Ten amazing videos released in July 2018 (Amended)

*OOPS – Looks like we jumped the gun on one of our videos, as “Dancer Girl” by Tangie Town has not yet been released, and they have asked us to take down the video.  In its place, we are substituting the latest, “Synesthesia,” from Polychrome.  It is a beautiful video by this dream-gaze duo, and we think you will love it.

It’s been a great month for videos, and we featured 20 already in our Monday Mashup.  Here are another 10 amazing ones that were released in the month of July.

Our first video has received praise from NPR.  Here’s Jessica Risker with her intriguing video for her song “Zero Summer Mind.”

Our second video tell us “It’s Alright to Be Me.”  Thank you S U M for this empowering video.

Our third video comes from the brother duo Tangie Town.  It is a chill pop upbeat song that will get you moving on this beautiful Saturday.  Enjoy “Dancer Girl.”


Our next video is from the transgender group DreamStates, who ask us what’s “Normal” any way?

Halfway through our video selections, here’s multiple LA Music Critic Award nominee Ben Anderson with the third and final video of you YouTopia series.  Check out “Goodbye Serenity.”

Next up is the latest from a band we recently reviewed.  They’re telling us “The Party’s Over,” but don’t believe it – we still have a few more videos to share.  Here’s The Mountain Carol.

Video number seven is from the Toronto-based trio Ace of Wands.  The cinematography is beautiful and the harmonies are incredible.  Enjoy “10,000 Feet.”

Our next video is from Brother Savannah.  It is called “Time Lapse” and it uses a “family video” type of photography which brings back some great memories and fits perfectly with the theme of the song.  We think you’ll love this one.

Our ninth video this month is an ode to Europe’s famous dance club, the “A1 Club.”  We love the retro-electro sound of the song and the video is killer as well.  Here’s Half Human.

Last but not least is the latest video from McMains.  They wanted to write a “hit song,” and this is what they came up with.  We think they nailed it, and this song should definitely be on the radio.  What do you think? Check out “Don’t Say Goodnight Tonight.”

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