LA Music Critic Award nominations for first half of 2017

We are so proud to finally be able to present our nominations for the LA Music Critic Awards for the first half of 2017.  This year we wrote reviews on every CD/EP submitted for consideration, and we had nearly 100 submissions.  You can find those reviews on this blog under the tag “Get it or Forget it.”  We look forward to your comments on our nominations.

Here are the rules.  The public may only vote for the Fan Favorite award, and must do so by commenting on this article only – comments on social media posts will not count.  Any indie artist may be nominated (with the exception of past winners Papermoon Gypsys, Diane Rein, Zach Linley and Annette Conlon) and the winner will be the artist with the most votes.

The voting period will expire on July 25, with the winners in all categories announced on July 27.

We also encourage readers to comment on the other nominations, which will be considered by the awards panel members.  However, only the votes of the panel will determine who wins the award in all categories except Fan Favorite.

Speaking of the awards panel, thank you so much for all of your suggestions and help in compiling the nominations for this cycle.  The members are Jennifer Lyneis (Ue3 Promotions), Laura Goldfarb (Red Boot PR), Jennifer Allison (Jennifer Allison Publicity), Melissa Dragich-Cordero (MAD Ink PR), Doug Deutsch (Doug Deutsch Publicity Services), Michelle King (Noisy Ghost PR), Steve Belkin (Open All Nite Entertainment), Michelle Crispin (Music Supervisor), Kim Grant (KG Music Press), Patrick O’hefffernan (Musica LA), Heather Jacks (Author) and Rosine Avedissian Correa.

And here are the nominations:

BEST EP (Male) – Joe Goodkin (Record of Loss); Ed Prosek (Flesh and Blood Part 1); Ian Mahan (Rockford); Ray Goren (Free)

BEST EP (Female) – Meresha (Enter the Dreamland); Carrie Lane (California Freaks); Kris Angeles (Heartbreak is Contagious)

BEST EP (Group) – Gold Casio (Fever Dreams); Stereo Off (EP III); Echo Underground (Vows); Rococode (Young Ones); The Wild Now (Afterglow)

BEST CD (Male) – Chris Shifflett (West Coast Tour); Rod Melancon (Southern Gothic); David Ryan Harrris (Songs for Other People); AJ Hobbs (Too Much is Never Enough); Jared Tyler (Dirt on Your Hands)

BEST CD (Female) – Janey Street (In my Own Skin); Wendy Sweetlove (Dirty Sunday); Sara Petite (The Road Less Traveled); Jennifer Vazquez (Rediscovering Me); Amilia K. Spicer (Wow and Flutter)

BEST CD (Group) – The American West (The Soot Will Bring us Back Again); Jeffrey Halford and the Healers (Lo-fi Dreams); King Washington (Potential); The Dream Eaters (We are a Curse); The Show Ponies (How it all Goes Down); Breaking Grass (Warning Signs)

BEST VIDEO (OFFICIAL) (Male) – Curtis Peoples (“Damage Control”); Dario (“Good Morning World”); Jared Tyler (“Dirt on Your Hands”); Rod Melancon (“Different Man”); Chris Shiflett (“Sticks and Stones”); Michael Hornbuckle (“Angel”)

BEST VIDEO (OFFICIAL) (Female) – MILCK (“Quiet”); Alice Wallace (“The Same Old Song”); Shannon Hurley (“Someday”); See (“Green Line Killer”); Marina V (“Born to the Stars”); Cindy Alexander (“Deep Waters”)

BEST VIDEO (OFFICIAL) (Group) – Backbone (“Supa Waz Guy”); The Wild Now (“Run for Your Life”); The Show Ponies (“Kalamazoo”); Halo Circus (“Band Aid”); King Washington (“My Reflection”)

BEST VIDEO (LIVE) – Jerad Finck (“Pieces of April”); The Spider Accomplice (“User”); Chelsea Williams (“Boomerang”); Gabe Dixon (Balcony TV) (“Holding Her Freedom”); Lucy and La Mer (Balcony TV) (“Honey, Put Your Weapons Down”)

BEST VIDEO (LYRIC) – The Spider Accomplice (“Atmosphere”); Gerry Beckley (“Serious”); Jennifer Vazquez (“Rocked”); Jennifer Vazquez (“Worst Enemy”); Gigi Rich (“All in my Head”)

