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Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 26

Welcome to another week of summer.  This was one of the weekends we wished we were still in Los Angeles, because we definitely would  have been at Dodger Stadium for the amazing Classic West festival which all our friends are talking about.  To those of you who attended, hope you had a great time with The Eagles, the Doobie Brothers, Steeley Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Journey and Earth Wind and Fire.  We’re so jealous!!!


Heather Jacks, author of The Noise Beneath the City, creator of the Drinking from the Jug blog, as well as a huge supporter of indie music has announced that she is joining an artists’ collective and opening her first brick and mortar store, Rock A Record, at the Sea Hive, an artisan marketplace located at 1555 S. Coast Highway in Oceanside.  The new location will open next month, so please go out and support this true patron of the arts.

Montanan Melissa Forrette continues her busy July with an opening slot for the legendary country band Sawyer Brown at Darby Logger Days on July 21.  Tickets are still available at the event’s website.

Several of the nominees for the LA Music Critic Awards are visiting Montana or the surrounding area in the near future, and we plan to get out and support them.  This Wednesday (July 19) we will be heading to Stevensville, Montana to see The American West at the Blacksmith Brewery.  We will also be attending the performance of Jerad Finck at Bellwether Brewery Co. in Spokane, Washington on July 22.  Then on August 3, we will be seeing Gina Sicilia at The Gold Room in Colorado Springs, Colorado before heading to Billings, Montana to catch Australian Anni Piper at Magic City Blues on August 4.  We also hope to catch Redhead Express when they play at Music Ranch Montana in Livingston, Montana on August 17.

Other artists on tour in our area include Nina Storey at the Marmelade Concert Series in Salt Lake City on July 20 and Trevor Hall headlining at the Top Hat on November 7.


Here’s an amazing track from Space4Lease entitled “Must be Something” that should help kick-start your Monday.  Please let us know what you think.


There have been a boatload of new music videos released in the past week or so, and we have selected three to share with you.  Please also check out “You!” by Floco Torres, “Snitches get Stiches” by Wieuca, “Learn to Be” by Bryan Mackey and “Concrete Angels” by Scarlett Taylor, as well as “Coldplay” by David Ryan Harris.  All are available at YouTube.com.

First up today is the latest from one of our favorite singer-songwriters and close friends, Kim Divine.  Her new lyric video is entitled “This Time Around,” and we definitely think you will enjoy it.

Next up is “Underneath,” the latest single from Rosi Golan, one of the many amazing artists represented by publicist Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR.  We just reviewed the album, and definitely think this one is a keeper.

Last, but definitely not least, is the latest from California Country artist and multiple LA Music Critic Award nominee  and past winner, Calico the Band, with their latest, “The 405.”  Everyone in the greater LA area will be able to relate to this video.  Have a great week.



Monday Mashup 2017: Vol 5

Wow – five weeks into 2017, and indie artists are really making noise.  Milck, an artist we introduced you to back on September 21, 2015, is truly blowing up!!!  In the past seven days, her official music video for “Quiet” has gone from just over 142,000 views to more than 400,000.  She has been featured in Billboard, Allure, ET Online, Twitter and Facebook, and made several appearances on national TV, including her appearance on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.  The YouTube video of that appearance has already drawn more than 75,000 views in less than three days.  We are so proud of you Connie Lim aka Milck.  Thank you for having the courage to bring your message of hope in a time of increased insanity.  We are proud to support you!!!  We are also proud of her PR effort, spearheaded by the Big Kahuna herself – Go Laura and Red Boot PR as you champion another worthy indie cause!!!!


LA Music Critic Icon Keaton Simons has been busy, but not in the typical way.  Always a firm believer in collaboration, Simons has lent his talents to the Backbone Posse on their new music video for “Supawaz Gaz,” which also features the talents of Slimkid3 and Adam Vadel.  Please be warned this video is NSFW or young kids.  Enjoy.


Indie artist Janiva Magness, nominated for Best Blues Album for Love Wins Again, is having a birthday today.  She recently performed before a packed house at the world famous Troubadour in Los Angeles, and posted several videos of her live performance.  Please enjoy this one and make sure to send her best wishes.


We are proud to spotlight this incredible new indie video.  Watch for us to review her new release soon.  Please give it up for Emily Zuzik from Los Angeles with the amazing release of “Alone,” which has garnered more than 25,000 views in the past four days.  We think this one is a definite keeper!!!

