Holiday edition get it or forget it – Balsam Range, Jennifer Hanson, Bloodshot Records, Katie Garibaldi, Beth Marie Anderson

Almost forgot to share these new holiday albums with you.  We’ve received a lot of singles, and we’ve tried to share them via Monday Mashup, but still need to review these five new Christmas Albums.  Enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

Artist Name:   Balsam Range

Album Name It’s Christmas Time

Label:   Mountain Home Music Company

Genre:   Bluegrass

Track Listing:   1.  Christmas Lullaby; 2.  The First Noel; 3.  Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree; 4.  I’m Going Home, It’s Christmas Time; 5.  Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing; 6.  Jingle Bells

Publicist:   So Much MOORE Media

Review:  We love holiday tunes, and haven’t heard a lot of bluegrass arrangements.  We enjoyed Balsam Range’s interpretations of these classic holiday tunes, especially “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”  We are so happy to have a new version because we are tired of the original one.  We also love the banjo and fiddle on the Ralph Stanley/Michael Kelley tune “I’m Going Home, It’s Christmas Time.”  Thanks for brightening up our Christmas season.

Recommendation:  This one is a worthy addition to your holiday collection.  We recommend you Get it!

Artist Name Jennifer Hanson

Album Name Under the Tree

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Pop Country

Track Listing:  1.  Only Thing I Really Need; 2.  Under the Tree; 3.  Interlude; 4.  What Child is This?

Publicist:  Alliance Artist and Media Relations

Review:  Jennifer Hanson has written numerous hit songs for some of Nashville’s elite, and brings that songwriting prowess to contribute two new original songs – “Only Thing I Really Need” and the title track, “Under the Tree.”  Both songs are upbeat and the perfect addition to our holiday soundtrack.  The third track is a recording of Hanson when she was 3 1/2 years old, recorded by her dad, Larry.  She closes out her holiday EP with a moving interpretation of the classic, “What Child is This?”

Recommendation:  We think this EP belongs in everyone’s holiday collection.  You should definitely Get it.

Artist NameVarious Artists

Album Name:  13 Days of Xmas

Label:  Bloodshot Records

Genre:  Multiple

Track Listing:  1.  O Holy Night (Murder by Death); 2.  Papa Barrence’s Christmas (Barrence Whitfield and the Savages); 3.  Christmas Carol, Christmas Ray (Jon Langford and his men of Gwent); 4.  I Slept Through Christmas (Ruby Boots); 5.  The List (Ha Ha Tonka); 6.  Christmas is now Drawing Near at Hand (James Elkington); 7.  Dark Christmas (Dex Romweber Duo); 8.  Blue Snowfall (Kelly Hogan); 9.  The Pagans had it Right (Devil in a Woodpile); 10.  I’m Drunk Again this Christmas (Zach Schmidt); 11.  How to Make Gravy (All our Exes Live in Texas); 12.  White Christmas (Ron Gallo); 13.  Christmas in Oblivion (The Yawpers)

Publicist:  Josh Zanger (Bloodshot Records)

Review:  This compilation showcases 13 of the artists currently signed to Bloodshot Records.  There is something for everyone on this one, with genres ranging from Rockabilly, Americana, Pop, Torchlight, Ragtime, and Country.  Most of the songs are originals, with the exception of covers of Christmas classics, “O Holy Night” and “White Christmas.”  Of the originals, kudos to “I Slept Through Christmas,” “The List,” “Dark Christmas” (which sounds like it was lifted from Pulp Fiction), and “Christmas in Oblivion.”

Recommendation:  If you only buy one new holiday CD this season, make it this one – you won’t grow tired of it.

Artist NameKatie Garibaldi

Album NameHome Sweet Christmas

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Country

Track Listing:  1.  Happy Married Christmas; 2.  Star in the East; 3.  Jesus Touched my Heart; 4.  Unhappy Holiday; 5.  The Times I Love the Most (California Christmas); 6.  Wonderful Mother Mary; 7.  Love on Christmas Day; 8.  Holy Spirit in my Heart; 9.  Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus); 10.  Tomorrow is Christmas Morning; 11.  Our Home Awaits Us; 12.  Silent Night

Publicist:  None

Review:  Katie Garibaldi has had a tremendous 2017, winning numerous awards for her songs and videos.  It is only appropriate that she closes out the year with 11 original holiday songs and a superb cover of the always popular “Silent Night.”  Each song reveals a special part of the reason why Garibaldi is becoming a national icon and one of the most popular indie artists around.  We love the joy incorporated into her Christian songs, as well as her new holiday originals.  This is a great collection which we are sure will only grow in importance as the seasons go by.  Our new favorites include “Star in the East,” “Unhappy Holiday,” “The Times I Love the Most (California Christmas),” “Tomorrow is Christmas Morning,” and “Our Home Awaits Us.”

Recommendation:  Get it.

Artist NameBeth Marie Anderson

Album NameChristmas With You

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Americana

Track Listing:  1.  That’s Christmas to Me; 2.  Kid on Christmas Day; 3.  Same Sky; 4.  Reindeer Reunion; 5.  The First Noel; 6.  Merry Christmas to Me; 7.  Tropical Christmas; 8.  Christmas with You; 9.  O Holy Night; 10.  New Year

Publicist:  Play it Loud Music

Review:  We love the soothing voice of Beth Marie Anderson, and she has our vote for the most original holiday album.  Her voice soars over the simple arrangements, and we simply adore these eight new songs.  We think they have the power to become a part of our holiday landscape, and strongly encourage the industry to check these songs out, as they would be perfect for placement in holiday television shows. films and commercials.   We especially love “Kid on Christmas Day,” “Same Sky,” “Reindeer Reunion,” “Merry Christmas to Me,” “Christmas with You,” and “New Year.”

Recommendation:  Don’t delay – Get it today!


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  1. Katie Garibaldi was on the show last week and I promoted her album. She will be in LA early next year and I will review her performance. She is a very nice and talented) person!.

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