BEST VIDEO (COVER) – Alexis Keegan (“When Doves Cry”/”Purple Rain”); The Daybreaks (“Nothing Compares 2 U”); Dave Yaden (“Humble”); Frank Shiner (“Rainy Night in Georgia”)

BEST VIDEO (COMEDY) – Scout Durwood (“All the Pretty Bottles”); Scout Durwood (“Take One Thing Off”); Un5Gettable (“Honest Singing Telegrams – part 2”)

BEST VIDEO (COLLABORATION) – Curtis Peoples & Marie Digby (“Not Enough Drugs”); Frank and Lindsay Shiner (“When Something is Wrong With my Baby”); DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)

BEST SINGLE (Male) – Curtis Peoples (“Damage Control”); Frank Shiner (“Rainy Night in Georgia”), Jerad Finck (“New Kids”)

BEST SINGLE (Female) – Susan Calloway (“No Time for This”); Marina V (“Born to the Stars”), Kanisha K (“Bet on Me”); DANI Le Rose (“I’ve Told Lies”); Wendy Sweetlove (“Delilah”)

BEST SINGLE (Group) – Brit Royal (“Change”); Basement Revolver (“Tree Trunks”); FlecHaus (“What We’ve Got”), Breaking Grass (“Annie”), Birds and Arrows (“Stay Down”)

BEST COUNTRY ARTIST – Alice Wallace, Jennifer Vazquez, Rod Melancon, AJ Hobbs, Warren Sellers, Tara Dente

BEST COUNTRY BAND – Calico the Band, Honey County

BEST BLUES ARTIST – Janiva Magness, Gina Sicilia

BEST BLUES BAND – Polly O’Keary & the Rhythm Method, Papermoon Gypsys

BEST FUSION ARTIST/BAND – Mitre, Nancy Sanchez, San Miguel

BEST POP ARTIST – Shannon Hurley, David Ryan Harris, Wendy Sweetlove, Meresha, Ian Mahan

BEST POP BAND – Lovers and Poets, The Dream Eaters, The Wild Now, Rococode, Single by Sunday

BEST ROCK ARTIST – Janey Street, Lizard McGee, Jack Spann

BEST ROCK BAND – The Spider Accomplice, Desert Culture, Husky, Hayride Casualties, Banditos

BEST R&B/SOUL ARTIST – Ray Goren, Derek Davis

BEST ROOTS/AMERICANA ARTIST – Amilia K. Spicer, Sara Petite, Chris Shiflett, Jared Tyler, Pi Jacobs

BEST ROOTS/AMERICANA BAND – The Show Ponies, The American West, Imaginary Friends, Jeffrey Halford and the Healers


BEST JAZZ ARTIST – Dave Yaden, Irene Diaz

BEST REGGAE BAND – Roots of Creation, 9 Mile Roots

BEST COMEDY – Scout Durwood, Jeff Simmermon, Un5Gettable

RISING STAR – Meresha, Jamey Geston, Bess, Kaylee Keller, Ray Goren

FAN FAVORITE – open for nominations

526 thoughts on “LA Music Critic Award nominations for first half of 2017”

  1. Best Single (Group) – FlecHaus (“What We’ve Got”); Best CD (Grou)p – Jeffrey Halford and the Healers, Lo-Fi Dreams; Best Americana/Roots Group – Jeffrey Halford and the Healers

    1. janey Strest. Love her music .love her. She’s the real deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Randi. Drucker

      1. Janey Street is one of the most honest talents out there. Her work is timeless,ageless and enduring. I have been a fan for many years and she has never failed to deliver high quality work.

        1. Janey Street sings from the heart. The way her songs are timeless gives us the opportunity to listen to these tunes for a very long time, and pull them off the shelf and listen to them again and enjoy them as much as the first time you have heard of them! She has jazz, blues, rock, country in all of her songs. We have been honored with her talent. Janey Street you rock sister! Much admiration, Glinda A.

          1. Janey Street IS a rock artist. Lots of people try to act that way, but with Janey, she was born with it! Such a natural talent and she is beautiful inside and out! Rock On Janey!

