HFF17 – see it or skip it (day 2) part 1

Friday was such a wonderful day.  Got up early to work on my first reviews and to tell our story about our journey down to the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Afterwards, we headed out for lunch and then drove around and visited some of our old haunts, like Fry’s Electronics, before heading down to the Fringe for the first of five shows.  Three of the shows on our evening schedule were included in our Ten Most Anticipated Shows at HFF17.

TITLE OF SHOWQuantum Entanglement

VENUE:  Sacred Fools Black Box

REVIEW:   Katelyn Schiller blew us away with her amazing How to be a Virgin (in 12 morally ambiguous steps) last year, so we were really looking forward to her new show Quantum Entanglement.  Unfortunately, it was not what we expected.  In a way, that is good, because the show was beautiful.  The problem was we’re not sure what it is.  To quote Schiller’s character Andromeda, “(we) wanted to give the gift of understanding, but we couldn’t.”  We talked to several other attendees afterwards, and none of them could put a finger on just what we had experienced.  It was a beautiful show, but what was it trying to say?  The best we could come up with was that it was about relationships, and that everyone who sees it will take from it what they need, based on their own experiences with relationships.  That being said, it was definitely one of the most different Fringe shows we have ever encountered, and for that we were fortunate to have seen it.  We would love to hear your take on this show.

RECOMMENDATION:  If you love the unexpected and exciting aspect of Fringe, then this is the perfect show for you.  Remaining performances include June 17 at 2:30 p.m. and June 23 at 6 p.m.  On the other hand, if you only like typical theatrical performances, then you may want to skip this one.


VENUE:  The Three Clubs

REVIEW:   The title of the show doesn’t really convey the story, but it is definitely a good marketing ploy.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with a babe as hot as Shiragirl?  She takes us on a time trip through her life, spouting off those dates like they were page markers in the story of her journey.  What makes it even better is that she can sing and dance, as well as act, and she uses all of these things to describe her life.  This is another show that used the creative skills of Deana Barone, while at the same time using brilliant Natalie Mitchell to direct this amazing show.  It also came in at #10 on our “most anticipated” list.  Needless to say you will not leave this show unentertained.  We also encourage you to click the link above and check out Shiragirl’s Facebook page to find out more about the incredible life of Shira Leigh.

RECOMMENDATION:  We think you should definitely See it.  She still has one more performance on June 24 at 6:30 p.m.  It’s definitely worth attending.

TITLE OF SHOWThe Girl who Jumped off the Hollywood Sign

VENUE:  Lounge 2 Theatre

REVIEWJoanne Hartstone comes to us from her native Australia, where she has already won two awards at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe.  This show was #5 on our list of “most anticipated” shows at HFF17, and it definitely did not disappoint.  We have always been fans of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and it became quickly obvious that Hartstone had done her research in crafting this timeless story.  This show was also the first one we reviewed that had submitted to be considered for our first Larry Cornwall Award for best use of music in a non-musical show.  Hartstone set the bar for the competition quite high.  In the words made famous in the “Men on Film” skits from In Living Color, it earned “two snaps and a trip around the world.”  Hartstone’s voice is amazing as she performs songs by Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, The Andrew Sisters and Jean Harlow, to name a few.  Hartstone would have been a star with them had she lived back then.  We are thankful she decided to bring us this amazing show from down under.

RECOMMENDATION:  You simply must See it.  Hartstone has several remaining shows on June 17 at 6 p.m., June 18 at 4 p.m. and June 22 at  8 p.m.  Don’t miss it.