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Get it or forget it: Oak House, Omega Vague, Desert Culture

Our second Get it or Forget it article today features three more bands from the Noisy Ghost PR roster.   Sit back and check them out as we review their latest releases.

Artist NameOak House

Album NameHot or Mood

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Rock/Psychedelic

Track Listing:  1.  Damp Eyes; 2.  Reticence; 3.  Spirit; 4.  Cut That Out; 5.  Esque; 6.  Seventeen; 7.  Mundane; 8.  Song of Myself; 9.  Around the Room; 10.  Spring 

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  Oak House is a band that cannot be pigeonholed into any particular musical genre.  With elements of rock, psychedelic, grunge, and experimental, their music is in a category all itself.  With the release of their sophomore album, Hot or Mood, on April 7, the world will soon be able to taste musical greatness from these Georgia boys.   Be warned – this is not your typical indie rock album, and we are excited to see where their career takes them from here.  Every song brings out a different nuance of their music, and keeps the listener occupied with its creativeness.  We believe their music should be enjoyed by every true audiophile, and only wish we could check them out at a live show to see how it translates in concert.  We especially like the tracks “Spirit,” “Cut That Out,” “Esque” (which is their first single), “Mundane,” and “Song of Myself,” which are all different and unique and provide a good representation of the total package.

Recommendation:  If you like more than the average indie release, and enjoy music that separates itself from the rest, then this is the album for you.  We recommend you go and Get It.

Artist NameOmega Vague

Album NameAversion/Reversion

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Dream Pop/Prog-Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Afraid; 2.  Awake; 3.  Drown; 4.  Hideaway;  5.  Cringe; 6.  Forever; 7.  Resolve 

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  Omega Vague is a project created by Craig Douglas, who wrote, sang and played all the instruments on the album, as well as producing it.  It is a modern take on anthemic indie music, incorporating portions of dream pop, shoegaze, darkwave, minimal ambient and prog-rock.  It is well conceived and performed, creating a wave of musical sounds that envelope the listener with a sense of peace and dreaminess, providing a worthy audio backdrop to daily life.  We think it would make a wonderful addition to any music lover’s library.

Recommendation:  We simply love this album, and highly recommend you Get It when it is released on April 14.  It should be a necessary part of your daily life.

Artist NameDesert Culture

Album NameThey’re Not Gone

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Buffalo; 2.  Elva; 3.  Terlingua; 4.  Badlands; 5.  Desert Theme; 6.  Matagorda; 7.  C Minor; 8.  Texarkana 

Publicist:  Noisy Ghost PR

Review:  One of the best things about Texas is that so many of their artists are unafraid of combining different musical styles into their own creations.  Desert Culture fits that description to a “T,” combining surf rock, country, and Latin into a unique combination that is reminiscent of Dick Dale and the music of the movie Pulp Fiction.  From the first notes of “Buffalo,” it becomes immediately obvious that this is a work of musical genius.  It is clearly the type of album you put on and then listen straight through, as every song builds on its predecessor, culminating in a musical climax that is worth the wait.  All hail to Daniel Vega and Desert Culture, who are setting the bar extremely high and whose music is like an oasis in a desert, providing much needed audio relief to our day-to-day dreariness.

Recommendation:  This one is a true no-brainer – you simply MUST Get It.  This album is scheduled for release on April 28, but we highly recommend you pre-order it today.


The Spider Accomplice has taken its fans captive with the release of ‘The Abduction’

Back in the day, concept albums were the norm for many rock bands.  The Spider Accomplice (TSA) has taken the concept album to a new height with the release of their new EP, the second installment of their Los Angeles trilogy.

Their first EP, Los Angeles:  The Trap, was well conceived and set a pretty high bar for indie rock.  That EP garnered the band their first LA Music Critic Awards for Best EP and Best Rock Band for the second half of 2015.   TSA followed that up with a series of videos called Los Angeles:  The Abduction, which likewise won the LA Music Critic Award for the first half of 2016 for best video series.

TSA’s newest EP, Los Angeles:  The Abduction, is scheduled to be released on October 1, and Indie Voice Blog was one of the outlets fortunate enough to receive an advance copy.  In all honesty, this release could be the premier event of the year.