        2. Unbelievable talent voice song and presentation can’t wait to see her in New York City doing a major show

  2. Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method deserve best blues band and fan favorite. They are warmly welcomed wherever they go and are very accessable to their fan base. And they rock!

    1. Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method put on an amaaaazing show! They all have their own talents and bring it together to create blues magic that creates a seriously jaw dropping deep into your soul feeling is the only way I can begin describe it. Not to mention the interaction with the crowd that makes you feel part of it.

      1. What a fantastic band! We love Polly and Dottie Whosit and I believe that wveryone we know will love them too! Go to tis site and leave a comment and nominate them! Polly organized the fund raisers for the Oso slide victims! Please take the few minutes to get this Northwest band nominated, you must leave a comment !

        1. Voting for Polly Okeary and the Rhythm Method. This lady knows what she wants and then delivers. This threesome is great!!

      2. I have to agree that “Magic” is called “Blues Chemistry” if there was a name for it! It’s of monster groov proportions served up; you feel it in your bones as they feel the vibe, you’re rockin’ along that’s a dang good mixture cookin’!! Ready to Rock the Blues that flames the house down as in sonic mindmelt! Pay your dues, put on your party shoes, you’ll be in a state of euphoria!

        1. Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method ….. thats “Blues Chemistry Energy” powerful cookin’ up vibe from head to feet make that dancing shoes! Having not mentioning before my vote is for >> “BEST BLUES BAND” <> “FAN FAVORITE” <<

    2. Polly OKeary and the Rhythm Method! They are my vote for best Blues fan pick! They rock for sure and are so entertaining to watch. A person has to be a little careful (especially when you are a geriatric Polly fan!) because their music gets you up movin and grooving to their sound.

  3. Fan favorite: Wendy Sweetlove
    CD female: Wendy Sweetlove
    Single female: Wendy Sweetlove
    Pop musician: Wendy Sweetlove

  4. Best cd female: Wendy Sweetlove. Best single female: Wendy Sweetlove. Best pop artist female Wendy Sweetlove

  5. Wendy Sweetlove Best CD (female!) Wendy Sweetlove Best Single (femaie!) and Wendy Sweetlove Best Pop Artist!

  6. BEST BLUES BAND – Polly O’Keary & the Rhythm Method. You will not be disappointed when listening to this trio either on their cd or in person. I, however, recommend you hurry up and see them live. The energy radiates off the stage and electrifies the audience.

  7. Sara Petite – Best Americana Female
    Sara Petite Best CD
    Alice Wallace – Best Country Band

  8. Best Blues Band: Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method. Very solid. Amazing songs and stories behind them. Lifetime fan.

  9. Amilia K. Spicer (Wow and Flutter) gets my vote. It’s the best album I’ve heard all year.

  10. Polly O’Keary and the Rythm Method are definitely a band to see. They are so entertaining and engaging you could listen to them all night.

  11. Fan favorite: Wendy Sweetlove
    CD female: Wendy Sweetlove
    Single female: Wendy Sweetlove
    Pop musician: Wendy Sweetlove

  12. Best Female artist – Wendy Sweetlove
    Best CD – Wendy Sweetlove,
    Best pop artist – Wendy Sweetlove
    Best Fan Favorite – Wendy Sweetlove
    Amazing talent!

  13. Wendy Sweetlove for Fan Favorite and all these categories: CD female, Single female & Pop musician!

  14. Best Blues Band; Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method deserve best blues band and fan favorite. They absolutely bring it! Love this band to death! 🤘🏼

  15. Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method will always get my vote for Best Blues Band! Their energy, sound, talent, and awesome personalities are unparalleled! They are certainly the pride of the Pacific Northwest Blues society!

  16. Best Single -Breaking Grass
    Best Bluegrass – Breaking Grass
    Best Roots/Americana – Pi Jacobs
    Best Country – Tara Dente

  17. Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method deserve best blues band AND fan favorite!!! FANTASTIC BAND!!! High energy and extremely tight. Love this band!!!!

  18. Polly O’ Keary and The Rhythm Method are amazing! I went to middle school with Polly, I have not seen her in more then 30 years. I am a cowgirl thru and thru my heart belongs to country. My boyfriend and I had an opportunity to see Polly and The Rhythm Method play in Wichita at the pumphouse, if this is what blues is about I think I have found a playmate for my country heart!! Thank you Polly, Tommy, and David you guys work so hard and are the best in my book!!! You defiantly deserve every award you win!!

