UK’s Fraser Jane releases music video for ‘Enough’

Fraser Jane is an Irish production based songstress who has spent the past three years learning the art of self production while living in London.   Her vivid imagination and style remind this reviewer of a cross between Bjork and Enya, although others have also compared her to Imogene Heap and Kate Bush.  Despite these comparisons, this songwriter is blazing her own unique trail with a sound and style all her own.

Fraser grew up in a musical household.  Although her first foray into the artistic community was as a dancer, her love and desire for music caused her to abandon that career path and focus instead on singing, writing and creating her own music.

She embarked on her first solo tour in the summer of 2014, playing dates throughout her native Ireland, including Whelans in Dublin and the Cork Jazz Festival.

Her first album Enough was released earlier this year.  She has now released a video highlighting the title track, an alt-pop song that runs the gamut from tribal drums to uplifting string arrangements, climaxing in a stirring vocal finale.  The video itself also brings back memories of another breakthrough video, Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” with its quirky graphics and theme, which serve to underscore the lyrical content.

Legendary producer Gary Katz, famous for his work with Steely Dan and for discovering such notable acts as Chaka Khan, Rufus, Jimmy Buffett and Jim Croce, recently had this to say about Fraser Jane:  Every once in a while, not very often, I hear an artist that is creating distinctive original music that makes my ears perk up and my foot tap.  Fraser Jane is one of those artists.”

If you like original music which stands on its own in a cookie-cutter world, then Fraser Jane may be just the artist for you.  Learn more about her by checking out her website and Facebook pages, follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube and SoundCloud channels.