The new EP doesn’t just live up to the hype, it smashes it into little pieces and raises the bar once again.  The first song, “Bromelaid,” seamlessly joins the two EPs together as it segues from The Trap into The Abduction.  As the narration ends and the song begins, it becomes obvious that the listener is about to be blown away, as the perfect beat of Justin Lee Dixon on drums lays a firm foundation for the otherworldly guitar riffs of Arno Numisto, topped off with the cherry that is the incredible voice of lead singer VK Lynne.

Hats off to the amazing work of producer Steve Kravac (Blink 182, Less Than Jake, MxPx), who has harnessed the power of this super nova band and crafted an EP worthy of the members of TSA.  Kudos also to Andrew Faust (Dead Winter, Midnight Shinigami), a former collaborator who has returned to provide perfect bass and backing vocals that complement and complete TSA’s total package.

Every song on this EP builds on the foundation laid by the song before it, spinning a story that will not be complete until the third EP is released.  Notwithstanding the amazing story that is unfolding on their first two EPs, these songs are good enough to stand alone, and are most worthy of radio airplay, especially “You Still Lie.
Los Angeles:  The Abduction returns us to the era of prog rock, and is most worthy of every music lover’s attention.  It easily will become one of your favorite musical treasures and should be shared with all of your closest friends.  Indie Voice Blog is proud to give TSA its highest recommendation and, on the five star system, gives it 17 stars.
Check out the band’s website and Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and Instagram and definitely subscribe to their YouTube channel.  You can order the EP through Bandcamp.


Daddy Issues prepares to release debut album

Daddy Issues is an alternative/indie rock band based in San Diego, California, composed of Angela Alvarez on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Julia “Jules” Whelpton on bass and back-up vocals.

We are excited to introduce this band to you on the eve of the release of their debut album.  Sit back, relax and learn things about this most promising indie rock band.

Daddy Issues #1 Press Shot

IVB:   How long  have you been performing as a band?  

DI:  Jules and I met in October of 2013 right after I moved to San Diego from Arizona.  She was playing in a band called the Justice Fire that asked me to come audition, based off a Craig’s List ad I put in the musician community.  Jules and I really hit it off on multiple levels and we soon left that project to start Daddy Issues.  The other members rotate based on availability so we have several lead guitar players and drummers we play with.

IVB:  Who do you consider to be your influences?
DI:  We both love classic rock and were raised on The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, ZZ Top and more.  We also love The Killers, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, No Doubt, Nirvana, and The Pretty Reckless.  Our sound definitely has a 90s throwback feel.
Daddy Issues - #2Photo
IVB:  What makes your new release so special?

DI:  It’s special to us because it took us so long to finally get it created!  We were working on our sound and our songs for a while, and once we decided we were ready to record, we went through a few different producers until we found the right one.  We didn’t want to put out anything that wasn’t high quality and “radio ready,” and we weren’t really getting what we wanted at first.

We ended up recording with Jim Wirt who produced Incubus, Fiona Apple and others.  Jim moved his studio to Cleveland a few years back where I grew up, and Jules also has family from Ohio, so that’s something else that makes the album special.  We got an LA recording experience at “home,” so that was really cool.  We also got to tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while recording, which we absolutely loved.

Overall, the album represents the last three years of hard work, ups and downs, and we’re excited to finally get some music in the hands of our loyal fans.

IVB:  What are your future plans?