  19. Polly O’Keary & The Rhythm Method are fantastic, what a great blues group and fan favorite

  20. Best Blues Band: I vote for the Papermoon Gypsys!! because all of their songs introductions gives notice and establishes good beats,both vocally and instrumentally. They sing with rich vocal melody their songs always does what a song (s) should do gets stuck in my head,they always catch my attention with the way the lead singer hits those high notes and their instruments and lyrics and beat. Lexi G. has a very strong singing ability and Kenny has a high quality guitar playing ability too.They are inspiring and very skilled musicians!!!

  21. So glad to see Janey Street up for a couple of awards! Our house loves In My Own Skin!

  22. Best female CD of 2017
    Best female Rock Artist!
    “Get these two awards to her as soon as possible! No one deserves it more than Janey!!
    Brooks Arthur

  23. Best Blues Band: Papermoon Gypsys!! because they are natural,professional,accomplished,skilled,experienced,imaginative,talented,careful and creative.

  24. Best Blues Band:= Papermoon Gypsys!! because they are excellent and very charming of their sound. as it offers a refreshingly clear and full rich tones and they produce fantastic sound tracks.. <3

  25. In My Own Skin by Janey Street is an combination of how GREAT VOCALS meet GREAT SONGS. This CD is really SPECIAL.

  26. Absolute Best Blues Band-Is the Papermoon Gypsys!!! cool!%^^ Because they sing and play with a high point in every song they write,record and when it comes to being live on the stage they are great performers to say the least. And as they put a lot of feeling into their songs and videos heartfelt and so very charming. <3

  27. I vote for the Papermoon Gypsys for being the Best Blues Band- because they are fantastic!! and their soundtracks shuffles and buckles you with a lurching kind of twangy guitar effects and rich artistic backgrounds that has a mix of emotional depth with flawless technics. ^_^

  28. Janey Street continues to wow audiences with her second record in 2 years! The writing is deep yet entertaining. The music has super cool vibes and the vocals are ever so rich and clear!! This record is a stellar listening experience from start to finish!

  29. Best Single – Breaking Grass
    Best Bluegrass Band -Breaking Grass
    Best CD(GROUP) – Breaking Grass
    Best Roots AMA Artist – Pi Jacobs
    Best Country Artist – Tara Dente

  30. Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method for blues fan favorite! The band rocks every house they enter, and who can help but love the gregarious and energetic Polly?!

  31. FAN FAVORITE BEST SINGLE (Group) BIRDS & ARROWS (“Stay Down”) Andrea Connolly has one of the absolute purest female voices in music today. Birds & Arrows are a powerhouse combination of Andrea on electric guitar and her husband Pete holding down the beat on drums and seamlessly blending uncannily perfect blended harmonies, just under her rich vocals. They really are quite special. ❤️

  32. Roots of Creation absolutely deserves Best Reggae Band and has MY vote for Fan Favorite !! These guys are on fire !!! One of the hardest working bands out there now. Amazing sound and energy.

  33. Recommend Parlor Social for Fan Favorite. Best Live Show in LA – what do you expect when you put together a singer trained by Circ De Soliel to soar 60 feet off the ground while hitting the high and low notes and the piano player/keyboardist who tours with Madona…plus dancers, rappers,
    trombones, trumpets and good ole R&B? You get Cab Calloway for the 21st Century. So much fun.

  34. Janey Street — Best CD and Rock Artist I have heard in a long time.. Need more!! JoeCal

  35. BEST CD (Female) – Janey Street (In my Own Skin) and Best rock artist (female) ~ Janey Street

  36. “BEST VIDEO (COLLABORATION – DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)”

  37. BEST VIDEO (COLLABORATION – DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)

  38. BEST CD (Group) Jeffrey Halford and the Healers (Lo-fi Dreams)
    BEST ROOTS/AMERICANA BAND Jeffrey Halford and the Healers.

  39. Renea
    Janey Street – Im My Own Skin is an amazing record! What an incredible songwriter, incredible voice, incredible talent !!! Best Female CD! Rick on Babe!!!!!

