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Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 36

Happy Monday.  Looking forward to my trip to Oklahoma tomorrow to visit with family.  I will have my laptop with me, so I’ll still be writing articles while I’m there.  Still have about 13 more albums to review for the month of September, so prepare to be wowed by these impressive indie artists.


We first learned about Rachel Arianna when she was nine years old, and released a song that truly touched our heart, “Walking Away With Your Heart.”  Well, four years have passed and Arianna, now 13, has released her new video for “Imperfect” which was spotlighted in the Huffington Post on Friday.  We are so proud of the stand this young lady is making, and we believe she will be making music for a long time to come.  This video brought us to tears.


Long-time booker Jay Tinsky, like so many of us, was impacted by the tragic events of Hurricane Harvey.  He reached out to some of the myriad of artists that have played his venues, and set up several benefit shows at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles and Dante’s in Portland.  He still has one show left on September 26, if  you missed the first one on September 17.  Multiple LA Music Critic Award winner Shannon Hurley was one of the artists who played that first show.  Not only did she donate her talents to the benefit, she also wrote a song and made a lyric video of the song, “Love Wins.”  Thank you to all who performed and especially to Tinsky for organizing the events.


If you’re like us, you need something dreamy to get your week off to a good start.  If that’s the case, check out the new single from Nightshifts, “All Along.”  We think it might give you the chill needed to get through your Monday.

Now that you’ve been chilled, here’s something upbeat and electronic to jump start your day.  We really love the sound of this single, and hope you will too.  Here’s “Drive” by Lael.

Our final single today should guarantee a good musical day, with its upbeat groove, impeccable vocals and overall musical excellence.  Check out “Ayo” by Isac Elliot.


Our first video today comes from one of our favorite publicists, Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR.  It is from the group Pet Fangs, and is their first video,  “Gold Coast Dreaming.”  We think it’s another winner for the reining queen of indie promo.

Next up is the new single from Emma Cairo which we reviewed last week.  Here is her video for “L.A.,” one of the best songs on her new album.  We think you’re gonna love it as well.

Last but not least this week is the latest from indie pop icon and multiple LA Music Critic Award winner Katie Costello, who has consistently delivered some of the best videos in the world.  Here’s her song, “Hearts on Fire,” from her current album, New World.  Turn this one up!





Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 33

Happy Labor Day – may the Fourth be with you!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday weekend and are ready for some new music and videos from the indie music community.


Most of you who are familiar with the indie music community either know of or personally know Shannon Hurley.  Not only is she an amazing solo artist, but she is half of the award-winning duo Lovers & Poets, as well as a DIY wizard.  She has collaborated with countless DJs who have turned her songs into dance hits, and is a budding actress.  What you probably don’t know is that with her numerous hours of downtown while on set, she has recently begun “doodling,” creating some amazing art.  We strongly encourage you to check out her new art page on Facebook and support this amazing multi-talented indie artist.


If you happen to be in Los Angeles, we recommend you check out Robbery Inc.‘s performance at The Viper Room on September 14.  Here’s their latest single, “Honebee,” to whet your appetite.  The band is fronted by former Trapt guitarist Robb Torres.


We love sharing new music with our readers, and we have a few great new singles to share today.  Artists and publicists – please make sure you let us know when you have new music out – we’d be happy to share!

Here’s the latest single, “Go Home,” from David Garfield.  It has such a sweet sound featuring strong saxophone and guitar, great upbeat rhythm, awesome background vocals near the end and a catchy melody throughout.  Please let us know what you think.  We have always loved jazz and simply adore this song.  Thanks to Doug Deutsch Publicity Services for sharing it with us.

Here’s the title track from the forthcoming album Anthropocene from genre-defying artist Peter Oren.  Please let us know what  you think.

Like your music a little rockier?  Check out “Way Too Much” from Smash Boom Pow.


We love this creative video from newcomers The Phase for their single “Can’t Get It.”  If you love the beach, this one just might make you miss it a little.  Definitely check these guys out.

If horses and beautiful cinematography are your thing, you will probably love this video by Erin Durant for her single “Old Soul.”