DI:  So much!  Videos, tours and more recording.  This is just the beginning!  We are still writing and have some new songs we’re really excited about.
IVB:  Do you have any stories you want to share about your band
            touring, recording, or fan interaction?
DI:  When we were first starting out, our guitar player was only 20.  We played at a 21+ venue for a battle of the bands, and the security people kept a close eye on him, only letting him come in to play the show and insisting he leave as soon as we were done.  Later in the night, he hopped the fence in the back and was sitting at the bar (not drinking), but got caught anyway.  As a result, we were kicked out of the battle and the word spread pretty fast.  Rumor had it that we were banned from the venue as well.  It actually helped to put us on the map here in San Diego, because we were new and people were talking about how scandalous we were to get kicked out of the battle.  We’ve since played that venue again, so there aren’t any hard feelings anymore.
Then earlier this year while attending NAMM, Jules and I went to one of the parties.  There were a lot of people there listening to the bands and she decided she wanted to crowd surf for the first time.  I stood up on one of the tables to keep track of where she was, but she spent the next 20-30 minutes getting passed around the crowd.  The next day, she was covered in bruises and as we walked around the show floor, everyone recognized us and wanted to talk about it. The best part was a guy that said, “In the 20 years I’ve been attending NAMM, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen someone crowd surf.”
IVB:  What types of social media do you use?
DI:  We have a website and Facebook pages, and we prefer Twitter and Instagram.  Check us out live as well, with upcoming shows at the Roar Room in Glendale on September 9 and our CD release show at the House of Blues in San Diego on September 10.

Sleep Machine premieres music video for ‘Animal High’

Sleep Machine is an amazing rock band based in Los Angeles, featuring Alisha Zalkin on lead vocals, Dan Kalisher on guitar and Kiel Feher on drums.  If you’ve been following this writer’s posts, then you know that the band has been nominated for several LA Music Critic Awards, and won the award for Best Video (live) in 2015.

The band has been hard at work on their sophomore EP, Animal High, which is set to drop on September 20.  It is our pleasure today to help those efforts by premiering their new music video for the title track, which the band released yesterday, September 5.

According to their website, the band touts itself as a modern-day female-fronted Led Zeppelin.  Although many bands fall short of their hype, Sleep Machine is right on with their assessment.  Take a listen to their video, and we are sure you will agree.

Sleep Machine has already garnered an impressive list of placements from their debut EP, Cover me in Gold.  Those placements include Quantico, Finding Carter, Younger, and The Royals.   That trend continues with placement of two of their new songs in a recent episode of The Fosters.

Besides the TV placements, Sleep Machine has also been featured in Entertainment Weekly and was chosen by Myspace as the “Artist of the Day.”  Individually, they have each performed on global tours and on such stages as The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The View and the MTV Movie Awards, as well as at such famous Los Angeles venues as the Hotel Café and the Viper Room.

These guys are the real thing.  Check them out through their website and Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


Artists worth checking out: FOXTRAX

Indie alternative pop act FOXTRAX has landed on the scene with the release of their new EP The Cabin.  Formed in early 2015, the trio of Long Island, New York natives is composed of Ben Schneid on lead vocals and guitar, Jon Stenz on drums and Jared Stenz on bass.  They began performing together after they had each graduated from college, after deciding that pursuing music as a profession was a better alternative than finding traditional employment.  They sequestered themselves in a small cabin in the woods of North Carolina, resulting in the tunes that comprise the new EP.

Their name came from watching the fox tracks in the snow outside their cabin.  They came to realize that the tracks reminded them of their own unpredictable and meandering journey into the music business.

They moved to Los Angeles in late 2015, and began to work on their live show.   After only a few months on the scene, they were approached by producer/engineer Ben Roulston, who had worked with Florence and the Machine, who believed that he knew the perfect label for them.  Rouston added production and a fresher mix to the EP and got Brian Lucey (Artic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Black Keys) to master the tracks.

The band celebrated the release of their EP with the almost simultaneous release of their first music video, which debuted on Vevo.  They have already achieved the No. 1 position on Apple Music’s New Music Spotlight and recently were named by LiveNation as part of their “Ones to Watch” series.

If you are fortunate enough to live in California, the band has two upcoming dates in the near future:  On September 6 in San Francisco at the The Rickshaw Stop and on September 8 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.  They will be providing support for Barns Courtney at both shows.  Tickets are available here.

Check out their website and Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter and Instagram and by all means subscribe to their YouTube Channel.


Sarah Ault delivers a winner in Hold Fast Open Palm

With the release of her latest album, Hold Fast Open Palm, Sarah Ault is on her way to becoming a household name in Los Angeles, with the world waiting at her doorstep.  Her vocals are reminiscent of Annie Lennox and her songs have powerful lyrics and instrumentation that are worthy of mass exposure.

