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Monday mashup 2017: Vol 12

Welcome to the final week of March.  Had so much fun reviewing the live show of Chris Shiflett and Brian Whelan last night in Missoula.  Watch for the review coming soon.

Been another busy week in the world of indie music.  We posted our review of the new single from BritRoyal earlier this morning.  Definitely check out this group if you love songs with great lyrics and meaning, and music that comes from the heart.  Thanks Jen Lyneis of Ue3 Promotions for turning us on to this amazing band.


Fuel on Fire, the “other” great redheaded sibling band, has released a new single and music video for the song “Never Said Goodbye.”  Besides the amazing song itself, the video features an appearance by Meghan Walker from Redhead Express.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Speaking of Redhead Express, major announcement coming soon.


Hot new band OneFifteen has released their first original song, “Break the Wheel,” on Soundcloud.  It is amazing, featuring the smoking hot vocals of Chelsee Foster, which remind us of Evanescence’s Amy Lee.  Let us know what you think about it.


Chris Shiflett, guitarist for the legendary FooFighters, is currently on tour with Dwight Yoakum’s former guitarist, Brian Whelan, in support of Shiflett’s new album West Coast Town, which is set for release on April 14 on Side One Dummy Records.  Check out the official video for the title cut, and watch for our review of both his CD and live show, coming soon.


San Diego based indie band and multiple LA Music Critic Award winner Daddy Issues has changed its name to Kick the Princess.  The band has also parted ways with bassist Jules Whelpton.  Watch for additional news on this amazing band, led by Angela Alvarez.  We expect more great things from them.

See ya soon.  Have a great week.

Invest in the latest from Kanisha K

Kanisha K has been a favorite of this writer since she was first introduced to us by Ue3 Promotions in August 2014.  During that time, she has upped her skills, had her music placed in more and more stores across the country, and received media and critical attention, including nominations for several awards.  This writer has shared her music through several media outlets, including Examiner.com, AXS.com, and Indie Voice Blog, adding them to the list of media outlets that look forward to each new release.

Her new single, “Bet on Me,” should quickly rise up the charts after its release on Friday, February 17, 2017, and will be available on iTunes.  It was co-written and produced by Joe Vulpis, who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Richie Blackmore and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Having been a fan of her music for several years now, we can truly say that “Bet on Me” is the best song Kanisha has released to date.  This power ballad captures the amazing tone of her voice and provides the perfect vehicle to announce to the world that she has truly arrived and is a good bet for musical greatness.  We look forward to hearing this song on Top 40 radio.

“Bet On Me” continues the dynamic creative relationship between Kanisha and Vulpis that began in 2015 with the single “Oh Damn Yeah” (which was released to both Top 40 and CHR radio) and was mastered by Tom Coyne, who has worked on projects by Adele, Beyonce, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Pink and Ariana Grande.  The song also became popular during the Summer Olympics in Brazil.

“The song is about feeling like the underdog and asking the question, ‘If I were at my lowest point,’ would you still bet on me and take a chance on me?’” says the Holland, Michigan based pop singer.  “I wrote it in kind of a love song mode but am in a very different place in my life now, so I can embrace its much deeper meaning.  When we’re not at our best, are the people we love and count on going to be there for us through the hard times?  Who’s going to stick around and who is not?  I’m really proud of ‘Bet On Me.’  It’s a powerful and inspiring song and I love belting it out!”

We think that Kanisha K is a worthy investment.  We can hardly wait to hear the rest of the new music she is working on in Nashville with such veteran songwriters as Britton Cameron, Nathan Meckel and Jane Bach.  If it’s anything like her past work, then we think you the listener should heed Kanisha’s advise to “Bet on Me.”


Monday Mashup 2017: Vol 3

Happy Monday.  So good of you to join us again, just a few hours before the winners of the LA Music Critic Awards are announced.

There’s been a lot happening to indie artists lately.  Among the latest is Jerad Finck continuing to move up on the Billboard Top 40 charts with the stripped down acoustic version of his mega-hit “Criminal.”  Congrats to Finck and to his promotional team at Ue3 Promotions.  Keep up the great work.


Back in October we told you about the new video by indie country star Kelly McGrath of her song “You and Me Today.”  Well, it finally premiered on CMT on January 10, and the fan response was intense.  In fact, it became the #1 video on their 12-pack Countdown of the week’s hottest videos.  The video airs every day at 10:38 am, 5:37 pm and 10:37 pm (all times ET).  If you like it, you can vote for it multiple times by clicking on this link.   Simply put a mark in the box by Kelly’s name, click on vote, refresh your page and do it again to your heart’s content.  Congrats Kelly!


