Nominations for LA Music Critic Awards for the second half of 2016 announced

Wow – what a year 2016 has been for indie music.  So much great music has come out that it has been a painstakingly hard effort to sort through it all and bring you our nominees for the LA Music Critic Awards for the second half of 2016.

Remember – you the fans get to nominate your favorite artists for the Fan Favorite award, and your comments and feedback are considered by our panel when we decide who will be the winners.  So comment below, share this article with your friends, and let’s break 1000 comments.

You can also help us by nominating people who have either had a long indie career or have helped indie artists by nominating them for the Icon Award.

We look forward to your thoughts on our nominations, but above all, remember to support indie music.  It is the best music around.  Without further ado, here are the nominations for the second half of 2016:

Best EP Female: Katie Costello (From the Vault), Amie Miriello (Seeya When I Seeya), Gina Sicilia (Sunset Avenue)

Best EP Male:  McDougall (Reaching for Some Light), Year of Suns (Songs for Silence)

Best EP Band:  Stereo Off (EP III), The Spider Accomplice (LA:  The Abduction), JERK (Jerk)

Best CD Female:  Camille Bloom (Pieces of Me), Lauren Adams (Somewhere Else), Sonia Rao (Meet Them at the Door), Janey Street (Janey Street), Cindy Alexander (Deep Waters), Kari Kimmel (Poppyfields)

Best CD Male:  Sharif (Tangled Dreams and Empty Bottles), Bobbo Byrnes (Motel Americana), Patrick Joseph (Hindsight), Josh Farrow (Trouble Walks With Me), Michael Hornbuckle (Soul Repo)

Best CD Band: Streets of Laredo (Wild), Spiritual Rez (Setting in the West), The Congress (The Game), Spelling Reform (No One’s Ever Changed), Daddy Issues (Handle It)

Best Christmas Single:  Shannon Hurley ft. Brandon Schott (“Fairytale of New York”), Cindy Alexander (“Christmas Song”), Katie Garibaldi (“Tomorrow is Christmas Morning”), Frank Shiner (“Please Come Home for Christmas”), Kaylee Keller (“Christmas in Your Arms”)

Best Video (Holiday):  Katie Garibaldi (“Tomorrow is Christmas Morning”), Redhead Express (“Away in a Manger”),  Frank Shiner (“Please Come Home for Christmas”)

Best Video (cover):  No Small Children (“Ghostbusters”), Redhead Express (“Chocolate on my Tongue”), Redhead Express (“Clean”)

Best Video (live):  Patrick Joseph (“Piece of Your Love”), India Carney (“You”), Mitch Hayes (“All Fall Down”), The Congress (“Oh Babe”)

Best Video (lyric):  Jess Penner (“Together”), War and Pierce (“On and On”), Mikey Wax (“Helium”)

Best Video (official) Female:   Lucy Woodward (“Live Live Live”), Alexis Keegan (“Empty Heart”), Camille Bloom (“Pieces of Me”), Caitlin Eadie (“Don’t Want to Be”), Alyssa Jacey (“I Want it to Rain”), Shannon Hurley (“Heartbeat on the Radio”), Katie Garibaldi (“Delightful”)

Best Video (official) Male:   Jon Mullane (“Born Beautiful”), Dan Franklin (“Live to Dream Again”), Brian Travis (“Shipwreck”)

Best Video (official) Band:   The Spider Accomplice (“You Still Lie”), The Show Ponies (“The Time it Takes”), Spiritual Rez ft. Hirie (“Together Always”), The Congress (“Home Again”), Roots of Creation (“Struggle”), Sleep Machine (“Animal High”)

Best Video (Collaboration):  Earwig and Lydia Loveless (“Wasted on You”)

Best Rock Band:  The Spider Accomplice, Daddy Issues, Pollen Rx, Sleep Machine

Best Pop Band:  Lovers and Poets, Foxtraxx, The Congress, Ray and Remora, No Nets