She has recently released a music video for the first track, “Flesh and Blood and Bone” that is simply amazing.  Kudos to director Lindsey Haun for an amazing film.  Check it out!

Ault’s voice is sultry and powerful and is perfectly combined with the airiness of her keyboards.  The other instrumentation, especially the strings and guitar. take her music to a level not normally heard in indie music today.

All 10 tracks are worthy of repeated listens.  Top songs include “Flesh and Blood and Bone,” “Adam,” “The Hunted” and “Long Way Down.”

We are pleased to highly recommend Hold Fast Open Palm.  For more info, check out her website and Facebook pages, follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to her Vimeo channel.

Chris Lind’s “Drive” is the perfect travel companion

Every once in a while, a new artist emerges that has the potential and drive to reach the masses.  Thanks to the power of the internet, such an artist can achieve a level of familiarity and build a die-hard fan base long before they become a household name.  Chris Lind is more than capable of joining that elite group.

Lind is a native of South Jersey (near Philly) who became a driving force on the NYC music scene before recently relocating to his dad’s native Hawaii.  He attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, splitting time living, working and gigging in Honolulu, as well as studying Slack Key guitar with renowned artist Ozzie Kotani.  After graduating with a degree in Music, he moved to New York City.  Within a year he began gigging at hot spots like Rockwood Music Hall (ultimately performing on all three stages), The Living Room and Pete’s Candy Store (where he secured various residencies).

Growing a loyal fan base via his headline performances, Lind also opened for John Cruz at Le Poisson Rouge and the legendary Michael McDonald at The Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut.  Expanding his sphere of influence, he later performed at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia, The Rite Spot in San Francisco, the Hotel Café in Los Angeles, The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ and Downbeat Lounge and Anna O’Brien’s in Honolulu.  Towards the end of his time living in New York, he recorded and performed at CMJ 2014 with a newly reformed version of Americana power-pop band End of Love, whose members included Wilco’s Nels Cline and Big Star’s Jody Stephens.  Lind’s “day jobs” during this time included teaching guitar at St. Francis College in Brooklyn and managing a prominent rehearsal studio in Greenwich Village.

“Living, working and playing in NYC/Brooklyn these past ten years, I’ve been able to see so many amazing artists who have inspired the development of my own style, vibe and point of view as a songwriter and performer,” says Lind.  “I’ve been exposed to many amazing places and venues, all rich with unique vibes. The guys in my band are honestly some of my greatest influences.”

A few years after catching fire with his singles “What Is Not Yours” and “A Story of Us” – which were featured in two episodes of the CW’s Smallville – and his debut EP Home, the soulful-voiced Lind takes a long look at the colorful history of where he’s been.

He and his band, featuring Aaron Nevezie on guitar, Dave Burnett on drums and Jeff Hill on bass, have completed work on their forthcoming sophomore EP, which will be released in February.  Nevezie and Burnett also had co-producing credits on the project.  In the meantime, the band has just released the first single, “Drive,” which reminds this writer of a hybrid between Tom Petty and John Mellencamp.

The song starts out mellow, with an amazing acoustic guitar rift that announces to the world that the song to come will blow your mind.  Then, as the chorus kicks in, the tempo shifts into high percussive gear and the multi-talented singer/songwriter shares powerful lyrics that perfectly reflect the forward momentum of his emergence as a force in indie pop/rock.  “Drive” is about the desire to move West with someone he loves.  The chorus reaches its climax with these reflective words:  “The only way we’ll ever get there is the shaking of our hearts.  The only way we’ll ever know is if we drive.”   With these hauntingly beautiful lyrics and the remainder of the songs on the EP, Lind declares emphatically now is the time to move on to bigger and bolder opportunities.

This is definitely an artist to check out and to add to your radar.  For more information about him, check out his website and Facebook pages, follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his Soundcloud channel.

Thanks to Jen Lyneis of Ue3 Promotions and Steve Belkin of Open All Nite Entertainment for bringing this amazing artist to our attention.

