Indie-pop princess Katie Costello reveals her mystery

If you’ve followed this writer’s past articles, then you know that one of his favorite indie artists is Katie Costello, a young lady who calls New York her home, and who is truly the Princess of indie pop and artistic activism.

REBEL POP Records and Indie Voice Blog are pleased to announce that Ms. Costello has revealed another of her masterpieces with the release of her latest EP From the Vault and the accompanying music video for her single, “A Beautiful Mystery.”

This five-song EP is a teaser for Costello’s upcoming full-length album, which is scheduled for release in early 2017.  The new album will be her first full length project since Lamplight was released in 2011.

“Silver and Gold” kicks off From the Vault with the kinetic energy fans have come to expect from Costello.  It is fast and upbeat, and is the perfect opening salvo for this musical treat.  Costello’s pure sweet voice rises above the musical accompaniment to lift the spirits of the listener.

The second track, “I’ll be Here,” is a softer ballad, but it still evokes hope as Costello promises that she will always be there.   It is a fitting description for Costello, whose activism and  social work continue to bring hope in a time when many things are going wrong.

“A Beautiful Mystery,” the third track, has already received placements in the Claire Danes’ film As Cool as I Am, as well as on MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf.  As you can see and hear from the music video above, this song is amazing and fun.

Maia Sharp, a gifted songwriter who has penned hit songs for such artists as Bonnie Raitt, joins with Costello to write the fourth track, “Lights,” which has a distinctly jazzy sound.  Costello’s airy voice and lyrics fit the mood perfectly.

Last but certainly not least, the final track, “Here & Now,” has also gotten some advance publicity with its use in a Kellogg’s commercial.  It’s impossible not to smile as you listen to this positive message and memorable beat.

Costello has once again given us music with substance in a world of plastic candy-coated crap that passes for popular music.   Indie Voice Blog is proud to highly recommend From the Vault, as well as anything else Costello has ever written, for anyone looking for real music with a message.  We can hardly wait for the release of her full length album, and will bring you all the details as soon as we can.

If you want to learn more about the princess of indie pop, check out her website and Facebook pages, follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel, her blog on Tumblr, and her email list.  Join the revolution.