  40. Something is really wrong if JANEY STREET doesn’t win … Best Female CD – Best Rock Artist – Fan Favorite!!!!

  41. Cindy Alexander is may fan favorite — her voice, her presence on stage, her compassion for her fans are remarkable. Her talent is stellar, her songs heal and reflect triumph over life struggles.

  42. Best Single – Breaking Grass
    Best Bluegrass Band -Breaking Grass
    Best CD(GROUP) – Breaking Grass
    Best Roots AMA Artist – Pi Jacobs
    Best Country Artist – Tara Dente

  43. Roots of Creation ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ Fan favorite for sure ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ These guys are fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Janey Street- best female CD– really creative songs, a lot of honesty in the lyric. A bunch of really true things about life. Hope you wind the award🙏🏻.

  45. Janey Street (In my Own Skin)

    Had the wonderful opportunity to catch her do her thing while in rehearsal at The Cutting Room in New York City. The ambiance perfection and Street with her own magic elevated the feeling with her musicality and voice!

  46. Fan favorite: Wendy Sweetlove
    CD female: Wendy Sweetlove
    Single female: Wendy Sweetlove
    Pop musician: Wendy Sweetlove

  47. BEST VIDEO COLLABORATION – DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)

  48. DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)

  49. Janey Street is so awsome ! Her last album was great ? This one is fantastic ! Love her voice and music ! Timeless… !

  50. Janey Street needs to win !! I’m from Paris and I never heard a voice like hers ! “In my own skin” is a really great album !

  51. Janey Street is amazing!! I vote for Janey Street for best rock album and for best female artist!!! Janey is the real deal and she inspires everyone to keep reaching for the stars at any age!!! Go babe go!! FITC!!! Rebekah Del Rio

  52. Best Video (COLLABORATION) – DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”) <3

  53. The Papermoon Gypsys-best blues band…They’re gifted and great they’re able to bring a fell of being so connected into all of their songs and videos and make it their very own…The reason their music comes – across as honest is because they’re not trying to be anything but themselves that’s who they are and what they do…So dig in and get more personal!!!

    1. I vote for the [Papermoon Gypsys] for Best Blues Band..!! I love all of their songs and videos a lot.

  54. Best CD (female) – gots to be Janey Street!

    Best Rock Artist – Again: has got to be Janey Street!

    Best Video (Live) – must be Chelsea Williams!

    Make it so. Pleeeeaaaassse! xoxox Hahaha

  55. BEST VIDEO COLLABORATION – DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)

  56. “BEST VIDEO COLLABORATION” – DJ Polique ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell -“Dimes Only”

  57. My vote goes out to Roots Of Creation for Best Reggae Band!! Between the chemistry & energy that those boys create on stage, its extremely imprinting! I can never get enough of their music!

  58. “BEST VIDEO (COLLABORATION – DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)”.

  59. I’m all for the Papermoon Gypsys- Because all of their songs and videos that they perform really does bring out the best of them and to their songs and to the stage! Best Blues Band them are!!!!!!! Their vocals and musical instruments are like magic and velvet very easy to listen to.

  60. Hello everybody ^_^ All i know is i’m wishing for papermoon gypsys to win best blues band Award, because they deserve it !!

  61. Best Rock Artist: JANEY STREET

    Janey is the most accomplished, all-around musical artist I have ever heard. Her songs are magical, her voice is so profoundly beautiful. Whether live,in performance, or on a CD, her music profoundly effects all. She can move you emotionally with her depth or get you up rockin’ with her intensity and rhythm.

  62. Papermoon Gypsys are absolutely interesting,amusing,thought-provoking,inspiring and heart-warming… And Kenny Williams plays the lead guitar with a full,rich,engaging,compelling,competent,smooth,accomplished,solid,original,creative,exciting,powerful and driving in ways that are so very catchy and clever that will get you up and dancing dig in!! And Lexi-G. her singing ability is so very attractive,rich,warm,distinctive,expressive,strong,confident,heartfelt,clear,stylish,impressive,high pitch ranged,dynamic and powerful vocal tone!! They are so amazing and must watch and listen to band…..

  63. I have loved Janet Street’s music for a long time. She is an accomplished artist and songwriter whose songs touch the soul.

  64. Fan Favorite: JANEY STREET!! Last year’s My Side of Paradise and this year’s In My Own Skin are excellent CDs and certainly worthy of both Best CD (Female) and Best Rock Artist awards!