Best Country/Americana Band:  Elouise Deep Water, The Show Ponies, Riddle and the Stars, Honey County

Best Pop/Rock Male Artist: Patrick Joseph, Year of Suns, McDougall, Mikey Wax

Best Pop/Rock Female Artist:  Jess Penner, Katie Costello, Cindy Alexander, Janey Street, Camille Bloom

Best Blues Artist:  Peach & the Almost Blues Band, The King Brothers, Papermoon Gypsys, Michael Hornbuckle

Best Country/Americana Artist:  Alice Wallace, Lauren Adams, Brian Travis, Katie Garibaldi, Mitch Hayes

Best Jazz Artist:  Lucy Woodward, Nancy Sanchez

Best Reggae Band:  Roots of Creation, Spiritual Rez

Rising Star:  Juliana Wilson, Meresha, Kaylee Keller, Rachel Brett

Fan Favorite:  (To be nominated by  the fans)

Icon Award:  (To be announced)



372 thoughts on “Nominations for LA Music Critic Awards for the second half of 2016 announced”

      1. Janey Street is the most unique with her raspy vocals and sophisticated style! She has my vote!!

  1. Elouise!!! Love them! Soulful, refreshing, dangerously dark and reflective! Thank you for shining spotlights on indie geniuses (all your nominees) who work so hard on their passions!

    1. I am a fan of Papermoon Gypsy’s! This band plays some awesome blues and has such energy. Talent like this needs to be shared. These guys are the real deal!

    1. I am a fan of > Papermoon Gypsys!< As well woot!!! This band plays some awesome blues and has such energy. Talent like this needs to be shared. These guys are the real deal! i you let's all Vote! for them both Best Blues Band and Artist!!!! <3 :XD 😀 they are absolutely number one period……

  2. There is a reason Michael Hornbuckle is nominated twice because he’s that good check out SoulRepo and you’ll hear what I mean. He’s a triple threat as a singer, songwriter and guitar player. The world needs to hear this talented guy from Denver! Listen to SoulRepo before you vote. Thanks.

  3. Michael Hornbuckle is the best “unknown” musician I am aware of. His talent can be identified in his soulful voice, and he shreds it like no other. Nobody plays better, period.

  4. We love keeping him all ourselves in Denver, but word is getting out… Michael Hornbuckle is an amazingly talented artist and just so pleased to see the nominations here for him. Please accept this as my vote for both of his nomination categories.

  5. Michael Hornbuckle is as good as it gets. As a songwriter, singer, and ferocious guitarist, he is a powerful force of the Denver music scene, and well beyond.

  6. Michael Hornbuckle is a musical genius. I put him in a class with 20 or 30 musicians in the world. Paul Rodgers (Who happens to be my vocal God), included!

  7. Michael Hornbuckle, by far, is the best blues artist I know! Please accept my vote for Best Male CD and Best Blues Artist!

  8. Michael Hornbuckle for Best Male CD and Best Blues Artist. He is one of the best musician I have ever seen. Tbe goosebump effect.

    1. Yes I have known the Horbuckle brothers for years Michael told me once sing in your own voice not in the voice of the original singer be yourself be original

  9. Best wishes and solid support going out to Michael Hornbuckle the best blues artist I have heard in all my years here in the mile high city. Glad your talent is being noticed further afield brother. Best male CD and best vocal. Well yeah….

  10. Best Pop/Rock Female Artist – for Janey Street – “My Side of Paradise” is a great album, sung with emotional and soulful vocals, and well crafted songwriting at its best!

  11. Michael Hornbuckle is the real deal. Great songwriter, soulful singer, and one of the most amazing blues guitar slingers I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing and hearing. Check him out and thank me later.

  12. Janey Street for Best Female CD and Best Pop/Rock Female Artist!!!! She has probably had the most extensive and experienced music career of any artist on the list. A tried and true seasoned veteran of the music industry who deserves to be recognized for her amazing contributions to the World of Music!

