LA Music Critic Award nominations for second half 2015

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  1. There is one standout song: What It Takes by Zach Linley and the Rebel Daredevils. These lyrics have particular meaning to me because I run an employment agency firm and constantly encourage workers to look on the bright side and the bigger picture. This song is the epitome of today’s work culture and what’s needed to hang in there.

    1. I’m a believer.
      Wish she would play Portland more often.
      I really don’t want the rest of the world to know her, because she makes anyone believe that they are the only one. Our hearts are yours

  2. I would vote for Sara Routh. Heard her sing on numerous occasions and always leave warmed and filled to the brim with her loving spirit and beautiful voice.

    1. Cindy Alexander!!! Best female pop/rock artist
      and best female CD!!!! She’s been doing marvelous work for years, and American Girl is moving and spirited!

  3. Best EP Band: The Spider Accomplice
    Best Single: The Spider Accomplice (“Atmosphere”)
    Best Rock Band: The Spider Accomplice

  4. Surprised to hear you’re just now discovering Cindy Alexander. She’s amazing, and I’ve been a fan for several years. I’m delighted to see she’s finally getting recognition for all her hard work!

    1. Actually I’ve known Cindy since her See Red days. I’m a longtime fan of her and her music.

  5. Best Single: Zach Linley and the Rebel Daredevils (“What it Takes”)

    Best Country/Americana: Zach Linley and the Rebel Daredevils (“What it Takes”)

  6. It’s no contest – Cindy Alexander’s powerhouse vocals and songwriting on her “American Girl” cd deserve the win!

  7. I vote for Zach Linley and the Rebel Daredevils for Best Single and Country performance for “What it Takes”.

  8. Best EP Female: Black Sheep (Sara Routh).
    Black Sheep is undeniably brilliant from start to finish. The lyrics are honest, the music flows like honey and Sara’s vocal performance is off the charts.



  10. Cindy Alexander❤️ Not only is she a genuinely, brilliant talent. She is one of the kindest human beings. For an artist of Cindy’s caliber. She stays so connected with her fans. She is the real deal.

  11. My fan favorite vote goes to:
    Best CD Female: An American Girl (Cindy Alexander)
    Best Pop/Rock Female Artist: Cindy Alexander

  12. What it takes best band I’ve seen in awhile zach Linley and Rebel Daredevils Wait research this band for cold dead hands and sick and tired its worth a listin yall

  13. My vote goes to Marina V and her Russian albom. I discovered Marina and her songs last year on Russian Festival in Reno.
    Her own songs and her interpretation of old russian folk songs are very impressive. Very lovely voice too!

  14. Marina V is an incredible talent. As I believe was once said, “voice of an angel”. Been a long time fan. 💗Her!!!

  15. Marina V is a great performer! She has been to my town several times! Last July 4 the concert was rained out; her crew found a local restaurant to host them & all diners got a free impromptu concert! I’m very excited for her inclusion in your awards. 😃👍

  16. Cindy Alexander is a really talented songwriter who has been making outstanding music music for years. Her songs drill into your soul in the very best way, and become part of the fabric of your day. She and “American Girl” absolutely deserve to be recognized!

  17. Marina V is one of those unique combinations of cultures where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. She is soulful and tuneful. Definitely worth a listen – even if you don’t speak Russian.

  18. Love Cindy Alexander’s new album, Anerican Girl, and her rendition of the title song.
    Marina V’s magical voice singing in English or Russian is a treat for all.

  19. Patricia Bahia is a top-flight artist. With “Save Your Heart,” she and her collaborators have created an album that, in my opinion, delivers a lot of feeling and human value. Will it save your heart? Listen and find out. 😊

  20. Wanted to put in my vote for Katie Garibaldi tonight because she is my favorite artist. Her songs are awesome along with a great voice.

  21. I have followed Alice Wallace for years.. Her songwriting and song delivery are the best I’ve seen. Her Album captures that talent and passion… A true artist deserving recognition… I wish her all the best!!

  22. Alice Wallace’s Memories, Music and Pride is far and away the most riveting work in the Americana genre this year! She is a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with….. and she has my vote in both categories in which she is a nominee!

  23. Lyndzie Taylor has shown she has the chops in her latest release, “Phoenix”. Her voice has great range and resonance, and her song writing has developed into a mature, nuanced woman’s point of view, with a little dash of Britny and “Heart”s lead singer Ann…( her last name escapes me, but you KNOW the voice!) Great album!

  24. Alice Wallace deserves both Female CD and Americana of the year as she is one of the few artists that is really doing true original Americana and her new CD proves that. This is just another excellent example as her other previous works consistently have been…Great Job Alice

  25. Sleep Machine is awesome and getting lots of traction in LA. Authentic rock band. Definitely going places and should be heard by all.

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