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Get it or forget it – JunkYardFieldTrip, The Empty Pockets, Luke Dowler, Arro

Happy Thursday.  Getting ready to hit the road again on Tuesday to head down to Oklahoma to visit my brother who just returned from a year in Iraq.  After that it’s off for a three-week tour with Jerad Finck.  Life is exciting right now.  We wanted to introduce you to four new artists, so sit back and check them out.

Artist Name:  JunkYardFieldTrip

Album Name:  JunkYardFieldTrip

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Americana

Track Listing:    1.  2 a.m.; 2.  Blind; 3.  Dusty Radio; 4.  Mercy; 5.  Collide; 6.  Lucky One; 7.  Sometime Never; 8.  Why not Me; 9.  We’re all Here

Publicist:  Working Brilliantly

Review:  A lot of bands today are labeling themselves as Americana, when what they are is more 70’s folk rock.  Such is the case with JunkYardFieldTrip.  While they have some elements of Americana, such as amazing fiddle work, their sound is more closely akin to that of 70’s groups like The Eagles and the Little River Band.  The closest they come to a true Americana song is “Collide”   On the other hand, their sound is very soothing and a true breath of fresh air in what can sometimes be a very stale indie market.   Their harmonies, well-crafted lyrics and overall sound place them squarely head-and-shoulders above the majority of their peers.  We really love the upbeat rocking sound of “Dusty Radio.”  Other songs that stand out include “Blind,” “Mercy” (with its Daughtry vibe), “Sometime Never,” and “Why Not Me.”

Recommendation:  If you’re looking for Americana, then this is not the band for you.  But if you want great music and a sound all their own, we highly recommend you Get this album.

Artist Name:  The Empty Pockets

Album Name:  Voices

Label:  MT Pockets Music

Genre:  Americana/Roots Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Voices in my Head; 2.  I’ll Follow You; 3.  I am Strong; 4.  You be the High; 5.  The Bubble; 6.  Need to Know; 7.  Reprise; 8.  Built to Last

Publicist:  None

Review:  Just listening to the first note of this album, and it quickly becomes evident why they are currently charting on seven different Billboard charts and touring with the legendary Al Stewart.  Their music is incredibly well written and performed and the vocal harmonies are outstanding, especially the voice of Erika Brett, which soars heavenward every time she opens her mouth.  This is true Americana.  We can only imagine how wonderful this band would be in concert, and can’t wait until we get the chance to see them live.  There are no weak songs on this album, but we really love “I’ll Follow You,” “I am Strong,” “The Bubble,” and “Reprise.”

Recommendation:  This is a definite no-brainer.  Get it and enjoy.

Artist Name:  Luke Dowler

Album Name:  South

Label:   JED Records

Genre:  Indie Rock

Track Listing:  1. For God’s Sake; 2.  Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!; 3.  A Good man Loves Somebody Else; 4.  Honey Don’t Leave; 5.  Out of my Hands; 6.  Hemingway Romance; 7.  Everything’s Gonna Work out Fine; 8.  Baby, We’re all Monsters

Publicist:  None

Review:  We met this artist at the 2014 Zootown Music Awards, and were impressed with his songwriting and stage presence.  He has now released a new album, and we are pleased as punch to be asked to review it.  Dowler’s music shows his Montana roots and determination as he brings those qualities to the indie music scene.  We will be showcasing his music video for the first track, “For God’s Sake,” in an upcoming Monday Mashup.  His vocals soar over the music, with its steady drums and well performed accompaniment, including a beautiful string arrangement on that first track.  Our favorite tunes include “For God’s Sake,” the rocking “Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!,” “Hemingway Romance,” and “Everything’s Gonna Work Out Fine.”

Recommendation: Definitely take a chance on this Montana indie artist and Get his new album.

Artist Name:  Arro

Album Name:  Freak Show Collaborations

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Indie Pop/Rock

Track Listing:  1.  Circus (ft. Bo Power; 2.  Maze (ft. Josey Marina); 3.  She’s the City (ft. G.R.I.M.); 4.  Keep Moving (ft. Joe Gorman)

Publicist:  Vision Music Promo

Review:  Arro has been making a name for themselves in the UK, resulting in their single “Fever” being chosen by Best of British Unsigned.  They have crafted this short four-song EP with collaborative efforts from other UK bands.  The result is a finely crafted appetizer that leaves you wanting much much more of this tastiness.  We especially love the sound of “Circus,” with its hints of Maroon 5 setting the foundation for a great collaborative effort, as well as “She’s the City.”

Recommendation:  Another artist worthy of your attention, we recommend you Get this EP now.