Speaking of video releases, check out these new ones by indie artists:

We love this new video, especially the incredible violin work by Annette Homann.  Thanks to Rachel Sage for this great way to kick off 2017.

Although this was technically uploaded in December, we just discovered it and think you will be amazed at the amazing lyrics and the simple arrangement of this beautiful tribute to a fallen friend.  Thanks Elyse Haren for sharing from your heart and for the work you do with the West Coast Songwriters showcase in LA.


It’s a great week for theatre in Missoula, MT, with the opening of two new shows this week.  MCT will open their production of Urinetown:  The Musical on Thursday, January 19 (which we will review on January 20), while the Montana Rep will debut their 2017 touring show of the classic Neil Simon comedy Barefoot in the Park on January 20 (and we’ll review it on January 21).  Watch for these reviews next week on Indie Voice Blog.


The list of winners will be published at 6 a.m. MST TOMORROW.  Don’t miss it!

See you all next week.

Monday Mashup: what’s happening in the indie world?

Welcome to our third installment of Monday Mashup.  The year is drawing to a close and indie musicians are as busy as ever.  The LA Music Critic Awards are on the horizon and this one appears to be one of the strongest ones we’ve seen in recent memory.  If you have released an album, EP, single or video since July 1, or plan to release one before December 31, please contact us so we can consider it for one of the awards.  In addition, we will have some great news to share in January regarding the Awards.  You don’t want to miss that announcement, so make sure you’re subscribed to our blog.

Jerad Finck wins grand prize in US Songwriting Competition

We reported last Monday that Jerad Finck had won the Best Pop Song in the annual US Songwriting Competition for his title track to his latest album, Criminal.  We have since learned that he also won the overall Grand Prize for the best song of 2016.  We are so proud to have introduced you to this amazing artist, and look forward to seeing what comes next.  Finck is a client of Ue3 Promotions.  Congratulations to you both.

Teen sensation Meresha releases new single “Together”

Meresha has released a new single.  According to Meresha, “In today’s world, we can’t let ourselves be divided because of our skin color, national background, religious practice, sexual preference or other beliefs.”  We wholeheartedly agree.  We think this song is great in many ways, and should be a part of your daily dose of healthy music.  Meresha is another client of Ue3 Promotions.  Download her song on iTunes or Google Play.

LA Music Critic Award winner Rod Melancon scheduled to play Hotel Café

Americana artist Rod Melancon, a two-time LA Music Critic Award winner will be playing a special show at the world famous Hotel Café in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 10.  He will be performing at 11 p.m. after the set by The Vegabonds.  Melancon is signed to Blue Élan Records and is a proud client of MAD Ink PR.  We only wish we could be in LA next weekend for this show.

Blue Élan Records releases A Blue Élan Christmas

LA Music Critic Award winner Cindy Alexander is among the artists with singles on the new Christmas release from her label, Blue Élan Records.  Check out her cover of the Dave Matthews Band’s “Christmas Song” below:

Video Releases

Red Boot PR client Lucy Woodward has released a video for her hit single “Live Live Live.”  We think you’ll agree this is an amazing song and an even more amazing video.  Check her out.

Multi LA Music Critic Awards winning trio The Spider Accomplice has released the latest in their video series supporting their album Los Angeles:  The Abduction.  Check out their video for “You Still Lie.”  We think you will see why this blog and LA Music Critic are so in love with these indie rockers.


That’s it for this week.  Please let us know if you have any news you want us to share.  Until next Monday . . .


Monday Mashup: what’s new in the indie world?

Hope you all survived Thanksgiving week.  We’re back with another look at what’s new in the indie world.

Un5Gettable release cover of ‘NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas Happy Holidays”

Comedy/parody group Un5Gettable has released their own version of ‘NSYNC’s holiday song “Merry Christmas Happy Holidays.”  Winners of the Best Video (Comedy) for the first half of 2016, these boys have proven that there are no sacred cows in their lives.  But believe it or not, these boys can really sing, as demonstrated by this track.  Please enjoy it with our compliments.

Jerad Finck wins USA Songwriting Competition

Jerad Finck, winner of the Best CD (Male) for the second half of 2015, has another laurel to put on his mantel.  He recently won the award for Best Overall Pop song for the title track of his latest CD, Criminal.  Here’s the stripped down acoustic version of his song, recently posted to YouTube.  We think you’ll agree that this song deserves all its accolades.