Last but not least today is the video for “Midnight Flight” by Canyon City, the new single from their forthcoming release, Constellation, which we will be reviewing in the not too distant future.  Thanks to Red Boot PR for bringing us another outstanding indie artist.


Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 25

Are you ready for another week to celebrate the awesomeness that is indie music?  The nominations for the first half of 2017 for the LA Music Critic Awards will be announced on Tuesday, and we can hardly wait to share them with you.  It’s been a super busy time for indie artists, and we combed through a lot of submissions, even writing reviews on every one of them.  Do a google search for “Get it or Forget it” and check out our reviews.

In the meantime, let’s check out some great tunes and music videos that have recently been released.  Have a great week!


Here’s a couple of new artists we recently discovered courtesy of the A&R Department, and we really like their first singles:  Oddie Room Project‘s “Do You Know” and Tom Walters’ “Marlborough.” Check them out and let us know what you think.

Like many of you, we are also big fans of British bands, and we have recently discovered a new amazing band out of Leeds.  Give a listen to “Saint,” the first single by Peakes, and let us know what you think.


Groovetonics music is music that makes you move, and Ellee Ven is the mistress and creator of this genre.  Check out her latest video “Sun Up,” featuring rapper Prodéje.  This should help you get over the Monday blues.

Here’s another discovery that comes courtesy of multiple LA Music Critic award winners Lovers & Poets.  Birds and Arrows are friends of theirs who have recently moved to the west coast, and we are sure glad they did.  Get your Monday rocking with this groove.

Speaking of Lovers & Poets, we’ll close out this edition with the latest from lead singer Shannon Hurley, off her recently released album New Day.  Check out her video for “Number One” – if this one doesn’t put you in a good mood, nothing will.


Get it or forget it: Janey Street, Meresha, Fallow Land, Shannon Hurley

Here it is, the last four reviews of the nearly 100 submissions we have received for the LA Music Critic Awards for the first half of 2017.  When we return from Los Angeles, we will be sorting through those reviews to select the nominees for the awards, which will be announced in early July.  Two of the artists reviewed today will be performing at the winner’s showcase on June 20th.  We hope to see you there.

Artist Name Janey Street

Album NameIn my own Skin

Label:  Blue Élan Records

Genre:  Singer-songwriter/R&B/Pop/Blues

Track Listing: 1.  Wrap my Mind Around You; 2.  When you are Loved; 3.  In my own Skin; 4.  Guilty Pleasures; 5.  Undone; 6.  Sex is Easy Love is Hard; 7.  I Wanna Love you Deep; 8.  Mixed Up; 9.  Wreckage; 10.  Waiting in the Wings; 11.  Dignity; 12.  Under the Clock 

Publicist:  MAD Ink PR

Review:  Janey Street, once a protégé of the legendary Clive Davis, continues to shine with the release of her latest project, In my own Skin, on Blue Élan Records on June 23.   The combination of Street’s songwriting and her confident soaring voice make this album a musical treat.  It has a retro sound with equal parts pop and R&B/soul, and brings back memories of the days when radio stations just played songs, not genres.   Street has penned some of the best songs this reviewer has heard in quite a while, and we believe that any song on this album could be a monster hit on radio and deserves placement in television and film.  It is definitely the type of album you put on repeat and listen to from start to finish.  While every song is amazing, we particularly like the sounds of “Wrap my Mind Around You,” the title track, “Guilty Pleasures,” “Sex is Easy Love is Hard,” “I Wanna Love you Deep,” and “Wreckage.”

Recommendation:  Janey Street is an American icon and deserves the attention of every music lover.  We highly recommend that you preorder this album now so that you will be sure to Get it as soon as it is available.

Artist NameMeresha

Album NameEnter the Dreamland

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Dance

Track Listing: 1.  Enter the Dreamland; 2.  Stardust; 3.  Jungle Potion; 4.  Violet Night; 5.  Lights Out 

Publicist:  None

Review:  Meresha is a young up and coming artist with a firm grip on what makes great dance music, despite her young age.  Her sound is tight, with a great beat for dance, but with a groove that makes it perfect for radio as well.  She couples that with well made music videos that capture the spirit of the song as well as give you a visual treasure.  All five songs on this too short EP are wonderful, and you can throw this one on repeat and dance, dance, dance.  This young artist has captured our heart and imagination and we can’t wait to see how her career progresses.  She is a modern-day combination of Selena and Shakira, and ready to conquer the music world.