We look forward to chatting with you again next month.  Have a great week!

Get it or forget it: Year of Suns, Fort Frances, The Show Ponies

Happy Tuesday.  Time now for the 19th installment of Get it or Forget It.  Today we’re featuring music from a pair of clients of the uber amazing indie PR firm Red Boot PR, as well as a long awaited review of a truly outstanding artist from In Music we Trust.  Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we discuss these three new releases.


Artist NameYear of Suns

Album NameSounds of Silence

Label:  Milk + Gum

Genre:  Indie Rock/Singer-Songwriter

Track Listing:  1.  Rode the Darkness Home; 2.  Hard to Forget; 3.  Once it Comes; 4.  Plain Sight; 5.  Autumn Light 

Publicist:  Red Boot PR

Review:  Chris Matthews aka Year of Suns has had an interesting year.  According to his publicist, Matthews moved from one unstable living scenario to another, this relative died, that relative died, then another, and another, in what would become a tragic comedy of biblical proportions . . . except it wasn’t ever funny.  To top it all off, he also had an intimate relationship fall into dissolution, and was hit by a car in the San Fernando Valley.  Despite all of this, he has created a masterpiece of simplicity with an honesty and rawness that cuts through the crap to deliver powerfully inspiring music.  All five tracks deliver a message of hope, enthroned on a simple musical backdrop that focuses the listener on the lyrics.  It is in our opinion one of the premier indie releases of 2016.  We also discovered this gem from earlier in the year.  Check it out and we think you’ll agree that this artist is the real deal, whether simple and intimate as on the EP, or with a full soundtrack as below.

Recommendation:  Don’t stop, don’t think, just Get It!


Artist Name: Fort Frances

Album NameAlio

Label:  Roadblock Records

Genre:  Indie Pop/Rock

Track Listing: 1.  You got the Wrong Man; 2.  Take the Wheel; 3.  Days get Heavy; 4.  Best of Luck; 5.  Sigh of Relief; 6.  Anonymous; 7.  Everything is Starting to Make Sense; 8.  Building a Wall; 9.  These are the Mountains Moving; 10.  The Light Years; 11.  This Year is Yours 

Publicist:  In Music we Trust

Review:  On first listen, you might confuse Fort Frances with Maroon 5, as they share a great lead vocalist and an ‘in your face’ musical style that is instantly memorable.  But on closer examination, Fort Frances separates itself in a way that only indie bands can.  They recently completed a very successful tour in support of their new album, Alio.  Listening to this amazing disc confirms the reason why – this band simply rocks!  Every song is radio ready, and keeps the listener occupied with its dynamics and great lyrics.  We could easily put this album on repeat and never get tired of listening to potential hit song after potential hit song.  Best tracks include “Take the Wheel,” “Days get Heavy,” “Best of Luck,” “Anonymous,” “Building a Wall” and “These are the Mountains Moving.”  So glad we were able to introduce you to this band with an exclusive preview of their video for “Going to California” back in October.  These guys are gonna be around for a long time to come!

Recommendation:  Another no-brainer.  If you love quality rock with great musical backdrop to brilliant lyrics and a lead singer that is fast becoming one of the premier voices in indie music, then get off your butt and Get It.

photo by Daley Hake
photo by Daley Hake

Artist NameThe Show Ponies

Album NameHow it all Goes Down

Label:  FreeMan Records

Genre:  Folk/Americana

Track Listing:  1.  The Time it Takes; 2.  This World is not my Home; 3.  Kalamazoo; 4.  Someone to Stay; 5.  Shoulda Showed Him; 6.  Folks Back Home; 7.  Only Lie; 8.  Something Good; 9.  Sweetly; 10.  If you Could Break That Chain; 11.  Don’t Call on Me; 12.  Bravery be Written; 13.  How it all Goes Down 

Publicist:  Red Boot PR

Review:  Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR has introduced this writer to a few amazing artists over the years, but none of them compare to this amazing band.  The Show Ponies combine the fun of Mumford & Sons with the lyrical brilliance of Bruce Springsteen to create musical genius that is destined to propel this band to the head of the pack and make them a household name.  Their video for “The Time it Takes,” which was formed from tour footage, is simply amazing.  The second track, “This World is not my Home,” rocks as only a true gospel bluegrass song can.  It is impossible to pick the best tracks, as every song delivers in its own way.  The multiple lead singers (Andi Carder and Clayton Chaney) make every song like a Christmas present that you can’t wait to open.  One thing that truly stands out is the amazing fiddle work of Phil Green, as well as the banjo of Carder.  Add to that the perfect percussive foundation of Kevin Brown on drums and Chaney on bass, coupled with the guitar and piano of Jason Hawk Harris and it is easy to see why we are so in love with this band.  If they ever come within 500 miles of your home, you owe it to yourself to get out and see them perform.

