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Monday mashup 2017: Vol 21

Back home in Montana after a wonderful week spending time with my dad and sister-in-law in Oklahoma.  I drove 3100 miles through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma, and enjoyed the trip.  Also got to stop in Denver and catch a performance of one of my best friends, Nina Storey, at The Soiled Dove Underground.

Speaking of the show, her opening act, Ian Mahan, was amazing.  The night was sheer perfection.  Loved the entire vibe of new songs, old songs, Beatles songs and the wit and wisdom of her brilliant on stage banter.  We have been friends for many years (won’t tell you how many but it’s more than 10), and this was the best show I have ever witnessed.  Be on the lookout for new material, as well as a new project that she shared with us.  If you loved her before, you will love her even more now.  If you haven’t discovered the magic that is Nina Storey, then now is the perfect time to come onboard.


The Eighth annual Hollywood Fringe Festival opens for previews on Thursday, followed by the Opening Party on June 7.  We will be arriving on June 15, and will provide daily coverage through the awards show on June 25.  We are so excited to present our first award this year, the Larry Cornwall Award for Musical Excellence, in honor of our fallen friend, Larry Cornwall aka Alice in Cooperland.  Stay tuned for our list of the 10 most anticipated shows, which will be published later this week.


The LA Music Critic Awards are celebrating five years of recognizing the indie music community with a showcase at the famed Hotel Café on June 20.  We will be honoring a special songwriter with the 2017 Icon Award, and will have performances by Wendy Sweetlove, Elyse Haren, Jon Mullane, Janey Street, Jerad Finck, Katie Costello, Lovers & Poets, The Spider Accomplice and Papermoon Gypsys.  Advance tickets are available on the Hotel Café website and are only $10 in advance and $12 at the door.  Come help us celebrate and support live indie music.


Emily Clibourn has been a force in indie music for several years.  We are proud to announce the screening of her new rock-umentary, As the Wind Blows, the story of her recent cross-country tour.  The screening of the five part documentary will be on Saturday, June 3 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at 1340 E 6th Street, Suite 402, Los Angeles.  Doors open at 7:30 p.m., with live music playing from 8:30 until 10 p.m.  The screening will follow.  Afterwards, attendees are invited to the Villains Tavern for the after party.  The event is BYOB, and it is recommended that you also bring a pillow for your own seating.

Please click here to RSVP and here for more details.


Speaking of Jerad Finck, he has recently released his new single, on the heels of the success of “Criminal.”  His tune is called “New Kids,” and we think you’ll love it.  Check it out.


Check out this interesting video from Brooklyn based Onesie of their tune, “This Minstrel.”  Please let us know your thoughts.

We haven’t forgotten about you hip-hop fans.  Check out the recent music video from Australian band 27 seconds of their song, “Forever Learning.”

Last  but not least this week is the debut video of an amazing new band fronted by our friend, Justin Foutz.  Check out “American Sweetheart” by the Rye Brothers.




Monday mashup: What’s new in the indie world?

Happy Thanksgiving week!  We’re proud to bring you a new feature which will be published every Monday.  So many things are happening in the indie world, and we try to cover as many of them as possible.  This feature will bring you tidbits of recent events involving indie artists.  If you want to know more about the latest happenings, check in with us each Monday.  If any of these snippets pique your interest, let us know and we’ll expand our coverage.

World Hello Day – November 21

K-Syran has released a music video of an acoustic version of her song “Hello” to celebrate World Hello Day, when everyone is encourage to say “hello” to 10 new people.  You can find out more about K-Syran by checking out our Women in Entertainment feature on her.

Temecula Valley Music Awards Handed Out

The TVMAs were handed out on November 12 in Temecula, California.  Among the winners announced by founder Tim Moyer was recent LA Music Critic Award winner Diana Rein for Best Blues.  Other winners included Bob Karwin for Best Acoustic performance; Maddie Lei for Best Country performance; OS Roxx and Cougrzz Rock tied for Best Cover Band; Daring Greatly for Best out of Town; Jarvis Brown for Best Rock performance; We Belong for Best Tribute Band; Anthony Cullins for Best Youth Original song; Makayla Philips for Best Youth Cover Song and Franklin’s Cove for Most Supportive Venue.  Erick Turner was also awarded Local Legend.

If you live in or around the Temecula Valley of California, TVMA is gearing up for their 2017 season.  Check them out for more info.

Hollywood Music in Media Awards

It’s definitely awards season.  The HMMAs are unique in that they honor music in media from both indie and mainstream artists.  These awards, created by Los Angeles producer Brent Harvey, continue to expand their reach and are becoming more and more prestigious in the industry.  Among the indie artists who were nominated and appeared at this year’s HMMAs, held on November 17 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, were Katie Garibaldi and Marina V.  Justin Timberlake and John Debney were among the winners, which also included indie artist Jon Mullane for Best Independent Video for “Born Beautiful,” as well as an Honorable Mention for his documentary, Shine On.  Find out more by visiting their website.

New Video Releases

War and Pierce released a lyric video for their song “On and On” while Alexis Keegan released a video for her song “Empty Heart.”  Check them out below.

Wanna be included in next week’s mash-up?  Just send your news to us at lamusiccritic@gmail.com.  We’d love to promote you and your music and keep your fans apprised of your latest news.  Looking forward to hearing from artists, fans and publicists.  Subscribe to our blog so you won’t miss any of our features, including two Get it or Forget it articles this week, when we will review the latest from Mike Jacoby, Patrick Joseph, Rachel Brett, Racing Heart, Affordable Hybrid and No One Minds.  Until next week, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your family time.