Brian Mackey releases new Christmas single, “Just One Night”

We introduced you to Brian Mackey back in October when his single “Are You Listening?” was getting a lot of traction in the business.  Now Mackey has released his Christmas single, and we think you’ll dig it.  Check it out and download it from Apple Music.

Jess Penner releases lyric video for “Together”

Jess Penner, the solo singer-songwriter persona of Jessica Treskon, and one half of the dynamic duo of Kayjez, recently released a lyric video for her song “Together,” off her EP Good Times.  Check it out and see why we are so jazzed about the future of  this amazing artist.

Marina V launches food and travel blog

International indie artist Marina V has recently launched a food and travel blog.  As an musician who travels and tours around the globe, Marina V is the perfect person to be able to also report on her travels and the food she encounters while on tour.  Check out her blog here.

More video releases

Here are two more amazing videos released in the past week.  The first is by outstanding Americana band The Show Ponies, who are preparing for the release of their new album in January.  Check out their video for “The Time it Takes,” filmed while they were recently on tour.

Alexis Keegan has been a favorite of this blog and this writer since she first burst on the scene.  She recently released the video for her monster hit “Empty Heart.”  Expect a lot more great music from this artist as we head into 2017.

Please let us know if you have any news you want to share.  We’ll be back next Monday with more from the amazing world of indie music.  Thanks to Jen Lyneis of Ue3 Promotions and Laura Goldfarb of Red Boot PR for introducing us to some of their amazing clients.



Get it or Forget it: Emily Clibourn, One From Many, Alexis Keegan

So much indie music has been crossing my desk lately.  I just realized today that I have 24 of them that need reviews, so I’m challenging myself to write reviews on them all in the next eight days.  With that goal in mind, here are the reviews of the first three.


Artist NameEmily Clibourn

Album NameBlow

Label:  None

Genre:  Singer-songwriter pop

Track Listing:  1.  Beautiful Girls; 2.  Blow; 3.  Burgundy; 4.  Fly; 5.  Fools Gold; 6.  Middle of the Night; 7.  Black Velvet; 8.  For the Love; 9.  Die to the Dream 

Publicist:  None

Review:  The first thing a listener will notice about Emily Clibourn’s music is her voice, which immediately grabs your attention with its sweet and tangy sound.  The lyrics also invade your mind and set upon their mission to let you know that Clibourn is a force to be reckoned with.   This album contains nine beautiful songs about love and its many facets, and is the type of music you want to hear when you are unwinding after a long day.  It provides the perfect soundtrack when you want to forget the past and clear your mind.  Every song accomplishes this mission, and every lover of good relaxing music should definitely have this one in their musical library.  Best tracks include the title track, “Beautiful Girls, “Fools Gold,” and “For the Love.”

Recommendation:  Clibourn is a natural storyteller with a killer voice that surrounds you with the pureness of fresh fallen snow.  We are happy to give this a most definite Get It rating.


Artist NameOne From Many

Album Name:  29:11

Label:  Olea Records

Genre:  Indie Pop/Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Like a Ghost; 2.  These Three Words; 3.  Apology; 4.  Promise Forever; 5.  Afterglow 

Publicist:  Ue3 Promotions

Review:  One From Many, or O.F.M., may remind you of such groups as One Republic or Imagine Dragons, but with their own distinct approach to the music.   The music is pure anthemic rock with a power ballad mentality that is great to listen to while you are living life.  The vocals soar over just the right amount of acoustical instrumentation, creating a melody that grabs your attention and makes you want to sing along at the top of your voice.  Special recognition to “Promise Forever,” which features label mate Alexis Keegan, but every song on this EP is worthy of repeated listens.

Recommendation:  Most definitely, Get It.  You’ll be glad you did.


Artist NameAlexis Keegan

Album Name:  Endless Road

Label:  Olea Records

Genre:  R&B-tinged pop

Track Listing:  1.  Empty Heart; 2.  Nobody Compares; 3.  Last Song; 4.  There Will be Love; 5.  Everything 

Publicist:  Ue3 Promotions

Review:  Alexis Keegan’s music is full of soul, and is reflected in this perfect collection, with a sound that is part Taylor Dayne, part Pink, but totally incredible.  These songs belong on the radio, with their catchy lyrics, grooving beat, and a voice that needs to be heard.  It is next to impossible to just sit and listen to these tunes which truly make the listener want to get up and dance.  Keegan is the voice of a new generation, and should be coming to a radio station near you in the very future.  This is definitely an artist to watch, and all five songs should be on your play list.

Recommendation:  Keegan has a special gift that she happily shares with every listener.  If you love music that makes you want to move, then this EP should definitely be on your Get It list.