Get it or Forget it: Josh Farrow, Jill Freeman, Gayle Skidmore

Here’s our ninth edition of the Get it or Forget it review series.  This has become one of our most popular series, and requests for reviews are coming in from a lot of new publicists.  Today we will review two albums submitted by The Press House, as well as a new single submitted by In Music we Trust PR.


Artist NameJosh Farrow

Album NameTrouble Walks with Me

Label:  Southern Drag Music

Genre:  Americana

Track Listing:  1.  I’ll be Your Fool; 2.  Wash me in the Well; 3.  Before you Leave; 4.  Time Ain’t no Friend of Mine; 5.  Tijuana Gal; 6.  Worryin’ Kind; 7.  Who’s Gonna Love you When I’m Gone; 8.  Devil Don’t you Fool Me; 9.  No Need to say Goodbye; 10.  Trouble Walks With Me 

Publicist:  The Press House

Review:  Americana is one of the hottest genres of music, and Josh Farrow should be considered one of its best artists.  Based out of Nashville, Farrow has joined forces with some of Nashville’s best, including The McCrary Sisters, Elizabeth Cook, Ruby Amanfu, Chris Donohue and Brian Owings to give us a definite contender for Americana Album of the Year.  This album features all of the things we love about Americana – great musicianship, funky beats, great voices and memorable lyrics.  It is fun from start to finish.  Best tracks include “I’ll be Your Fool,” “Time Ain’t no Friend of Mine,” “Tijuana Gal,” “Who’s Gonna Love you When I’m Gone,” “Devil Don’t you Fool me” and “No Need to say Goodbye.”

Recommendation:  This one’s a no brainer – if you love music in any form, you will love this album.  We are proud to highly recommend Trouble Walks With Me and to give it one of our highest Get it ratings ever – Get it like your life depends upon it!


Artist NameJill Freeman

Album NameA Handmade Life

Label:  JillyBean Records

Genre:  Americana/Folk

Track Listing:  1.  The Light That Leads me There (Prelude); 2.  Letters from Murdertown; 3.  Welcome to the Bonehouse; 4.  Eyes of Fire; 5.  The Inside Room; 6.  No Hands; 7.  Sweetheart, my Dream is not Over; 8.  Completely Unaware; 9.  Walking on Glass; 10.  The Nightingale; 11.  A Little bit of Red; 12.  A Handmade Life; 13.  The Light That Leads me There 

Publicist:  The Press House

Review:  Los Angeles local singer-songwriter Jill Freeman has compiled an album based on the dark history behind popular fairytales, including The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.   With a sound reminiscent of Danny Elfman’s popular Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack, Freeman has crafted an eerie album that is perfect for this time of year.  Her voice is the perfect complement to the backing musicianship, creating songs that will be remembered long after they have been heard.  Best tracks include “Letters From Murdertown,” “Welcome to the Bonehouse,” “No Hands,” “Completely Unaware,” “Walking on Glass,” and the title track.  Have fun figuring out which fairy tale inspired which song.

Recommendation:  This album is a definite keepsake that belongs in every music lovers’ library.  We highly recommend you rush out and Get it.


Artist NameGayle Skidmore

Single Name:  “The Golden West”

Genre:  Singer-songwriter pop

Publicist:  In Music we Trust PR

Review:  Gayle Skidmore is a singer-songwriter from San Diego who has been nominated six times for the San Diego Music Awards.  Her new single is the title track for her new album, which will be released in early 2017.  It is a follow-up to her last album and coloring book combination, Sleeping Bear.  If this song is any indication of the quality of the forthcoming album, it should be a definite winner.  We are pleased to present the music video teaser for this single, and to throw our support behind the rest of the album.  We can hardly wait to review it.

Recommendation:  Based on the title track which has just been released, the new album by Gayle Skidmore should definitely be on the list of most highly-anticipated releases of 2017.  Definitely Get It!