Jon Mullane’s new album simply shines

Last week we told you about Jon Mullane and the release show for his new album and the documentary about his life.  Today we will be reviewing that album, and sharing our interview with this amazing indie artist.

Shine kicks off with an old-fashioned 90’s rocker “My New American Girl,” which immediately lets the listener know that Mullane has come to play.  It is catchy, up beat, and totally radio friendly.  That trend continues with the second track, “Shine on Tonight,” and the third track, “Way Up,” which could be the new anthem for positivity. 

Honestly, there isn’t a weak track on this album.  The hits just keep coming in track four “In Your Life” and track five “Don’t Let Go,” before Mullane changes gears with a power ballad at track six, “Any Other Way.”  Track seven brings us the amazing hit “Born Beautiful” before giving way to the rocking “Take me Away” at track eight.  The album closes with two more amazing tracks, “So Into U” and “Body Rock” before providing a bonus track remix of “Any Other Way” with just piano and voice.  “Body Rock” is perfect rocker that puts an exclamation point on the statement that is Shine.

All in all, this album has set the bar for indie pop/rock and made Mullane the frontrunner for an LA Music Critic Award for the second half of 2016.

Now that you’ve read the review, sit back and learn things about this amazing indie artist. 

IVB:  How long have you been performing?

JM:  Since I was 15, in high school.

 IVB:  Who do you consider to be your influences?

JM:  U2, Bowie, any song with a great melody!

 IVB:  What makes your new release so special?

JM:  Every song on this album creates a sense of enthusiasm in the listener, and I have been told by many that the songs bring them both comfort and optimism.

We’ve released three singles and music videos before releasing the album, one of which, ‘My New American Girl’ broke Top 40 on the Hot AC Billboard Radio chart.
The music video for ‘Any Other Way’ won an HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award) for Best Music Video.

The song, “Born Beautiful,” encourages all of us to embrace the beauty we can find within ourselves, and through this song and its video, in which a young woman rejects suicide, I have formed partnerships with mental health organizations, including the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA.org), the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI.org – US), and the Campaign to Change Direction (changedirection.org – US), to help raise awareness and change the culture of mental health.

Essentially, I’ve developed a musical story leading up to the release of the full album.

IVB:  What are your future plans?

JM:  The album release last Thursday was coordinated with the release of a documentary about my life and music career, Jon Mullane – Shine On.  

My current single from the album, “Born Beautiful,” has been released as well as a video for the song, which has been nominated for a 2016 IMEA (International Music & Entertainment Award) for Best Music Video. I have also been nominated for Best Pop Artist this year.

After the release party, I will be going out on tour across the US, Canada, and Europe. Tour planning is underway.

 IVB:  Do you have any stories you want to share about your band – touring, recording, or fan interaction.

JM:  There is nothing more fulfilling than hearing from a fan that has been touched by my music.  I received this e-mail from a fan in Austria:

“Hi my friend Jon,

I pray, that all is well with you and your dear ones my friend?

Really always newly thanks for your amazing music, to me, you are one of the greatest composers and musicians of all time and I always hope, that you and your mates will make in the near future another record. I will forever support you and still love all your albums so very much.

Sadly, my beloved dad Peter is very weak and down, the side effects of the chemotherapy are horrible.

But especially I never give up to trust in God and music always is medicine to me too.

Take care my friend, know, I always appreciate you Jon and keep you and all the ones in your life in my prayers and thoughts too.

Sending you all my best wishes and kindest regards from very hot Austria,

yours forever friend and fan”

Mullane is a wonderful addition to any listener’s “must-have” indie music catalog.  To find out more about him, check out his website and Facebook pages and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Jon Mullane set to release new album and documentary

Jon Mullane is an award winning rock/pop singer and songwriter who is originally from Canada.  Mullane is releasing is new album, Shine, on Friday, September 16.  In celebration of this event, and the soon to be released documentary of his life, entitled Shine On, Mullane is hosting a show at the Acoustic Playhouse at the Dragonfly in Hollywood, California.  The doors will open tonight at 8:30 p.m., with the documentary screening starting at 9.  The screening will be followed at 9:45 p.m. with a full band concert featuring all the songs on the new album.

A videographer will be in attendance and the footage from the release show will be added to the documentary before it is submitted for international distribution by documentary filmmaker John Rosborough of RPM Productions.

Mullane is also one of the founders and one of the performers for the “Live The Dream Tour,” which recently held a successful fundraising show at the Wilshire Ebell Theater.   You can find out more about this organization, the fundraiser, and its goals by visiting their website.

Check out Mullane’s music video for his latest single “Born Beautiful” by clicking here.  The single serves as the catalyst for Jon’s partnership with the Campaign to Change Direction, an organization dedicated to changing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.  As a result of this partnership, Mullane’s image appeared in Times Square, and he is featured prominently on their news page along with news about other partners including Prince Harry, Michelle Obama, Richard Gere, and Chris Stapleton.

In addition, the video has been nominated for an International Music & Entertainment Award (IMEA) as Best Music Video, while Mulane has also been nominated for Best Pop Artist.   The video is also being considered for a Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA) and has been submitted to the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) for consideration for a Grammy, of which Mullane is a voting member.

Have fun at the premiere and join us again soon as we review the new album and publish our interview with Mullane.  In the meantime, check out his website and Facebook pages and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.