  13. Cindy Alexander is nominiated for three awards…hope you can round it out with Fan Favorite and icon Award!!! Love the new CD Deep Water.s..of course all my Cindy Alexander CDs!!

  14. Janey Street is the consummate artist. Her album is current yet has just the right historical influences. It’s thoughtful with universal themes yet it hits u viscerally – u get a real reaction down in ur gut. U want to sing along, move to the beats. And janeys vocals – well- clear as ever. Janey’s writing- well- mad skills to be respected and revered. This artist has weathered the storms of time and is coming out covered in rays of sunshine. Be prepared to be inspired, enlightened, and truly entertained. Janey has worked hard and it shows. Hope
    To see her win this award- she deserves it.

  15. I have seen Micheal Hornbuckle play a few times now. His passion and skill comes through. He is a inspired and honest player of the blues.

  16. Great list of super indie music, so needed in a year where we lost some many great icons. Looking forward to these great sounds filling the void. My personal wonderful experience was getting introduced to the sounds of Peach & the Almost Blues Band in Copenhagen this year!

  17. Janey Street for Best CD Female and Best Pop/Rock Female Artist! She is an amazing artist with a long career in music and in helping other musicians! She rocks!!!!!!

  18. MICHAEL HORNBUCKLE!!!!! you got this, man! BEST BLUES ARTIST…in the bag, and of course that CD!!! SOUL REPO doesn’t get any better!!! You are SO admired for work!!! Don’t EVER stop!!! <3 <3

  19. Best Video and for Best Country/Americana Artist and Video. Check out Mitch Hayes from North Carolina, especially the Live version of All Fall Down. This older songwriter/artist has seen plenty of life to give his songs meaning from the heart! Mitch Hayes on YouTube

  20. Cindy Alexander is amazing, definitely my favorite! Her new CD Deep Waters is full of heartfelt lyrics and beautiful music.

  21. Wow, after all these years my friend Janey Street is finally getting some recognition – this is fantastic!!! “My Side of Paradise” is a wonderful album (disclaimer: I co-wrote the title song with her), and Janey’s one of the best songwriters I know. Hope you get it, girlfriend.

  22. I ljust be Cindy Alexander for Best Cd “Deep Waters” &
    Best Christmas Single “The Christmas song” Cindy Alexander

  23. I’ve heard a few of these bands but I’ve had the best time at a live show watching paper moon play, they are 100% dedicated to the cause and live for this. Good luck paper moon!!!!

  24. Powerful music, compassionate songs, compelling lyrics, all created and expressed through the art of Mitch Hayes Music…

    Best Video (live):
    Mitch Hayes (“All Fall Down”)

    Best Country/Americana Artist:
    Mitch Hayes

  25. Doesn’t get much better than Mitch Hayes, plus two nominations in different categories! He’s got my vote!

  26. Janey Street is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. I vote for “My Side of Paradise!”

  27. Jenny Street is the best ever!!! Great Talent!!!, outstanding song writing and an influence to all.

    Oy vey!!!!

  28. Janey Street is my nominee for best Female CD…it’s a disc that I just never get tired of…her songs speak to me in a visceral way and her talent for songwriting is undeniable…Go Janey Go!

  29. JANEY STREET for the win! She busts her butt to make awesome music. And she does it for the love of the music. Heck yeah!

  30. Cindy Alexander is tops in my book… love her singing and songwriting… she is the best!!! GO Cindy!!

  31. Gotta be Janey Street! Album is s great mix of music and I have heard her perform. Great guitarist, awesome singer and writes killer songs!

  32. Papermoon Gypsys with Lexi G is a show you don’t want to miss. Their album should be choosen for Best Blues Artist Award!!! And fan favorite. They are number one everywhere they go. Just amazing!!!

  33. Thank you for nominating my favorite singer/songwriter, Cindy Alexander! Deep Waters- my favorite CD of all time! Christmas Song- gorgeous single! Best Pop / Rock artist !

