LA Music Critic Award winners announced for first half of 2016

Wow.  What an impressive group of musicians and music were nominated for awards during the first half of 2016, and what amazing stuff is waiting to be announced for the second half.  Again, thanks to all the fans for your support of these awards, and for your input.  Thanks also to our amazing panel of Jen Lyneis, Steve Belkin, Laura Goldfarb, Doug Deutsch, Melissa Dragich-Cordero, Kim Grant, Michelle King, Heather Jacks and Patrick O’Heffernan for your valuable suggestions and votes.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the LA Music Critic Awards for the first half of 2016.  Winners are indicated in bold:

Best EP Female: Rooted Clarity (Katie Garibaldi),  Heartbreak is Contagious (Kris Angelis), Endless Road (Alexis Keegan)

Best EP Male:  Royal Blue (Lasers Lasers Birmingham), LA 14 (Rod Melancon)

Best EP Band:  29:11 (One From Many)

Best CD Female: Dressed up for Goodbye (Corinne Cook), Blow (Emily Clibourn), Cure for Dreaming (Jenny Gillespie), Hold Fast Open Palm (Sarah Ault), Long Road (Diana Rein), Popular Songs for Wholesome Families (Rae Fitzgerald)

Best CD Male: Northeastsouthwest (Mike Jacoby), Sugarland (Brian Whelan)Turns to Gold (Gabe Dixon), Let me in (Chi McClean), Blood Moon (Morgan Washam)

Best CD Band: … and friends (Jason Adamo Band), Love & Rent (The BGP), New Coastline (Riddle & the Stars), II (Lovers & Poets), Gung Ho (Freddy & Francine)

Best Single:  “Jackal II” (Rae Fitzgerald), “Big Man” (Jenni Alpert), “Crave” (Gabe Dixon), “Desire (Lo Que Vale La Pena)” (Halo Circus), “Diamond” (Kaylee Keller), “The Machine” (The Daybreaks)

Best Video (cover):  “Better When I’m Dancing” (Redhead Express), “Love Yourself” (Redhead Express), “Blue” (Alice Wallace), “I Knew I Loved You” (Redhead Express), “Cruel Summer” (The Daybreaks)

Best Video (live):  “Headrush” (Jamey Geston), “I am” (Katie Garibaldi), “Beautiful Forever” (Marina V), “Trespassing” (McKail Seely ft Jesse McLeod)

Best Video (comedy):  “Honest Singing Telegrams” (Un5gettable), “Sorry” (Un5gettable)

Best Video (lyrical):  “Pregunto” (Sin Color), “Diamonds (Vip mix)” (Kaylee Keller x VinylJackers), “Pieces of April” (Jerad Finck),  “Holding Her Freedom” (Gabe Dixon), “Blood in the Water” (Jerad Finck)

Best Video (official) Female:   “Lonely Love” (Ryal), “Last One” (McKail Seely), “Jackal II” (Rae Fitzgerald), “Paper Bag” (Anni Piper), “Diamond” (Kaylee Keller), “I Just Don’t Care Anymore” (Alice Wallace)

Best Video (official) Male:   “Crave” (Gabe Dixon), “Perry” (Rod Melancon), “Evergreen” (Shane Alexander)

Best Video (official) Band:   “Desire (Lo Que Vale La Pena)” (Halo Circus), “You + Me in the Summer” (Lovers & Poets), “Calico Concrete” (The Spider Accomplice), “These Three Words” (One From Many)

Best Video (series):  “Los Angeles:  The Abduction” (The Spider Accomplice)

Best Rock Band:  Halo Circus, The Spider Accomplice

Best Pop Band:  the BGP, Freddy & Francine, Lovers & Poets, One From Many

Best Country/Americana Band:  Riddle & the Stars, Jason Adamo Band, Junk Parlor

Best Pop/Rock Male Artist: Gabe Dixon

Best Pop/Rock Female Artist:  Kris Angeles, Sarah Ault, Allison Iraheta, Alexis Keegan

Best Blues Artist:  Anni Piper, Diana Rein

Best Country/Americana Artist:  Brian Whelan, Rod Melancon, Lasers Lasers Birmingham, Alice Wallace

Icon Award:  Ronnie Mack, Dave Yaden, Shane Alexander, Darwin Johnson

Best Live Residency Series:  Dave Yaden & Mike Rossi – Super Tuesdays Live at Butter’d Up

Fan Favorite – It was another wild year as 13 different artists were nominated for fan favorite.  When the dust settled, the artists with the most votes included Kris Angeles, Junk Parlor, Halo Circus, Alice Wallace, Diana Rein, Kaylee Keller and Jason Adamo.  After all the votes were counted, Diana Rein came out on top, with Halo Circus her closest competitor.  Who will it be for the second half?  Only the fans know for sure.