Recommendation:  This album is not scheduled to be released until January 20 2017, but we highly suggest you pre-order it NOW so you don’t miss out.  Here are the links:  iTunes or Google Play.


Monday Mashup: what’s happening in the indie world?

Welcome to our third installment of Monday Mashup.  The year is drawing to a close and indie musicians are as busy as ever.  The LA Music Critic Awards are on the horizon and this one appears to be one of the strongest ones we’ve seen in recent memory.  If you have released an album, EP, single or video since July 1, or plan to release one before December 31, please contact us so we can consider it for one of the awards.  In addition, we will have some great news to share in January regarding the Awards.  You don’t want to miss that announcement, so make sure you’re subscribed to our blog.

Jerad Finck wins grand prize in US Songwriting Competition

We reported last Monday that Jerad Finck had won the Best Pop Song in the annual US Songwriting Competition for his title track to his latest album, Criminal.  We have since learned that he also won the overall Grand Prize for the best song of 2016.  We are so proud to have introduced you to this amazing artist, and look forward to seeing what comes next.  Finck is a client of Ue3 Promotions.  Congratulations to you both.

Teen sensation Meresha releases new single “Together”

Meresha has released a new single.  According to Meresha, “In today’s world, we can’t let ourselves be divided because of our skin color, national background, religious practice, sexual preference or other beliefs.”  We wholeheartedly agree.  We think this song is great in many ways, and should be a part of your daily dose of healthy music.  Meresha is another client of Ue3 Promotions.  Download her song on iTunes or Google Play.

LA Music Critic Award winner Rod Melancon scheduled to play Hotel Café

Americana artist Rod Melancon, a two-time LA Music Critic Award winner will be playing a special show at the world famous Hotel Café in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 10.  He will be performing at 11 p.m. after the set by The Vegabonds.  Melancon is signed to Blue Élan Records and is a proud client of MAD Ink PR.  We only wish we could be in LA next weekend for this show.

Blue Élan Records releases A Blue Élan Christmas

LA Music Critic Award winner Cindy Alexander is among the artists with singles on the new Christmas release from her label, Blue Élan Records.  Check out her cover of the Dave Matthews Band’s “Christmas Song” below:

Video Releases

Red Boot PR client Lucy Woodward has released a video for her hit single “Live Live Live.”  We think you’ll agree this is an amazing song and an even more amazing video.  Check her out.

Multi LA Music Critic Awards winning trio The Spider Accomplice has released the latest in their video series supporting their album Los Angeles:  The Abduction.  Check out their video for “You Still Lie.”  We think you will see why this blog and LA Music Critic are so in love with these indie rockers.


That’s it for this week.  Please let us know if you have any news you want us to share.  Until next Monday . . .


Monday Mashup: what’s new in the indie world?

Hope you all survived Thanksgiving week.  We’re back with another look at what’s new in the indie world.

Un5Gettable release cover of ‘NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas Happy Holidays”

Comedy/parody group Un5Gettable has released their own version of ‘NSYNC’s holiday song “Merry Christmas Happy Holidays.”  Winners of the Best Video (Comedy) for the first half of 2016, these boys have proven that there are no sacred cows in their lives.  But believe it or not, these boys can really sing, as demonstrated by this track.  Please enjoy it with our compliments.

Jerad Finck wins USA Songwriting Competition

Jerad Finck, winner of the Best CD (Male) for the second half of 2015, has another laurel to put on his mantel.  He recently won the award for Best Overall Pop song for the title track of his latest CD, Criminal.  Here’s the stripped down acoustic version of his song, recently posted to YouTube.  We think you’ll agree that this song deserves all its accolades.

Brian Mackey releases new Christmas single, “Just One Night”

We introduced you to Brian Mackey back in October when his single “Are You Listening?” was getting a lot of traction in the business.  Now Mackey has released his Christmas single, and we think you’ll dig it.  Check it out and download it from Apple Music.

