and we believe that listeners will enjoy the ensuing tracks just as much.  After the first two tracks, the vocals are not as polished, but they fit with the indie rock feel of the musical accompaniment, which borders on punk rock.  Best tracks include “Snitches get Stitches,” “Enamel,” “Building a Shrine,” “Gas Giant,” and “Canadian Tuxedo.”

Recommendation:  These boys deserve your attention, even if you’re not a huge fan of punk/metal/indie rock.  They have interesting things to say and an interesting way to say them.  For that reason alone, we think you should Get the new album, which is being released today.

Artist NameDaley

Album NameThe Spectrum

Label:  BMG

Genre:  Soul/R&B

Track Listing:  1.  Introlude; 2.  Until the Pain is Gone (ft. Jill Scott); 3.  Selfish; 4.  Temple; 5.  Slow Burn; 6.  Sympathy (ft. Swindle); 7.  The Only One; 8.  On Fire; 9.  Second to None; 10.  True; 11.  Distance; 12.  The Fabric; 13.  Careless (ft. Chiiiild) 

Publicist:  The End Records PR

Review:  We don’t ordinarily review albums released by major labels, but this one was just too good to pass up.  The first single, “Until the Pain is Gone,” features the voice of the one and only Jill Scott and has reached the top 10 on the Billboard R&B charts.  Daley’s voice is dreamy and the addition of Scott to the mix makes it a track that deserves to be put on repeat.  Once again the UK has given us an artist for the world, and his songs are some of the best we have heard in quite a while.  It is no wonder that his music has attained more than 25 million streams on Spotify and over 17 million views on YouTube.  This artist is so good that even Simon Cowell would have difficulty finding fault.  We especially love the funky sound of “Sympathy” (featuring Swindle), but honestly, there’s not a weak song on the entire album.  Even the closing song, “Careless,” (featuring Chiiiild) has a funky R&B beat, begging you to listen to the entire album again and again.

Recommendation:   This is one of the finest albums we have ever heard, and we strongly recommend you Get it when it is released today.

Artist NameMike Younger

Album NameLittle Folks Like you and Me

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Roots/Americana/Country/Folk

Track Listing:  1.  If I was a Wheel; 2.  Never was a Dancer; 3.  Poisoned Rivers; 4.  Drifter’s Lament; 5.  Rodeo Queen; 6.  What Kind of World; 7.  With Every Heartbeat; 8.  How to Tell a Friend Goodbye; 9.  Walk in the Mud; 10.  The Living Daylights 

Publicist:  KG Music Press

Review:  Mike Younger likens himself to the social justice musical pioneers like Woody Guthrie, John Lennon and Bob Dylan.  After listening to his latest project, we would tend to agree.  His voice has that perfect swagger that makes you stop and listen to the words of the song.  Definitely check out “Poisoned Rivers,” which talks about the damage being done to our environment.  The album was produced by the legendary Bob Britt (Leon Russell, John Fogerty, Bob Dylan, Delbert McClinton), and that brilliance shines through every track.  We especially like “If I was a Wheel,” “Never was a Dancer,” “What Kind of World,” “With Every Heartbeat,” and “The Living Daylights.”

Recommendation:  Don’t think twice, just Get this album when it is released on July 14.


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