Recommendation:  We think this one is a true keeper, regardless of what genre is your favorite.  Her music transcends those boundaries.  We think you should definitely Get it.

Artist NameFallow Land

Album Name Pinscher

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Yang; 2.  The Softboi Wields Guilt like a Floral Knife; 3.  Faux; 4.  410 S. Morgan 

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  A creative project of Ann Arbor born musician Whit Fineberg, Fallow Land is the result of his coping with several major changes in his life – moving to Chicago, losing a friend, the end of his band and the closing of a relationship.  He brought in Evan Veasey to play guitar, added Chris Bathgate to do the producing and recorded his EP at High Bias Studios with Chris Koltay as audio engineer, Matt Bayles as mixer and mastering done by Ed Brooks (Death Cab for Cutie).  The resulting EP is a beacon of hope in the sometimes depressing world of indie music.  This band has the potential to take off and is already head and shoulders above its peers.  We think the future looks pretty good for Fallow Land.

Recommendation:  We think you should definitely get this EP when it is released on June 30.  Make a mental note to follow Fallow Land.  We think they will be around for a while.

Artist NameShannon Hurley

Album NameNew Day

Label:  For Lenore Records

Genre:  Positive Pop

Track Listing: 1,  Make a Move; 2.  Number One; 3.  New Day; 4.  Who do you Think you Are?; 5.  Someday; 6.  Solitude (feat. Bissen); 7.  Soul; 8.  Stronger Still; 9.  Here I Am; 10.  Fairytale of New York (feat. Brandon Schott) 

Publicist:  None

Review:  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Shannon Hurley is the voice of the DIY indie artist.  Besides her solo work, she has collaborated with her husband Ben Eisen to form Lovers & Poets, as well as with countless DJs on numerous remixes of her earlier work.  On this her fifth studio album, Hurley is just approaching her potential, creating positive pop music that stands out from her peers.  The positiveness flows through all 10 songs on the album, and provides the perfect soundtrack for reflection and introspection.  She also makes amazing music videos that bring her creative vision to light.  We love all of these songs, but were particularly attracted to “Number One,” the title track, “Solitude,” “Stronger Still,” and her amazing duet with Brandon Schott on her stirring cover of The Pogues feat. Kristy MacColl classic, “Fairytale of New York,” which was requested by her fans.  With the release of New Day on June 30, we believe that her fan base is about to grow larger still.

Recommendation:  This one is a definite no-brainer.  Preorder this CD now so you can Get it as soon as it is released.


Monday mashup 2017: Vol. 19

Welcome to a new week.  Next month at this time we will be in Los Angeles for the final two weeks of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  We are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring our first award this year, in honor of our friend Larry Cornwall, who passed away in March from brain cancer.  The Larry Cornwall Award for Musical Excellence will be given to a play that best incorporates music within its context.  We are also happy to announce that the uber-talented Alli Miller and Michael Shaw Fisher will be assisting us in determining the winner of the award.  Both of them are multi-winners at Fringe, and integral parts of their companies, Cherry Poppins Productions and Sacred Fools.  Come join us at the Fringe!


Shannon Hurley has launched a pre-sale for her new album, New Day, which will be released on June 30.  We will have a review of the album posted shortly.  In the meantime, check out her website and pre-order the album.  Based on what she has done in the past, we are sure this new album will be equally wonderful.


Our only new video this week comes from the Big Apple.  The New ResistANTS released their video for “Onny Swar” on May 11.  We kinda like this grunge-punk sound and think you will too.


Toronto-based High Signs has released the first single, “A Much Larger Ocean,” from their forthcoming album If So, Then What?  This hard-driving rock song contains some powerful truth.  Let us know what you think.

For all you electronica fans, here’s the latest from Adrian Underhill.  He has asked Toronto-based producer Harrison to remix the song, and we like the results.  Let us know what you think.