Jess Penner releases lyric video for “Together”

Jess Penner, the solo singer-songwriter persona of Jessica Treskon, and one half of the dynamic duo of Kayjez, recently released a lyric video for her song “Together,” off her EP Good Times.  Check it out and see why we are so jazzed about the future of  this amazing artist.

Marina V launches food and travel blog

International indie artist Marina V has recently launched a food and travel blog.  As an musician who travels and tours around the globe, Marina V is the perfect person to be able to also report on her travels and the food she encounters while on tour.  Check out her blog here.

More video releases

Here are two more amazing videos released in the past week.  The first is by outstanding Americana band The Show Ponies, who are preparing for the release of their new album in January.  Check out their video for “The Time it Takes,” filmed while they were recently on tour.

Alexis Keegan has been a favorite of this blog and this writer since she first burst on the scene.  She recently released the video for her monster hit “Empty Heart.”  Expect a lot more great music from this artist as we head into 2017.

Please let us know if you have any news you want to share.  We’ll be back next Monday with more from the amazing world of indie music.  Thanks to Jen Lyneis of Ue3 Promotions and Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR for introducing us to some of their amazing clients.



Spiritual Rez new release brings reggae sunshine

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with various publicists who have brought us numerous indie masterpieces, but no one has been more consistent in championing the best of the best than Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR.  Her latest client may be one of her best and we are proud to review the new cd for reggae fusion sextet Spiritual Rez, which drops on Friday, October 7.

Setting in the West is the fourth studio album for the boys from Boston, and is produced by Kenny Carkeet, the founding member of AWOLNATION.  The album also features Duddy B of The Dirty Heads, HIRIE, and Billy Kottage of Reel Big Fish, as well as co-writing with John Feldman of Goldfinger, and co-producing by Max Collins of Eve 6.

Composed of Toft Willingham on vocals, Ian “Meat” Miller on drums, Jesse Shaternick on bass, Mohamed Araki on keys, Quinn Carson on trombone and Julian Dessler on trumpet, Spiritual Rez takes reggae music further than it has ever gone before.  Check out their music video for the first single “Sober” if you doubt me.

Spiritual Rez has embarked upon a torrid tour that will take them to Oregon, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine before culminating in a show at the Ardmore Music Hall in Pennsylvania on December 16, where they will perform with Badfish, a Sublime tribute band.  The band has previously shared the stage with such greats as George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Steel Pulse and Jimmy Buffet.

The album opens with the aforementioned “Sober,” and takes off from there.  “Red Room” features Duddy B, “Together Always” features HIRIE, and “Bad Girl” features Billy Kottage, and that’s just the first four songs.  Talk about taking the listener by storm.  Check out the just released music video for the second single “Together Always.”

Speaking of “Bad Girl,” this song is a true homage to some of our favorite ska bands like No Doubt and Reel Big Fish, which is only fitting since it features Fish’s Kottage.

The best tracks of the rest of the album include “Whiskey,” “Tidal Wave,” and “Surface Tension.”  This is truly a great album for anyone who loves cutting edge reggae or ska.

Indie Voice Blog is proud to recognize the talent of Spiritual Rez and to highly recommend you immediately grab yourself a copy of Setting in the West as soon as it becomes available on October 7.

The Congress’ new album is a game changer

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, the Congress have burst onto the scene with a killer sophomore effort entitled The Game, to be released on September 9 on American Paradox Records.  Thanks to JamBase, you can stream the new album today.

Composed of Scott Lane on guitar and vocals, Jonathan Meadows on bass and vocals, Chris Speasmaker on keys and Raphael Katchinoff on drums, the Congress treads that thin line between folk, Americana and indie rock with a precision that will ensure that fans of all three genres will love this release.  They will also appeal to fans of classic country as well.

From the opening notes of “Home Again” to the closing refrain of “Farewell,” the Congress deliver nine songs that belong on the playlist of every lover of independent music.

The album was produced by the band, mixed by Adrian Olsen and recorded at Denver’s Macy Sound Studios and Richmond’s Montrose Studios.  Among the engineers that worked on the album were Logan Muckler, Scott Lane and Grammy winner John Macy.  The mastering was accomplished by another Grammy winner, Brian Lucey, who has worked with the Black Keys and Grace Potter.

