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Get it or Forget it: Good Field, Ancient Warfare, Elouise

We’re back with another edition of our Get it or Forget it series.  This week we will give you the rundown on three more artists whose publicists have submitted material for review.  Our first two artists come to us courtesy of Michelle King of Noisy Ghost PR, while the third comes from Kim Grant at KG Music Press.  Thanks to them for the opportunity to review their clients’ offerings.


Artist NameGood Field

Album NameFuture Me

Label:  Piscino Records

Genre:  Indie Pop Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Future Me; 2.  Business; 3.  Control; 4.  Hospital Bed; 5.  Telecommunication; 6.  Holdin’ On; 7.  Wait; 8.  Tonight; 9.  At the Airport; 10.  Do it

 Publicist:  Noisy Ghose PR

Review:  With a voice reminiscent of a cross between Tom Petty and Eric Clapton, Paul Prince and his bandmates in Good Field deliver a brilliant album that was two years in the making.  Although the album was first released in July 2015, Future Me is the type of album that stays relevant and fresh, and provides top value for your entertainment dollar.

Every song is fun to listen to, with a strong bass line, a memorable voice and lyrics you can sink your teeth into.  Once you listen to it, you can easily see why the album reached #2 on the CMJ Radio Select Self-Released Chart.  Strongest tracks include the title track, “Control,” “Telecommunication,” “Tonight,” and “Do It,” and any one of them would be a perfect fit for radio.  in addition, “Hospital Bed” has a sound reminiscent of “Last Dance with Mary Jane.”

Recommendation:   This one is a no brainer – definitely Get It, relax and play it until the grooves wear out.


Artist NameAncient Warfare

Album Name:  The Pale Horse

Label:  Alias Records

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Darlin; 2.  Dreamcatcher; 3.  Gunsmoke; 4.  The Last Living Trial; 5.  Tusk & Mouth; 6.  Lickin’ Lies; 7.  Rolling Tides; 8.  Wintertimes

 Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  Ancient Warfare call themselves “southern gothic/drone rock,” but to this reviewer, this is simply indie rock.  Featuring Echo Wilcox on guitar and lead vocals; Emily Hagihara on drums, keys and background vocals; Derek Rhineheimer on bass and backing vocals and Seth Murphy on cello, Ancient Warfare combines elements of indie and progressive rock to create a welcome sound in the indie marketplace.  Wilcox’s vocals are not pretty, but they are effective and mesh well with the down-south feel of the music, which is reminiscent of The Doobie Brother’s Black Water as well as early Led Zeppelin.  Strongest tracks include “Gunsmoke” and “The Last Living Trial,” with their amazing violin provided by Rachel Yanarella, the eerie guitar work joined with more amazing violin on “Lickin’ Lies,”  and the haunting sound of “Rolling Tides,” both instrumentally and vocally.

Recommendation:  We highly recommend you Get It.  We believe The Pale Horse will become one of your favorite listens.


Artist NameElouise

Album Name:  Deep Water

Label:  None

Genre:  Americana/Alt Country/Bluegrass

Track Listing:  1.  I’ll Fly Away; 2.  Deep Water; 3.  Saturn Bar; 4.  Amazing Grace; 5.  Shadow of the Pines; 6.  Oh Lord; 7.  Evil; 8.  Hurricane; 9.  I’ll be Good to you; 10.  Black Horses; 11.  East Jesus; 12.  Silent Night; 13.  Fire and Brimstone

 Publicist:  KG Music Press

ReviewDeep Water is the debut album from alt country/Americana band Elouise, based in the small Los Angeles community of Altadena.  With a sound the band calls “Blackgrass” and which sounds eerily like something out of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, Elouise redefines what it means to be an Americana/bluegrass band.  Composed of Elouise Walker, John Chamberlin, Rich Dembowski, Michelle Beauchesne and William Bongiovanni, the band adds some amazing guest musicians to the mix, including Dave Aron on clarinet, Sam Prevost on trombone and Colin Nairne on mandolin.

Among the high points of this album are the original arrangements they have given to such stalwart and traditional hymns as “I’ll Fly Away” and “Amazing Grace.”  This music would be perfect for placement in television and film, especially on a show like NCIS:  New Orleans.

This is an album that needs to be experienced from start to finish, as each track builds on the previous one to create a soundtrack of life in the deep south.

Recommendation:  We would be remiss if we did not give this debut album a rating of Get It.  While no one could possibly say that the album is pretty or vocally stunning, it should be part of every serious music lover’s collection.  It is gritty, provocative and real, and for that reason alone, we highly recommend it.