  65. BEST VIDEO (COLLABORATION – DJ Polique (ft. Snoop Dog, Follow Your Instinct and Jacob Luttrell) (“Dimes Only”)

  66. Pi Jacobs for BEST Americana! It’s a much deserved award for a hard working authentic and super talented musician. 🙂

  67. Pi Jacobs: BEST ROOTS AMERICANA ARTIST, soulful, deep, beautiful vocals, mean guitar, charisma on stage and in recordings

  68. Pi Jacobs best Americana. Latest album, A Little Blue, is a stunner. She deserves lots of recognition for great music and soulful lyrics.

  69. Love Papermoon Gypsys <3 the very *Best* *Blues* *Band* their music is ‘ethereal and leaving listeners floating in a space of unprecedented emotion'……. (:-

  70. Janey Street for fan favorite! Talented, always gives great performance and very focused on both quality songs and putting on great show for fans!

  71. I’m writing in JANEY STREET for Fan Favorite as well as Best CD (Female) and Best Rocker!

  72. My vote is JANEY STREET for Best CD (F) & Best Rock Artist. She deserves this and more so how about Fan Fav too?!

  73. Best Rock Band: The Spider Accomplice
    Best Music Video (live): The Spider Accomplice
    Best Music Video (lyric): The Spider Accomplice
    Fan Favorite: The Spider Accomplice

  74. Best Americana Artist – Pi Jacobs, great new record, A Little Blue
    Best Country Artist – Tara Dent!

  75. Fan Fav and Best Blues Band would hands down be POLLY O’KEARY AND THE RHYTHM METHOD!! They give it all at every show, love and appreciate their fans, and have undeniable skill and talent with the blues music. Definitely the pick for my husband and I. For Best Blues Artist we would definitely pick Janiva! Another amazing artist with amazing talent. We’ve seen her at home in Washington, at the Waterfront Blues Festival, and when we were on vacation in LA. At every level of venue she gives her very best.

  76. Consistently smooth and easy, “Bluz Street” Janey scores points when she depicts today’s lyrical poetry succinctly in-song. Major Props to her incorporating a little Hip-Hop on “Dignity” without losing her core. I would love for her to add a cover of a past hit on her next album.

  77. JANEY STREET for Fan Favorite & Best Female CD! Janey is so talented and her song writing is amazing! Her most recent CD, In My Own Skin I do believe is one of her best! Rock on Janey, I love your music!!!!

  78. Janey Street for Fan Favorite!

    Janey’s music speaks to me like few others do. The struggles she reveals through her songs mirror many of my own! She is one of our premier rock and blues artists and deserves recognition.

    She deserves BEST CD (Female), BEST ROCK ARTIST, and Fan Favorite!

  79. Best Blues Band hands down is the Papermoon Gypsys Because they give their all at every show, love and appreciate their fans, and have undeniable skill and talent with the blues music. Definitely for me For Best Blues Band Artist with amazing talent. I’ve seen them play live at various Blues Festivals,like in LA. At every level of venue they give their very best.

  80. Janey Street keeps bringin’ it! I love her newest stuff. The woman can write and perform with the very best of them!

  81. Janey Street for her CD In My Own Skin, and best Rock artist.
    Great songs and her great unique voice!

  82. my favorite cd is Janey Street’s In My Own Skin. She’s my favorite rock performer, and fan favorite!

  83. Janey Street is and has always been an incredible song writer and performer for years. Her new CD In My Own Skin is a deeply rich accomplishment. Her unique voice and delivery are incredible. My vote for best CD, Rock artist and fan favorite.

  84. Best CD Female without question Janey Street for “In My own skin”

    Best Rock Artist – Janet Street –

  85. BEST BLUES BAND – Polly O’Keary & the Rhythm Method. Polly, Tommy & David are THE BEST, hands down. Forever fan here.

  86. Polly O’Keary and the Rythm Methods deserve both best blues band and fan favorite! Love those people and their music 🎶 💙

  87. Fan Favorite – Blues band _ Polly O’Keary and the Rhythym Method! Great new cd, but even better when playing live. They are touring the country in an suv pulling a trailer and seem to play and perform for the sheer joy of it. Seen live they are contagious! They interact with fans before during and after performances. Three outstanding musicians who are able to work together to create great entertainment! To me they demonstrate what performing live is all about!