Women in entertainment: Janelle Barreto, rocking the indie world

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and had the chance to spend time with family and friends.  Indie Voice Blog is so thankful to be able to continue its series on Women in Entertainment, and shine a spotlight on one of LA’s hardest rocking indie voices, Janelle Barreto, current lead singer of the indie-pop-punk-rock band ROCKET.

Barreto grew up in Southern California where she first began performing on stage in musicals, winning local talent competitions and landing a Press Telegram Award in Performing Arts.  Immediately after high school, she was discovered by and signed to her first development/production deal with Howling Dog Productions.  Shortly thereafter she recorded several 12” singles and began showcasing at local dance clubs and venues, which led to her being signed to Solar/Sony Records as part of an all female pop group.

Barreto soon realized that pop music was not her calling, either musically or lyrically, and began to write her own original alternative rock material.   This led to her co-founding the alternative indie rock band Exploiting Eve, which built a huge local following in Los Angeles and performed at some of best and largest of the local venues, including House of Blues (both Sunset Strip and Downtown Disney), BB King Blues Club, The El Rey Theater, Huntington Beach Pier, Santa Monica Pier, Gay Pride Fest, Key Club, Viper Room, Roxy Theater, and countless others.

We first met Barreto back around 2001.  The band was starting to take off, having just released their second CD, Getting Thru, and was getting airplay from LA legendary rock station, KLOS.  DK Films created a live music video for the band from a show held at the world famous Whisky-a-go-go in 2002.

After winning numerous awards, she decided to continue her music education by returning to school and graduating in Music Theory and Guitar from the Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena.

Barreto left the band around 2007 to pursue solo musical aspirations.  She spent several years performing as a singer-songwriter and as a studio vocalist, all the while perfecting her songwriting chops.  When The Pills, an LA indie rock band, lost their lead singer, Barreto answered the call, and Rocket was born.

Based out of Los Angeles with music in the vein of Paramore, Foo Fighters, Joan Jett and Stone Temple Pilots, Rocket recently released an amazing music video for their single “HEY BABY” as a follow-up to their radio single and current EP “The Singles.”

Rocket is currently enjoying success at commercial Alternative Radio, receiving national airplay on such stations as KROQ 106.7 “Rodney on the Roq” (Los Angeles); Indie 103.1 “Go Deep” (Los Angeles); East Atlanta Village Radio – Regular Rotation (Atlanta, GA); FM 90 KACV Regular Rotation including Featured Artist interview “Under the Radar” & “The Indie Show” (Amarillo, TX), KRZQ 104.1 The Real Alternative “New Music Show” (Reno, NV); WRIF2 101.1 “Undercover Sound System” (Detroit, MI); WLKK 107.7 “Underground Collective” (Buffalo, NY).  At the same time, the band has provided tour support to some of rock’s biggest and most infamous bands, including Puddle of Mudd, Missing Persons, Bow Wow Wow and Gene Loves Jezebel.

Here’s what a couple of local LA music critics had to say about Barreto and Rocket:

“We think the band is ready for larger venues and would not be surprised if we hear their music placed in TV commercials and movies very soon. . . Front-woman Janelle Barreto, always impresses with her powerhouse vocals and stage presence.  She is literally unstoppable.”  (Renee Silverman, AXS.com).

“Barreto’s diva stage presence fits well with her voice, which seems to project and reverberate throughout a crowd with the depth and power of a great rock voice.”  (Mari Fong Burr, Campus Circle Magazine)

But what inspires Barreto?  “My greatest inspiration comes from a desire to fulfill my destiny of being a messenger.  The influence, energy and power that music and lyrics have to move, change and effect people is very special.  I feel honored and grateful to be blessed with this gift, so I look to care for it, and to maximize its use.  I create songs to have people be reflective, engaged, taken on an emotional journey, and be evolved by my music and words.  I’m also inspired by everyday things like beauty, kindness, love, loyalty, friendship, achievement, and coincidence.”

The band has also received critical support, including the 2015 Best Rock Band award from the LA Music Critic and Best Music Video for “Hey Baby” at the Other Venice Film Festival.  In addition, Rocket was selected by World Arts Music and I am Musicology to perform at their Touring Kick-Off event at the historic Ivar Theater.  They also participated in the Levitt Pavilion “Emerging Artist” Summer Concert Series.