Truthfully, there is not a weak track on the album.  Every song packs a punch and keeps the listener engaged throughout.  It’s no wonder that this band has toured with the likes of Lake Street Drive, the Tedeschi-Trucks Band and Hard Working Americans, and is currently on a headlining tour that includes performances at such festivals as Wakarusa and High Sierra.

Indie Voice Blog is proud to highly recommend The Game.  This album should be in the hands of every serious music lover.  We think they just might become your favorite indie band.

Check out their website and Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR for the recommendation.

Gabe Dixon is turning gold

Over the past few years this reviewer has been fortunate to know Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR, one of the premier publicists for indie musicians.  During that time, we have learned about many up and coming musicians who are and were her clients, and have covered quite a few of them.  The latest offering is Gabe Dixon, who recently released a new CD, Turns to Gold.

Dixon’s star is definitely on the rise, with the release of his first single, “Holding her Freedom,” which has received numerous favorable critical reviews, and his upcoming appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly, set to air on May 11, 2016.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Paul Moak at the Smoakstack and mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters, Turns to Gold is a true work of art.   Its 12 tracks are flawless, with lyrics that connect and musicianship and instrumentation that turn those lyrics into some of the best songs this reviewer has heard this year.

The piano accompaniment especially evokes comparisons with two superstars, namely Bruce Hornsby and Phil Vassar, while the upbeat message of each song belongs right next to Andy Grammar on the radio.

Favorite tracks of this reviewer are Track 1 “Holding Her Freedom,” Track 2 “Crave,” Track 5 “Flow Like Wine,” and Track 10 “These Wheels,” but all of the tracks are amazing.

Don’t miss you chance to catch Dixon tonight on Carson Daly.  For more info, check out his website and Facebook pages, follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.



Women in entertainment: Alisha Zalkin, fearless front woman

Happy Monday – it’s time for another edition of the Women in Entertainment series.  Today we will spotlight Alisha Zalkin, a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and the lead singer of the popular rock band Sleep Machine,  which was recently featured by Entertainment Weekly.
Alisha was brought to this reviewer’s attention by another Women in Entertainment member, Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR in June 2014, after the release of On This Road, which was reviewed by Examiner.com.  This reviewer was so impressed with the EP that he attended a live performance in Los Angeles later than month, which resulted in Alisha’ first live review.
In addition to the attention given to Alisha by Examiner.com, she was also named one of the eight break-out artists of 2014 by AXS.com and was the recipient of two 2014 LA Music Critic Awards:  Best CD for On This Road and Best Music Video for the album’s single, “Fearless.”
AXS.com had this to say about Alisha:  “San Diego may have been her hometown, but Los Angeles is falling in love with Alisha Zalkin.  What sets her apart from other singer/songwriters is her heartfelt passion for social change and her willingness to set an example for others to emulate.  Her ballad “Fearless” has set the standard for social change and become an anthem for those fighting oppression and social stigma.  Alisha is well on her way to becoming one of Los Angeles’ biggest stars in 2015.”
It seems that the writer at AXS.com nailed his prediction in this case.  Since December 2014, Alisha has become the lead singer for Sleep Machine, a hard-rocking LA indie rock band which is quickly coming to national attention.  The band has already received placements for their music on several national shows, including The Fosters (ABC Family) and Younger (TV Land), in addition to a commercial for the upcoming ABC drama series Quantico.  The band’s single “Wild for You” was featured by Entertainment Weekly in their TV Jukebox feature.
What inspires Alisha?  “I’ve always been one to find inspiration from music that comes from a pure place, regardless of genre.  I’m inspired by well-written songs that are delivered with purpose.  Anything that reaches out and grabs my emotions.  Music and emotions go hand in hand.  My emotions inspire my music and the music I listen to influences my emotions.”
Where does Alisha see herself in the future?  “I’m currently playing around town (LA) with my band Sleep Machine.  We will be releasing a music video for our song, “Game Over,” from our debut EP Cover me in Gold.  We are also in the process of putting together our second EP.  In addition, I am working on a new solo record, writing and recording for a new folk project, and working as a session singer.”
It is just this kind of work ethic that has propelled Alisha into the spotlight, and promises listeners that good things are still to come for this impressive artist.  To keep up with Alisha, check out her website and Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.
Thanks to Laura Goldfarb for the background information and for turning this reviewer on to this amazing artist.