  34. My votes go to JANEY STREET for Best CD FEMALE, and BEST POP ROCK FEMALE. !!!! Great voice, great songs, great production, great heart. She’s got it all!

  35. Cindy Alexander for everything– what an incredible artist who truly has it ALL. Unbelievably talented songwriter who is also easy on the eyes;) Been following her career for over a decade and she’s the real deal.

    Best Cd “Deep Waters” Cindy Alexander
    Best Christmas Single “The Christmas song” Cindy Alexander
    Best Pop/Rock Artist CINDY ALEXANDER!

  36. Papermoon Gypsys Best Blues Artist and Fan favorite. I love their album and their live performance will knock you out!!!

  37. JANEY STREET rocks! What an incredible album! My favorite part of her is her vulnerability in the way she delivers a song! One of the best vocalist of all time! She is amazing!! She should absolutely nominated and hands down….. she should win this award!!!!! Rock on J

  38. Elouise Deep Water for country Americans. A total game changer for the genre. Happy to see them on the list!

  39. Cindy Alexander has a beautiful voice. Her songs are inspiring and you can tell she puts her “ALL” into each one. I nominate her for all 3 categories. Best CD female, Best Christmas Song and Best pop/rock female artist.

  40. I saw Cindy in concert and was so impressed with her beautiful voice,lyrics and stage presence. I have all her cd’s. Deep waters is one of her best and Christmas Song is very touching. She get my vote for all three categories.

  41. Janey Street’s CD is a great example of true artistry. Her music, lyrics and vocals have real substance and meaning that easily capture the listener and take them on her musical journey. Such a creation can only come directly from the heart vs. songs of writer or writers whose main goal is to please the big machine in order to beat out the competition to get a cut and radio play.
    Janet is most definitely deserving of the award for Best CD and Best Artist!! 👍✌

  42. Janey Street! Emotion exudes from her fantastic vocal cords. Every song she sings leaves an imprint on your soul.

  43. Say in 3’s…
    Janey Street, Janey Street, Janey Street.
    Everyone should know what her peer’s have known for years, Janey is a great talent.
    Work like hers has heart and deserves award recognition. Shout it out!

  44. Janet Street is amazing. Talented, creative and a vocal sensation. My Side of Paradise is the best!

  45. Cindy Alexander for best CD, Deep Waters, Best Christmas single and Best Pop-Rock artist…and let’s
    Not forget BEST HAIR! Love this artist, love her music.

  46. There’s no comparison –CINDY ALEXANDER for Best Female CD, Best Christmas Single, & Best Pop/Rock Female Artist! She’s an innovative singer/songwriter who is creative, fierce, gorgeous, and she ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!

  47. LOVE LOVE LOVE Cindy Alexander!!! Definitely the Best Female CD, Best Christmas Single & Best Pop/Rock Female Artist! Don’t have to think twice about it, She Rocks! She’s incredible in more ways than one!!!!

  48. Loved Cindy Alexander’s Deep Waters. I caught her act in Chicago and she is quite the performer. Her music really reaches deep in the soul and experience of living. Record of the year for sure

  49. Cindy Alexander is the most unique singer/songwriter I know. She is a poet for the contemporary masses, as her music and lyrics speak to the collective soul. Her originality, depth of character, and exceptional talent make her an obvious contender, and very deserving WINNER!!

  50. Janey Street is an exceptional artist whom I consider as one of the best in the entire industry..

  51. I for one and am very happy to Janey Street nominated. Talk about a dedicated musician and all around genuine person. To overlook Ms. Street would be a grave error in my opinion. Music from the heart.

  52. Janet Street is one of my favorite, yet somehow under appreciated, artists period. She’s been dedicated to her craft for longer than most in the game.

  53. Janey street totally deserves to win! She needs recognition for her long history in the music business!

  54. PaperMoon Gypsys Best Blues Artist! Hi yes i AGREE! they really are the (best of the best Blues Artist!) there is no doubt about it!!!!!