Last, but not least, we present 19-year old Kylie Odetta with the first single, “Stress,” from her new EP, Undertow, set to be released on May 19.  We think her vocals are dreamy and look forward to hearing more from this up and coming artist.

Monday Mashup 2017: Vol 8

Happy Presidents Day.  Hope you’re all having a great day as we launch into our eighth edition of the Monday Mashup for 2017.

Indie artists have been hard at work, acting as the voice of our generation.  In particular, artists are speaking out about the current political tensions, as well as standing with causes that have become near and dear to many hearts.  Let’s see what’s happening this week.

Trapdoor Social stands with Standing Rock

Local Los Angeles group Trapdoor Social has released an official music video for their song “Never Stop Listening” that supports the ongoing struggle between the United States and DAPL and the Native American Standing Rock tribe.  The cinematography is breathless and the message is the heart of the video.  Check it out and let us know where you stand on this issue.

Here’s what Trapdoor Social and songwriter Skylar Funk had to say about the video:

“Last fall I helped organize a donation drive and trip up to North Dakota from LA to support the water protectors in the Oceti Sakowin camp, at the center of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. We spent a week there working in construction, in the kitchens, chopping wood and shoveling snow, and felt incredibly welcomed and honored for the chance to participate in something so powerful and historic.

One thing they asked of us in orientation was to “Bring It Home” – to share what we learned at camp and to make sure folks back in the communities we’d return to were aware that the struggle to protect that land and water continues. Of course with the recent executive order, the challenge is even more urgent… So we created a video about the people we met at camp paired up with a song I wrote and released with Trapdoor Social last year to share what we saw and hopefully inspire more action.” – Skylar Funk

The video was shot by acclaimed director Alexandra Velasco.

Blue Élan Records artists release new music videos

Two of the artists signed to Blue Élan Records have new music videos.

The first, See, released a live acoustic version of her song “Closed Eyes Open” last Monday.  Her smoky and heavenly voice brings back memories of a cross between Stevie Nicks and Adele, and will serve this up and coming artist well.  Her debut EP, Ties, was released last July, and the debut single, “Potions” has received more than three million hits.  This is definitely an artist to put on your radar, because we firmly believe she will soon be a household name as she skyrockets to the top of the charts.  Let us know what you think.

The second is Cindy Alexander, one of the strongest advocates for indie music in Los Angeles.  This official music video, which is debuting today on YouTube, is for her song “Deep Waters,” the title track of her latest album.  The song was co-written and produced by long-time legendary musician Colin Devlin, and is a powerful vision.  We love the cinematography and more importantly, the message, which is a beacon of hope for our troubled times.  Let us know what you think of this gem.


Alexander is also preparing to hit the road this summer, using the Road Nation program to plan her tour.  This amazing program allows fans to choose the itinerary, and allows Alexander to support cancer research, a cause near to her heart since she is a cancer survivor.  Check out her campaign and bring her to your town this summer.

The Thrillseekers and Shannon Hurley release new video

Last but certainly not least this week is the latest video from the ongoing collaboration between The Thrillseekers and indie guru Shannon Hurley (one-half of the award-winning band Lovers & Poets).  We think you’ll love the upbeat message and sound of “Stay Here with Me.”  Let us know what you think.

That’s it for this week.  Gonna be a busy one with volunteering for the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival here in Missoula.  If you have the time, definitely check it out.  Keep those emails and music referrals coming.

Monday Mashup 2017: Vol 7

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in love.  Thought we ‘d kick off this week’s Monday Mashup with the latest music video from our friends at Redhead Express.  This original song was written by lead singer Kendra and features her husband Kelly and their son in a simply beautiful homage to love.  Check it out and share it.  If you love what they’re doing, please consider becoming one of their Patreon supporters.


Chance the Rapper, an unsigned independent artist who has never recorded a physical album, took home three Grammys last night from his seven nominations.  He won for best rap album for Coloring Book, best rap performance for “No Problem,” and best new artist.  What sets him further apart is the fact that this award winning album is only available through streaming.  Way to set the bar high, Chance.  Here’s to the future of the music industry!