  88. Beat Roots /Americana Artist. Sara Petite. Her lyrics can take you from laughing to crying in one album and the music is terrific. I still have a single CD player in my car and her new cd is in there right now.

  89. I Just saw that Dario was nominated and I’m a huge fan! Went to see him on tour this weekend in PA on the Point of No Return Tour, he was amazing!!

    I vote for Dario for Best Video and fan favorite. If you ever get the chance to see him live you should, it was worth the 9 hours I had to wait.

  90. My vote is for Dario “Good Morning World” Best Video and Fan Favorite. Dario is an inspiration to all indie musicians especially since his new album made Top 5 of the Billboard Independent Chart this year!

  91. Dario “good morning world” best music video
    fan favorite
    Dario is the best!!! Wonderful singer

  92. Polly O’Kearry and the Rhythm Method deserve consideration as the best blues band. If you saw them perform you’d understand what the buzz is here in the NW! 3 supremely talented individuals who are also really nice people ! Take a listen , you won’t regret it! Thanks

  93. The Spider Accomplice
    The Spider Accomplice
    The Spider Accomplice all the way!!!!!!!!!

  94. Best Rock Band: The Spider Accomplice
    Best Music Video (live): The Spider Accomplice
    Best Music Video (lyric): The Spider Accomplice
    Fan Favorite: The Spider Accomplice All the way!!!!

  95. Listening to IN MY OWN SKIN by Janey Street never fails to make me feel great. ” Mixed Up” just makes me get up and dance. LOVE LOVE this CD.

  96. Best female CD….well, sometimes it’s hard to choose. My two favs for female CD are Janey Street and Jennifer Vazquez. Check them out. Janey is a master of the craft of songwriting with a great voice, stage presence, and delivery. Jennifer is an amazing songwriter, performer and exudes passion in and for her work. They are both very real and authentic.

  97. Polly O’Keary is definitely a fan favorite for us. She and the band totally leave it all on stage…raw blues at its best!

  98. My vote goes to Dario for Best Video and Fan Favorite!
    I’m a huge fan I love him! I can’t wait to see him in concert next week on the Point Of No Return Tour!


  100. Dario should win both Best Video and fan favorite. His new album Point Of No Return is so good it made it all the way to #3 on Billboard this year. I saw him on the Point On No Return Tour a couple weeks ago he’s so inspiring!

  101. BEST SINGLE (Male) Frank Shiner (“Rainy Night in Georgia”);

    BEST VIDEO (COVER) – Frank Shiner (“Rainy Night in Georgia”)

  102. Best blues band: polly O’Keary and the rhythm method! They are amazing! Polly is one of a kind ❤️

  103. My vote goes to Dario for Best Video and Fan favorite! His new album is great! Great singer

  104. Jamey Geston for Rising Star. Have followed her and she is amazingly talented!!! Love her!!

  105. Janey Street (In my Own Skin); Cindy Alexander (“Deep Waters”) for best video, Best Country Alice Wallace and Best Blues, Gina Sicilia!

  106. Dario should win best video and fan favorite. His new CD is so good. I got the chance to meet him on his current tour he’s so nice and approachable with everyone. He deserves all the success he’s having right now.

  107. Dario Good morning world best video male.
    Simply Amazing!!!

    Fan favorite.
    He is so real, authentic with his music!!!

  108. Wendy Sweetlove hands down for Best Female CD, Best Pop Artist and Best single. What a talent!

  109. Dario!!! I think he should win for Best Video Good Morning World is such a good music video! And Fan Favorite because he’s so kind to his fans. I got the chance to meet him on the “point of no return tour” recently and he took his time to talk to me I loved that!

  110. Dario – Good Morning World- Best Video Male.

    Fan Favorite.
    He’s so talented and gives 100% of himself to his music and his fans… him..

  111. Best Roots/Americana Artist
    Sara Petite

    Best CD-
    Road Less Traveled -Sara Petite
    The more you listen, the better it gets!


    BEST COUNTRY BAND- Calico the Band


  113. Good Morning World is my favorite song it should win for best video & Dario deserves fan favorite, he’s amazing!!!

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