    1. Hello” all yes thanks! Gary & all who supports and for those of you that are and did and still are voting for Kenny Williams & his band Papermoon Gypsys! Best Blues Artist! and Best Blues Band! Love ya’ll <3 😀

  55. Janey Street- Hey Babe! Congratulations on your nomination for best Best female rock pop artist and your fabulous CD, I loved it! I cant wait to hear the new one (of which I got a sneek peek and… wow!). So, Happy New Year and let’s write more songs! xo, Lois

  56. I’ve had the pleasure of working and knowing Janey Street for many many years. She has the unique ability to touch your heart through her music. She touches your imagination with her lyrics. She touches your soul with her creativity. Janey is a treasure that I appreciate and cherish.
    – Michael Lloyd 2016

  57. Love Michael Hornbuckle!! He really is an amazing, original artist. His love for music really shines through in his performances. He most definitely has my vote for both categories he’s nominated in.

  58. I LOVE CINDY ALEXANDER! Cindy’s music has been such a huge part of my life. Cindy has my vote for all three well deserved categories. Cindy Alexander for BEST CD, BEST POP ROCK ARTIST AND BEST CHRISTMAS SINGLE. She continues to inspire me everyday. CINDY ROCKS!!!!

  59. I would also like to nominate Cindy Alexander for Fan Favorite. She is a “FIREBALL” Not only a brilliant Singer/Song Writer, but she is so good to her fans. I have never met an artist of her Caliber so genuine and connected to each one of us. FAN FAVORITE- CINDY ALEXANDER!

  60. Janey Street! This lady is the best at songwriting. I love listening and feeling the songs seep into my soul. Saw her play live and loved every second. She is a fabulous singer. She deserves to win!

  61. Janey Street, for Best Blues Artist. Way overdue. What a fantastic voice as well as a great song writer. BEST BLUES ARTIST!!!!!

  62. I can’t get any of the PaperMoon Gypsys songs out of my head 😀 oh so tasteful! and tuneful! ETC…..<3

  63. I would also like to nominate PaperMoon Gypsys for Best Blues Artist, and Band and Fan they are Not only a brilliant Blues Artist and Band but they are so good to there fans. I have never met an artist of there Caliber so genuine and connected to each one of us. FAN FAVORITE= PaperMoon Gypsys!

  64. The PaperMoon Gypsys! Indeed! These guys are the best at all they do from songwriting to playing their instruments and Singing the Blues. . I love listening to them and feeling the songs they record and the live entertainment pours into my soul.I seen them play live and loved every second of all their songs.Every word and note always right on key the harmony is oh so sweet. They are fabulous and fantastic singers and YES! they deserve to win! So then of course they are the absolute Best Blues Artist and Fan Favorite!!! 😀

  65. Major Props to my great friend Janey “Bluz” Street.
    Best CD Female- My Side Of Paradise
    Best Pop/Rock Female

  66. Papermoon Gypsys for best blues artist 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  67. Papermoon Gypsys for Best Blues Artist and Fan Favorite! 😀 they are here now and before and will remain here singing and playing the Blues! 😀 they are coming for you!!! 😀

  68. Papermoon Gypsys get my vote for Best Blues Artist, Best Blues Band, Best Album; and Fan Favorite category, too! 😀

  69. If there’s any justice in our treasured record business … Janey Street deserves this award for her wonderful album and her sheer tenacity!
    To say nothing of her sound and great songs!
    Brooks Arthur

  70. I am a huge fan of the Papermoon Gypsys! This band plays some awesome blues/rock and has such energy. Talent like this needs to be shared. These guys are the real deal!I YOU BETTER MOVE ON 6 bnc 2 by Kenny Williams/WHEN I LOOK INTO YOUR EYES 11.12.14 by Kenny Williams!!!!!!! to name a few 😀

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