Speaking of the Grammys – huge shout out to a couple of indie artists who performed at the show.  Adrienne Woods played her cello during John Legend’s performance, while indie triple threat actress Tiffany Phillips was a part of the Beyoncé performance.  Way to go!


We introduced you to the amazing sound of Streets of Laredo back in October 2016.  Balcony TV recently hosted them and filmed a music video for their hit single “99.9%,” which they released today.  Check it out.


Two more indie artists recently released music videos.  First up is the amazing Shannon Hurley, who released a stunning Max Headroom-esq video of her forthcoming single “Someday.”

Our second video is a premiere from a new artist we were recently introduced to.  We like what we see so far – please let us know your opinion.  His name is Dario and his tune is called “Good Morning World.”

Enjoy your week!



Monday mashup 2017, vol 4

OMG what a weekend.  Were you as impressed with the million woman march as I was?  So many indie artists participated in the marches across the globe, but none of them had the impact of one young woman from Los Angeles.  Connie Lim, aka MilCk, has written an anthem that has become the voice of the Women’s March.  Her music video, which was released just one week ago, already has almost 142,000 views.  Check it out and see why this song has struck such a chord with people across the globe.  #ICANTKEEPQUIET.


If you’re like me, then your Facebook was blowing up all weekend.  So many friends performing at NAMM, running into old friends at NAMM, running into new friends at NAMM, and witnessing those wonderful NAMM moments.  My long-time friend Tim Moyer, who helps schedule, host and maintain the nightly musical entertainment at the Marriott and Hilton Hotels during NAMM posted a video by a friend that captured one of those moments.  Check it out. Thanks to Marcy Kraft for the video.  Thanks to Rolling Stone for spreading the word.


Tonight’s the night when The Show Ponies and special guest Freddy & Francine celebrate the release of the new album by the Ponies, How it All Goes Down.   Tonight’s show is at the world-famous Troubadour in West Hollywood.  If you are in LA, we highly advise you to get down there and enjoy the show.  Here’s the link for tickets.


Los Angeles Indie Music Queen Shannon Hurley announced this week that she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her fifth studio album.  She celebrated the moment by releasing a video of an acoustic version of her song “Number One,” which will be the first single released.  Check out the video and support indie music by contributing to the campaign.

Have a great week and we’ll catch you next Monday.  If you have anything coming up that you want to promote, please let us know.



Get it or Forget it: Freddy & Francine, Chi McClean, Shannon Hurley

Day two of our eight day album review challenge brings us three more reviews.  We are amazed at the quality and quantity of amazing music within the indie music community.  Sit back and enjoy these reviews as we help you determine who you should check out and who is worthy of your hard-earned entertainment dollars.


Artist NameFreddy & Francine

Album NameGung Ho

Label:  F&F Records

Genre:  Country Folk Americana

Track Listing:  1.  If you Want Me; 2.  I get the Feeling; 3.  Something’s Gotta Give; 4.  Tryin’ Hard to Love You; 5.  Duet; 6.  Father’s Daughter; 7.  Ray’s Song; 8.  The Moment; 9.  Sideman; 10.  You go to my Head; 11.  South of my Love; 12.  The World to Me

 Publicist: The Press House

Review:  Freddy & Francine have slowly built up a rabid fan base in their native Los Angeles, and packed the venue for their CD release show at the Hotel Café back in June.  Composed of Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso, the group has already won the LA Music Critic Award for best pop band for the first half of 2016.  Just a casual listen to their latest CD gives the listener an understanding as to why this duo has become so popular.  Their sound can be considered Americana, folk, pop or country, but regardless of the genre you place it in, the result is some of the finest music coming out of Los Angeles today.  From the first track “If You Want Me” all the way through the final track “The World to Me,” Freddy & Francine demonstrate that they have what it takes to burst forth from their indie beginnings and make it in this tough music business.  Best tracks include “If you Want Me,” “I get the Feeling,” “Ray’s Song,” “The Moment,” and “South of my Love.”

Recommendation:  Freddy & Francine definitely have what it takes to be making music for a long time to come.  This album is further proof that you can expect great things from this band, and is definitely worthy of a Get It rating.


