LA Music Critic Award winners announced

First off, the LA Music Critic Awards apologizes to Rachel Alena for omitting her nomination for Best Blues Band from the previously published list of nominations.  Thanks to her publicist, Doug Deutsch Publicity Services for bringing this to our attention.

Secondly, the LA Music Critic Awards wishes to thank the fans of indie music.  Through the previous five years of nominations, this has been the most successful and eagerly followed set yet.  More than 2,000 fans viewed the nominations and almost 400 of them took the time to vote for their fan favorite or post comments on behalf of their favorite artists.  Their feedback was instrumental in helping us choose this year’s winners.

Last, but not least, it has become very apparent this year of the role that PR firms are playing in getting the word out to potential fans and industry people on behalf of their indie clients.  The LA Music Critic Awards has previously issued two “Seal of Approval” awards to Ue3 Promotions and Red Boot PR for their work.  This year we would like to issue four additional Seal of Approval awards to Doug Deutsch Publicity Services, Noisy Ghost PR, MAD Ink PR, and KG Music Press for their efforts in promoting indie music.  Congratulations.

And now, without further ado, here are the winners (indicated in BOLD):

Best EP Female: Rebel Pop Singer Songwriter (Katie Costello), Phoenix (Lyndzie Taylor), Black Sheep (Sara Routh), Fire (Brooke Moriber)

Best EP Male:  Move (Dave Yaden)

Best EP Band: Captiva (Captiva), The Trap (The Spider Accomplice)

Best CD Male: Criminal (Jerad Finck), India, Seattle (Mike Edel), I Struggle & Emerge (Ryan Aderre’y)

Best CD Female: Follow Your Heart (Katie Garibaldi), Time in the Middle (Claire Holley), Save Your Heart (Patricia Bahia), An American Girl (Cindy Alexander), Memories, Music and Pride (Alice Wallace)

Best CD Group: The Lil Smokies (The Lil Smokies), Little Silver Hearts (Little Silver Hearts), Fantasm (Starlight Girls), The Whole Shabang (Carly and the Universe)

Best Single: Zach Linley and the Rebel Daredevils (“What it Takes”), Jakey Lee (“Children of God”), Katelyn Marie (“Enjoy the Ride”), Keaton Simons (“When I Go”), The Spider Accomplice (“Atmosphere)

Best Video (cover): Alexis Keegan (“Drunk in Love”)

Best Video (live):  Reverend Tall Tree (“How do you get Over That?”)

Best Video (lyrical):  Lyndzie Taylor (“What do I Know?”)

Best Video (official): Paige Nichols (“Burn), Shane Piasecki (“Jackie O”), Katie Costello (“New York Graffiti”), Katie Garibaldi (“Lock the Door, Lose the Key”), Redhead Express (“Mary Did You Know?”), Dave Yaden (“Two”)

Best Rock Band: Sleep Machine, Captiva, The Spider Accomplice, Rocket

Best Pop/Rock Male Artist: Chris Lind, Jerad Finck, Mike Edel

Best Pop/Rock Female Artist:  Katie Costello, Patricia Bahia, Brooke Moriber, Lyndzie Taylor, Cindy Alexander

Best Jazz/Funk Artist:  Dave Yaden (“Two”)

Best Blues Artist:  Rachel & the Ruckus (“Bounce”)

Best Folk/Cultural Artist:  Marina V (Russian Bootleg v2)

Best Country/Americana Artist: Alice Wallace (Memories, Music and Pride), Zach Linley and the Rebel Daredevils (What It Takes), The Lil Smokies (The Lil Smokies), Little Silver Hearts (Little Silver Hearts)

Icon Award: Tony Lucca, Dave Yaden, Mike Edel, Tonya Watts

Fan Favorite: Thirteen artists were nominated this year – a new record.  After all the votes were counted, one artist rose to the top.  Congratulations to Zach Linley & the Rebel Daredevils.  Honorable mentions to Alice Wallace, Cindy Alexander, Marina V and Sara Routh, who rounded out the top five vote getters.  Congrats also to Katie Garibaldi, Patricia Bahia, Shane Piasecki, The Spider Accomplice, Sleep Machine, Lyndzie Taylor, Ryan Aderrey and Little Silver Hearts for being nominated by their fans.

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