Women in entertainment: Tracy Byrnes, keeping the beat alive

Happy Monday.  Let’s take a break from our remembrances of Pearl Harbor Day and take a moment to shine the Women in Entertainment spotlight on another incredible indie musician, Tracy Byrnes, one-half of the alt-americana band The Fallen Stars and the keeper of the beat for others, including Riddle & the Stars and the Leaves on the Wind Music Project.

Growing up to the soundtrack of folk music of the 70’s and her parents’ love of Tom Rush, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Ian and Bruce Springsteen, Byrnes always seemed destined for music, whether performing in high school musicals, internationally-touring folk groups or college choir.   This background culminated in her current role as the bassist and vocalist for The Fallen Stars where she combines her narrative songwriting style with the power of a Springsteen delivery.

Byrnes was drawn to the bass by its design and function as the one that holds it together and keeps everyone grounded.  Her bass of choice is a Rickenbacker 4001 that was made the week after she was born.  “I love how the bass is both rhythm and melody and I’m in control of the heartbeat of the song,” explained Byrnes.

She and her husband, Bobbo Byrnes, co-founded The Fallen Stars, who have earned the titles “Best Live Acoustic Band” and “Best Country/Americana Band” from the OC Music Awards’; “Best Live Acoustic Band” and “Best Live Rock Band’ from the SoCal Live Music Competition, and most recently, “Best Live Band” from the OC Weekly.  They have released a total of five albums while completing multiple tours throughout the United States and Europe, including stints in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Besides her work with The Fallen Stars, Byrnes has also released two CDs and toured with Riddle & The Stars, a band consisting of both Tracy and Bobbo as well as Melbourne, Australia’s Ben Riddle, whom they met while touring together in Europe.

Byrnes’ most recent collaboration is the creation of the Leaves On The Wind Music Project, a fan project striving to write, record and release an original song inspired by each and every episode of the cult sci-fi TV show Firefly.  As a result of this project, The Fallen Stars have become a global sponsor for the fan-based charity organization Can’t Stop the Serenity, which helps raise money for Equality Now, an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights for women and girls around the world.  A portion of the proceeds of every Leaves on the Wind Music Project sale will be donated by The Fallen Stars to Equality Now.

What inspires Brynes?  “I’m always inspired by the next song and seeing where it will take us.”

What does Byrnes plan for the future?  “To continue following Bobbo from one disaster to another!  No!  Our tours are not disasters!  We’re going to write the third installment of our “Leaves On The Wind Music Project”, release a new Riddle & The Stars CD in the spring and tour the United States in the spring before heading to Europe in the fall.”

To find out more about this amazing artist, click on the links above, visit their website, follow her (and her projects) on Twitter, and subscribe to their various YouTube channels.

8 thoughts on “Women in entertainment: Tracy Byrnes, keeping the beat alive”

  1. As the band’s drummer for international and domestic tours/shows for 2-3 years, I can attest to the fact that Tracy is the foundation and voice of The Fallen Stars. Her passion and electric stage presence not only ignite the audience, but often hold them in rapture. Like the Sirens of Circe her vocals/Rickenbacker 4001 can lead you to unknown and dangerous emotional territory. I truly loved playing with Tracy, and congradulate her on her continuing success. -Gary O’Yeah

  2. Tracy, you go girl! So happy you and Bobbo are having such success! Keep on keeping on and enjoy the ride. All you’re collective hard work is paying off.🎉 congratulations!

  3. Tracy is an amazing performer and a really nice person to boot. Every time I see The Fallen Stars perform, they make me want to be a better performer. It is always worth it to see them play live, and The OC Weekly agrees with me – they named them the best live band in Orange County.

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