Artist NameChi McClean

Album NameLet me In

Label:  None

Genre:  Singer-Songwriter Acoustic Country Rock

Track Listing:  1.  I Save You; 2.  Build me Up; 3.  Life got in the Way; 4.  Let me In; 5.  It Don’t Matter; 6.  It’s Alright; 7.  Thought I’d Never; 8.  A Thing or Three

 Publicist:  None

Review:  Chi McClean has quietly become one of the best indie musicians you have probably never heard of.  We have known McClean for quite a few years, and his latest CD is his best yet, although we feel that it only begins to touch the musical genius that he possesses.  His songs could easily make the transition to college radio and even mainstream country radio.  The first track, “I Save You,” belongs on the same playlist with Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan, Josh Kelley and Maroon 5.  There isn’t a weak song on this CD.  McClean’s brilliant writing shines forth on each track, but is especially highlighted on “I Save You,” “Life Got in the Way,” “It’s Alright,” and “Thought I’d Never.”

Recommendation:  You can mark it on your calendar that Indie Voice Blog predicts that Chi McClean will soon become a household name.  Of all the albums we have reviewed this year, this one is definitely in the top 3 and receives not only a Get It rating, but a “You must be crazy if you don’t have this CD in your library” rating.


Artist NameShannon Hurley

Album NameSwitch it On

Label:  Lenore Records

Genre:  Singer Songwriter Pop

Track Listing:  1.  Switch it On; 2.  Heartbeat on the Radio; 3.  What Will it Take; 4.  Fall From Grace; 5.  Behind the Clouds; 6.  Nightingale; 7.  I’ll Turn it On; 8.  Sweet Lovin’ Ways; 9.  Back to my Heart; 10.  Only Love 

Publicist:  None

Review:  Whether playing solo or with her husband in the dynamic duo Lovers & Poets, Shannon Hurley is a force of nature.  Her dynamic vocals coupled with her incredible keys and electronica create a unique sound in the world of indie music.  Her creative genius is easily seen in this amazing collection of songs, as well as in the innovative music videos that she creates.  Check out the video for track two, “Heartbeat on the Radio,” if you need further proof.

Best tracks include “Heartbeat on the Radio,” “What Will it Take,” “Behind the Clouds,” and “Back to my Heart.”

Recommendation:  Hurley’s potential as an artist seems to be unlimited.  She gets better with each project, and this CD is one of her best yet.  We are pleased to give Switch it On an unmitigated Get It rating.

Lovers & Poets II is a gem among indie music offerings for 2016

When this reviewer began covering music in the Los Angeles area, one of the first performers he met was a young keyboard player named Shannon Hurley.  At the time, she was performing with another incredible indie artist named Marina V, as well as starting her own showcases for females under the “Don’t Call us Tori” umbrella.

This reviewer was so impressed with her abilities that he got involved as a booker/promoter for those showcases, and also became friends with Hurley and her future husband, Ben Eisen.

As Hurley’s star began to rise, she and Eisen decided to branch out and created the duo Lovers & Poets, releasing their first CD in 2010 to rave reviews.  Over the past six years, the duo has worked on their live performance and released a couple of singles on CD Baby before finally releasing their sophomore album Lovers & Poets II, on May 6, 2016.

“You & Me in the Summer” kicks off the CD, and it only gains momentum through ten amazing songs that provide the perfect musical backdrop for relaxing, allowing the listener to forget their troubles like a great massage takes away muscle aches and pains.

Hurley’s voice is heavenly, and her keyboards provide the perfect accompaniment, coupled with the firm foundation that is the bass playing of Eisen.  Even without her voice, the instrumental tracks “Get Crucial” and “Dream Girl” soar.  In addition, their cover of  Duncan Sheik’s “Barely Breathing” is amazing and breathes new life into this classic song.

We are proud to recommend Lovers & Poets II.  We believe a daily dose of this CD will go a long way in alleviating your stress.

For more info on this dynamic duo, check out their website and Facebook pages, follow Hurley on Twitter, and subscribe to the duo’s YouTube channel.