What does the future hold for Barreto and Rocket?  “On a personal perspective, as long as I can breathe and I’m here in this existence (forever how long that is), I will sing and make music. You never know when the ride is going to end, so I might as well spend as many moments doing the thing that I love the most, and feel I was put here to do. So, I will continue to write songs and make records for as long as I can. On a business aspect and more in the near future, for my band Rocket, our focus is on collaborating with a good record label to get us to higher heights, help us complete a new album and get radio play. Ultimately we aim to tour, so more music lovers can be exposed to and influenced by our art.”

Keep up with Barreto and Rocket by checking out their website and Facebook pages, following them on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribing to their YouTube channel.

It would be “Criminal” not to check out indie artist Jerad Finck

Indie rock has a new champion to join the ranks of such artists as Lifehouse and Blue October.  Please give a rousing welcome to Jerad Finck, who is set to release his new EP Criminal this month.
Criminal is an audiophile’s dream, with rich melodies, lyrics to sink your teeth into and an unmistakable vocal track that sets Finck apart from his contemporaries and propels him into the elite of indie musicians.  Every song on this EP is single-worthy and ready for radio exposure.
The title track, scheduled to be the first single, is a good place to start, setting the tempo for what is surely one of the best EPs to be released in 2015.
One thing that comes through loud and clear is Finck’s positivity.  His songs are upbeat, with lyrical content that uplifts the listener and are the perfect remedy to life’s uncertainties.  Even the song titles are uplifting, as Finck brings us to “The Good Life” where you can be “Fire Proof” as long as you “Take me With You.”
One of the first to recognize Finck’s potential is Milk & Honey, an elite management company whose clients have already amassed an impressive array of BMI and ASCAP pop awards, Grammys, Junos, Golden Globes, Arias and Mercurys. while their art and music have impacted the furthest corners of the globe and collectively sold more than 400 million units.   Milk & Honey is based in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles and works closely with the major ad agencies, television networks, film studios, and music supervision houses to place music with visual media.  Milk & Honey is run by Lucas Keller, who founded the firm in 2014 after spending four years with another boutique firm, The Collective.  Finck is also endorsed by Gibson Guitars.
Ciminal is produced by David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Christina Perri), Steven Miller (Pink, Dave Matthews Band, Switchfoot) and Nathan Meckel, and is the perfect follow-up to Finck’s previous self-titled debut from 2011.  That debut gave us the song “Runaway,” which became one of the most successful independent songs of 2011 and truly launched Finck’s career.  As a result of that EP, produced by John Seymour, Spokane-based Finck began performing practically non-stop, opening for and/or touring with Daughtry, Christina Perri, Edwin McCain, DADA, Vertical Horizon, Parachute, One EskimO, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Hires, Red Wanting Blue, Ron Pope, Cracker, Ingram Hill, Tony Lucca and many others.   According to Finck, “Touring with Sister Hazel, a highly fan-interactive band, helped me develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with my own audiences, both onstage and off..”
Among the highlights of Finck’s tour schedule have been performances at Live In The Vineyard, Hotel Carolina, SXSW, Indie Week Toronto, The Rock Boat XII, and Balcony TV.  Finck has also been featured in more than 50 newspapers and magazines; including CMJ, Skope, American Songwriter, Amplifier and Acoustic Magazine, while he and his band have performed on dozens of morning TV shows on NBC, CBS, ABC & FOX.  Finck’s songs have been featured in films and TV shows on HBO, ESPN, Discovery, CBS & NBC, among others.
At one point in 2011, “Runaway” was the #1 independent song in the country, peaking at #3 on the Adult Contemporary Chart, #42 in Hot AC and #25 on the Hot AC Indicator Chart.  It also inspired popular remixes by Ajax and DJ Lynnwod (that appeared on later editions of Jerad’s Anthony Resta-produced EP Stuck In Your Riddle).  The song was used by the NBA and the NHL as the backdrop to videos created for each league’s finals that celebrated wins by the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Bruins.

For more info on this amazing artist, check out his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Jen Lyneis of Ue3 Promotions for the background material.